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  1. Hey Everyone! First time posting here. One of my absolute favorite parts of WoW was always the dungeons and especially as I level to break up the questing. Currently I have only low level toons but noticed the dungeon group finder isn't working on any of them. I wondered if anyone else experiences the same issues? or if this was not a feature that is "live" since it is the newest expansion of the game.
  2. english

    I only speak English... I am looking for Active English Speaking Alliance Guild for at least 3 of my characters Priest (Healer some what new to healing), DK (Blood and Frost Specs) Druid (Feral) I do have a Rogue that is in another guild but willing to join another guild and my rogue is mostly for PvP. I am looking for the following below English Speaking Only Casual PvE PvP Raids Dungeons Active I also have 1 Horde Warlock as well for Horde guild. Let me know what guilds I can join?
  3. Okay so i am a lvl 60 warrior trying to do this dungeon with my friends i was trying to get into it but it said normal difficulty was not enough to enter that dungeon sowe wanted to change the difficulty to higher so we looked up on google asked a bunch of people but everyone said the same it gives you an option if you right click your characters option there is a dungeon difficulty option but we did not have that please help us!
  4. Hi, I just got my warlock to lvl 71 and quests in Northrend are so boring. Can you guys tell me other ways to xp ? Like soloing dungeons ? or killing mobs that earn lot of xp ? like in Pandaria- there is spot with fireflies and you can kill like 30 of them with one aoe, and you level very fast without quests. So pls tell me some ways or secret spots for farming mobs fo xp. Im 71 lvl Affliction Warlock Full heirloom
  5. While doing the mentionned Dg (neltharion's lair+2 ) the server went down, I got not loot whatsoever... It's not the only time this happened, and I can not be the only one either... LAST BOSS ? come on... that's a lotta waste of time... please don't tell me you got nothing to do about it.
  6. As the title states, i've noticed that ever since changelog #31 was released, i've been bombarded with massive latency while in battlegrounds and in raids. It first began with the tentacles from the helya encounter and ever since then ive been getting enormous amounts of latency. Its very noticeable while raiding as it skyrockets to from 2k to 7.5k. I've attempted to restart my router, renew my IP, switch from wifi to ethernet cord. Nothing seems to fix this issue. I've seen some other players having latency issues as well, others told me in a snarky manner that it's my crappy net. Anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Hi, I'm fairly new to the server. I am currently a 781 Arcane Mage but are working on increasing that. I am looking for a guild to raid and do dungeons with. I am not exactly a noob as I've played WoW for 3 years now. Reply to me on here or send me a whisper in game at Dirtymajiks if you're interested.
  8. Over the past few days I have been doing a few dungeons in an attempt to get better gear for my main legion char who has an ilvl of 812.... noob I know. However, I have never had any loot drop from mobs, apart from 1 or 2 occasions where a non elite drops a grey tier item. I am also not the only one- nobody in my party while I do dungeons gets any loot. Bosses drop AP items and maybe a blood of sargeras or two. This is extremely fustrating as I cannot seem to gear my character up, and the route to go down for obliterum seems to be very long and tedious, being either a money sinkhole or a time sinkhole I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this too, as this is a definite issue.
  9. Which dungeons in Sylvanas are good for gaining reputation? Both dungeons which automatically give rep for a certain faction AND dungeons that will give reputation for whichever tabard you have equipped. Please give me examples of both.
  10. Hi there! I was checking legacy dungeons and raids and I noticed most of them are bugged. Vanilla and WoTLK seem to work fine, but Cataclysm-MoP-WoD raids are all bugged, and most dungeons from MoP to WoD are bugged too. I know it's not a high priority bug, but it's annoying we can't get transmog items, achievements, mounts, pets, toys... Considering this server has realms for those expansions (and I assume PVE works fine there), would it be hard to copy the scripts from there and use them in this realm too? Maybe you have to change a thing or two but I think it wouldn't be a hard work, but it would be a big improvement to this realm. Would love to hear back from you. Thanks for your nice work.
  11. im long time user and just started to play Legion, normally i got 60fps on setting 10, but in dungeons tho even i set it to to recommended and even tried setting 1, it shows 3fps, why it happens i have no clue, maybe any of you have seen it too, becuz i dont see point why i shall set to setting 5 outside dungs, if i got rly strong computer for which i gave 1000£ its rly strong computer 2GB vram and 16GB Ram, it shall not be like that for any reason my internet is 100MB/s strongest internet in UK "Virgin media", so i search for clues why it happens, its just horrible FPS in dungs, cant play like that at all, it didn't happened like that be4 ever nethere on cata, nethere on draenor server...
  12. Hello, I would like to ask, if it's possible to open atleast 1 mythic dungeon, because PvE players don't have much chances to earn better armor than Heroic. Thanks for answering - Vickoo
  13. Hello. I'm new to this server and i would to know the difference betwen the pvp realms and the fun realm in WoD, and what content (dungeons, instances) are avaliable. Thanks in advance.