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  1. I was playing yesterday with my Tauren, i'm currently in draenor, and today I wanted to play and when I select my tauren, the load screen appears and completes till 80% and then it freezes and when I close the game and try again it happens all the time
  2. When i first downloaded the bfa server , and try to do the draenor quests to get a garrison with my already lv110 frost dk , i enterd the dark portal and start doing the starter quests. And then a quest remaing , named "The Cost of War" , its marked as a low lv quest , but i cant even start the quest because when i click on the quest , nothing happen . What can i do to complete this quest , or i dont need to complete this quest to get a garrison ?
  3. HI, a friend of mine is making me crazy because he saw a player with the Corrupted dreadwing and he keep asking me where he can buy it I don't give a flying **** about the mount but if anyone owns it and knows where it can be bought it would be really sweet. I can't stand this anymore
  4. I was trying to follow the quest line to get my garisson upgraded in draenor and it was not working. But that is not the biggest problem. I logged out and when I tried to log back in, the app crashed with a critical error. The worst part is that this happened in two different freaking computers so I know it's not my laptop's problem. Can anybody help me please!
  5. Apologies if this is a repost, I didn't see a search function. I'm currently level 90 and am wondering what would happen if I bought flying in draenor from the shop right now? Would I be able to fly or is there some timing/level restriction?
  6. Hello, I've been grinding to get all the resources together for a Level 3 Garrison on my Level 100 Mage. I finally managed to scrape enough together and upgraded my Garrison to Level 3. However, after upgrading the following issues are observed: 1) I am NOT able to complete the quest "My Very Own Castle" - trying to "complete" results in a popup that requires closing the client with X or Alt-F4 2) Neither the King nor Yrel have appeared in my Garrison, making it impossible to continue on with the Shipyard / Iron Docks questline 3) Since that questline is not available, I cannot progress to Tanaan Jungle Thank you in advance for any help! I love the world you've created and support (substantially) with point purchases across multiple accounts. All the best, Archetypical
  7. So i'm not sure where to type this so im sorry if it's in the wrong place in the forum. I have this problem where i went to Shadowmoon Valley and started building my garrison and the moment it was about to load in (the garrison) my game crashed (Error: #132) and i had to request a character unstuck to get out of that infinite crash loop.. then the only way to get back to draenor and continue leveling was to go to Ashran so i went there using a portal in Stormwind but the same thing happened i started loading and then the game would go in that infinite crash loop i requested again a character unstuck so that i get out of it.. if anybody knows a solution please help me! The problem might be from the newest update, not sure but i hope it gets fixed soon.. otherwise i can't level up my character..
  8. Hello, how can I get the Draenor flying? Is there another way than to complete the achievement? The achievement requires a completion of dozens of uncompletable quests, so a better way would be nice. Thanks
  9. Hey guys/gals, Quick question, whats the fastest way to lvl from 90 to 100? -- God Bless' <3
  10. Guys does anyone tried to kill luk'hok and it didn't drop nothing as me http://imgur.com/a/3l9nt
  11. Hello guys, i am new to this community, i find it really awesome, and it will be perfect if Firestorm gets Nostalrius vanilla server. Firestorm is not old at all, and it's progress is very noticeable, it's quite impressive and professional. I have questions that i hope you guys can answer, those questions will help me to decide if i should stay or leave this server for now. Q 1: Is Warlords of Draenor's cross realm feature working at 100% as intended? Q 2: What is the current state of Warlords of Draenor? (PvP & PvE) Q 3: How is the performance of Firestorm? (Does it lag too often, or incredibly rarely) Q 4: What is the current state of Garrisons? Q 5: How are the class & combat fixes? are the classes working properly, or only a few of them? Q 6: Is there a serious guild issues? Q 7: Is the current staff member's focus set on Warlords of Draenor? Does it receive fixes more often then the other expansions, or it's not in first priority. Q 8: Is this Firestorm community, truly blizzlike? No custom content at all. Q 9: Firestorm's Youtube & Twitch channel, do you think that you will be more creative in the future? Streaming events in WotLK, Cata, MoP, WoD and in the future Vanilla & Legion, streaming in Twitch, high quality and fun, that will attract more people, and also uploading videos to Firestorm's Youtube channel, PvE & PvP, Montages, Guides, also videos created by the Firestorm members, videos that have requirements in order to be uploaded, for example, it must be at least HD 720p, and to contain something, about Firestorm, logo or whatever. I make videos myself, PvP videos and sometime montages. Q 10: Is this server pay to win? For example, some items to be only available in the website shop and not in-game, or maybe they're both available in-game and website's shop? If all items are available in-game and website shop. That will be very awesome. Please, answer these questions, it will be quite helpful. I am a player that cannot afford retail, and i play for very long time, i am a perfectionist, so what i am really looking for, is the highest quality private server, perhaps i may be in the right place right now. By the way, as i said above, i am a perfectionist, and i realized a thing on Firestorm's "Community" button that makes me nervous. When i click on "Community" button, it displays "Ranking PvE" and then "Pvp Ranking" i think it should be "Ranking PvP" instead of "Pvp Ranking" Also, Firestorm's launcher, i think you must add the function to automatically delete "Cache" folder before it starts WoW. Thank you everyone, and sorry for the time you will waste, helping me. Have a good day!
  12. I just started farming the rare spawn mounts in Draenor with a couple of friends. I read that all players who attacked the monsters would get the mount (is this true in this server?) but that did't happened. Fortunately It was me who got both Bloodhoof Bull. and Mottled Meadowstomper. . Don't know if it's something to do with loot configuration,or the party must be set to a raid or it's just the server. Does anybody have information about this?
  13. hunter

    Olá, vou escrever em português porque meu inglês é horrível. Tenho um Hunter, e fui pegar um pet,mais especifico esse pet, mas quando eu chego lá, olha o que eu encontro:
  14. Hello guys. I'm new to wow and i'm starting play in the firetorm grommash server. I already reach lvl 90 and i don't know how to go draenor and how can i buy the wisdom of the four winds spell in pandaria. The private server have some... problems. Can someone can help me? my guild never ask my questions and never help me.
  15. i'm stuck in Assault on the dark portal zone! I manage to do some of the quests, but i cannot complete the "Taking a Trip to the Top of the Tank", and the first quest "The Dark Portal". Taking a trip to the top of the tank: i manage to get to the top of the tank, so the quest should be done by now... and it's not. The Dark Portal: I did talked to the archmage at blasted lands, but i did it after completing some of the quests in the Assault on the Dark Portal area so... after talking to the archmage (back in blasted lands), he teleported me to the AOTDP area but he was missing! I guess i should have done this quest in the beginning of the quest chains but now that the portal is already destroyed, i guess is not there anymore. but i steel have to turn in this quest.. I'm so stuck here and this is my first experience at WOD.. i'm level 94 and i wanna leave this place!! Plz help
  16. Hello, ive got a question: is there flying in draenor on this server ? If so,how can i get it?
  17. Is the Garrison system will be put into the Tournament realm - Warlords of Draenor?
  18. Hi, Anyone got an idea if [A Treatise on Mining in Draenor] drops from anywhere? or how do i get this item? Nevermind, i saw a post before my post. Please Delete this thread Thanks!
  19. Hi Are there quests which are working on draenor now? Or still the old way to level: kill mobs in shadowmoon valley?
  20. Once I've reached lvl 90 and i go out to draenor i can start the questline but archmage khadgar and the others keeps vanishing and then i cannot see tehm again. Once i could fix this problem by reinstalling the game but i really dont want to reinstall it again. Can anyone help?
  21. Help me !! I'm a goblin in the game, and the Fourth and Goal mission is buggy, the reward items are "lost" message that appears is as follows "Could not find the item" Yes, I'm a Brazilian! even so, please help me !!!!!! D:
  22. So, How do I learn the Draenor recipes? There isn't any NPC in stormshield. Help will be appreciated Thanks is advance :3