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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, why there are so many dcs? Random dcs, long time dcs, and mostly in raids or dungeons? When this will be stable longer then a few hours? xo
  2. hi there i just want to let u know that's the server keeps shutting down ever 10 min . and gl fixing it . ty
  3. Is anyone else having issues with signing into Sylvanas? It's telling me it is incompatible and Disconnects me before I can even get in. Just wondering if the server is down currently or if it's just me.
  4. How do i fix this, it works normally untill i am level 5 and go to goldshire and it just disconnects me?
  5. Firestorm U RLY SUCK Stop with these CRASHES/RESTARTS/Etc Srsly u litterally fucking us up. I ussually never complain or use forum for this matters but CMOOON. Cant do single shit in game for days now.
  6. Hi all. Seem to be having some trouble with the server constantly disconnecting. The game freezes for a second then disconnects. After a few minutes I'm able to reconnect until it dc's again. I would not normally make a post about it but this has been happening the entire day. I've searched through the forums for similar issues and I found 1 related thread that was made on the 23rd of March. The player was describing the same issue. The answer, made by Ceai a class master, was that some new content had been implemented ( Emerald Nightmare ) and the devs were running the game in debug mode to check for errors. The issue had been resolved on the same day. We all love new content and would not mind the disconnections if we knew that this was the reason for them. Either a notification or a post on the forums should inform players of any such activity so we can plan our group plays accordingly. Thank you in advance and sorry for the long-winded post.
  7. I'm being disconnect all the time, it's like instantly when i enter the game, i log in my character and when the load ends i'm kick out of the server
  8. Hey guys, i just installed WoW with the retail launcher on my laptop. It downloaded the full data and after installation i deleted BattleNet to avoid collisions. For some hours the game worked fine, but after a while it kept disconnecting me saying "A streaming Error occured" and an Error Code. (dont know exactly which one.) Also, when i try to restart the game with the FIRESTORM launcher, it says that the game is running, even though it isnt. Did anyone experience the same thing? Would be cool, if someone could help me. Thank you guys!