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  1. Hey i search a english or german guild on sylvanas by the hord. Im a Warrior Tank. I speak German and English I Player offical wow about 4 Years Would be nice to hear that the legion server is still alive =) Name: Eisenschild
  2. türkçe

    Merhabalar, Bu server'a Kasım ayında başladık ve Alliance tarafında Zardanya isimli bir guild kurduk. Rahat, keyifli ve çok zorlamadan oynayabileceğimiz bir guild olsun istiyoruz. Yardımlaşma ve birlikte gelişme ortamı yaratmak hedefimiz. Bu tarz sevenler ve yeni başlayanlar için ideal olacaktır. Katılmak isteyenleri bekleriz. Biralar benden Oyundan ulaşabileceğiniz karakter isimlerimiz: Dunbeard, Ciho Görüşmek üzere.
  3. <Prophecy> <Prophecy> Is a Horde English Hardcore PvE Guild focusing on Raids and High Mythic keys. Current Raid progress Uldir 8/8 HC; 2/8 MM; Raid times: Wednesday/Thursday @ 19:30(20:00) Uldir HC Friday/Saturday @ 19:30(20:00) Uldir MM Optional raids will be on the Sunday/Monday for alts and friends/family guild members. Our current plan is to recruit new members to bolster our ranks to prepare for 8.2 release and to progress Uldir MM. If you wish to join our guild you must have 350+ Item level and use Discord. For invite or additional information DM me on Firestorm or on Discord : Kostantin#0990;
  4. Hello, as the title says , I'm currently looking for a PvE English speaking guild regardless of horde or alliances.My monk's name is Mönki and it is my main character. My faction is horde but I am ready for a faction change as well. My current guild is <Warducks> but they raid only once a week and that raid sometimes even fail cause not enough people are showing up. I need raids as I play the game to enjoy the content not to give up because my officers are too lazy to recruit people.I have knowledge on all HC fights in Uldir as I haven't had a guild to progress in Mythic. If you wish to contact me for more information , you can do it in Discord as I'm always online there : Medivh#5890. Armory link : https://firestorm-servers.com/en/community/armory/7/10/4434582 - monk Armory link: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/community/armory/7/10/5763491 - druid
  5. The Warlords "The Warlords" is an Alliance English PVE oriented guild. Our rosters are divided carefully according to each and every player's abilities and skills. Our highest and most skilled roster is able to join the higher difficulty raids, while others that are lower item level and with less knowledge, are learning and progressing themselves in lower raids. Every week we do trials and tests to give a chance to every member to make it to the higher roster, as well as help them progress as fast as possible to join it. Besides raiding, our guild values friendship and loyalty, that is why we do Guild Events monthly in order for all of us to spend some time together. This activity is not obligatory of course and its mostly for people to spend time, have some fun and chill. We also have giveaways with several prizes to spoil our members a bit. If you wish to know our progress or wish to join us, follow the comments below or ask me personally in game as Yashirou or in discord as Yashirou#0489. We use discord: https://discord.gg/MBANMMP You can also visit our website: http://thewarlords.at.ua/main.html Best Regards, Yashirou
  6. Hi, as the title says i am looking for a raid guild on Sylvanas. I played here before but paused for a while and now i don't know how many raid guilds are still active on Sylvanas since the release of bfa In worldchat i only saw 2 advertisments from guilds that expect a high ilvl I am looking for a european english (or german) speaking raid guild I have discord and teamspeak. I am a experienced wow player (on and off since Burning Crusade) an a experienced raider but i don't have any experience in Antorus yet. My main is a affliction warlock Itemlevel 925, 2 legendaries, 66 traits, professions are alchemy and herbalism Are there any active guilds that match my criteria and are still looking for members? I appreciate any hints you can give me Best regards
  7. Alliance English speaking guild Limitless recruiting ppl of all lvl and nationality for our (atm) leveling guild, that will become strong PvP force and leading PvE guild on BFA realm. 🏹 Join now to our casual environment and friendly fellas, who will help you improve your skillz and side by side dominate the endgame! 💪 We have Discord channel, and soon DPS system. --- Contat any of officiers --- ⛏️ Paladin CL - Shubì ⛏️ Warrior CL- Støja ⛏️ Mage CL - MageIceshards
  8. Howdy everyone! I'm looking to join a casual, English-speaking guild! Horde or Alliance doesn't particularly matter to me; I'm just looking for some friendly people to game and chat with! I'm ultra casual - I log in a few times a week for a few hours to farm and level and complete random goals I set for myself. I don't have a max level toon just yet, but I'm getting there, and I'd like to start casually raiding with some like-minded folks! I'd be down to start a guild also, if I don't get any bites from this post! However, I don't know that I would want to be GL, as I don't know that I have enough time to dedicate to that role. Anyone have any guilds in mind, or want to start one?
  9. english

    I only speak English... I am looking for Active English Speaking Alliance Guild for at least 3 of my characters Priest (Healer some what new to healing), DK (Blood and Frost Specs) Druid (Feral) I do have a Rogue that is in another guild but willing to join another guild and my rogue is mostly for PvP. I am looking for the following below English Speaking Only Casual PvE PvP Raids Dungeons Active I also have 1 Horde Warlock as well for Horde guild. Let me know what guilds I can join?
  10. The Warlords is an Alliance English Pve oriented guild. We are interested in raiding progress and our current achievements as a guild are: Emerald Nightmare Normal, Heroic and Mythic. - Complete 7/7 Trials of Valor Normal and Heroic. - Complete 3/3 Nighthold Normal and Heroic - Complete 10/10 Tomb of Sargeras Normal 9/9 and Heroic 9/9 Antorus the Burning Throne Normal 11/11 and Heroic 11/11 Our rosters are divided carefully according to each and every player's abilities and skills. Our highest and most skilled roster is called "Elite" and only they are able to join the higher difficulty raids, while others that are lower item level and lower dpsing/healing/tanking, are learning and progressing in lower raids. Although every week we do trials and tests to give a chance to every member to make it to the Elite roster, as well as help them progress as fast as possible to join us. Besides raiding, our guild values friendship and loyalty, that is why we do Guild Events monthly in order for all of us to spend some time together. This activity is not obligatory of course and its mostly for people to spend time, have some fun and chill. And also where we give away several prizes to spoil our members a bit. We are recruiting people over 940 item level, with the minimum knowledge of raid tactics and class rotation. We use discord (For both raiding and socializing): https://discord.gg/MBANMMP For more information please visit our guild website: http://thewarlords.at.ua/index.html If you are interested in joining us, please message/mail me in game or join our discord and DM me there. Best Regards, Yashirou
  11. Hey all, I started playing on Firestorm just yesterday. The server seems to be very active, however I cannot seem to find an English-speaking guild - only Spanish, one of which I accidentally joined, German, etc. Is there any Horde PvE guild that accepts new players? I'm up for dungeons and possibly raids (though never been to any on official, practically played up to 90lvl without a guild) once I lvl-up. I'm a hunter main, pls no hate, I know how to toggle pet aggro off k thx.
  12. english

    Looking for an English speaking guild as a new player on this server.
  13. guild

    <THE NEFARIOUS> We are an Alliance International old guild that is looking forward to meet some new faces. We are welcoming all sorts of players, new to the game or experienced as there is a place here for everyone. Either you want to become a top Raider owning all the raids, or a fierce Warlord owning the enemy faction OR... maybe you are just a beautiful butterfly that wants to chill out and make new friends to hang out with, you can achieve all this in here with us and make great friends while doing so. We offer a great ranking system formed of ranks and sub-ranks in order to fill in the ranking gaps and make ranking more rewarding. Full guild Support in your in-game progress. Very experienced and well organized staff with more than 8 years of experience in the game. The only thing that we require is seriousness. Oh yeah, and Discord! If you are interested in Joining us, please apply to our guilded.gg group here: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdJjMnKxnR
  14. Looking for an english speaking guild horde side, wish there was more, found one but they didn't want anyone under 110. Was curious if there are any out there.
  15. Seems hard to find an English speaking guild. Would love a larger guild to join. Toon name is Irøntusk on Sylvanas
  16. I'm not new but I'd like to start new characters I dont really care if its horde or alliance, I just want a cool group of friend's so it isn't as lonely and start a cool english guild!
  17. The League of Shadows We are always accepting new initiates. We do not tolerate trolls and goons from this toxic server. If you want to help us grow and get raid worthy ask any member for an invite. If you want to simply be held by the hand every second find another guild. We help but we aren't your virtual parents. Don't ask for gold or bags the moment you join, it will be considered trolling. In Truth The League of Shadows
  18. Hello, I'm looking for a Horde guild with nice players who have no problems helping a new player out. I just started this game about a month ago and have so many questions and hope to find a helpful guild with experienced players. Please reply to me here or in game at Delyas, thank you!
  19. hello, im new in this server and i quickly noticed that there arent a lot of english speakers around here. and i need an english speaking guild, any advices?
  20. Buenos días, tardes, noches hace ya bastante que me aparece este error cuando intento jugar, pero solo me sale con la expansión de LEGIÓN, ya hice de todo para intentar solucionarlo, incluso me descargué el oficial (hasta optimo) y luego copié la data, pero sigue apareciendo, por favor ayúdenme :c ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morning, afternoon, night I have already done everything to try to solve it, I even downloaded the official (up to optimum) and then copied the data, but it still appears, for Please help me: c --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonjour Bonne après-midi Bonne nuit et le rend tout à fait qui me semble que cette erreur lorsque je tente de jouer, mais seulement me laisse avec l'expansion de LEGION, et a tout fait pour essayer de le réparer, j'ai même téléchargé le fonctionnaire (jusqu'à optimale), puis copier les données, mais apparaît toujours, par S'il vous plaît aider: c
  21. Looking for a group with discord and speaks english well. [for legion]
  22. Hi my name is Thaine and i am the guild master of <The Iron Hill> ALLIANCE on the Legion server, we are a new guild but are looking for new members who can help expand my guild, we will be a Levling/Questing and a PvE guild but will be open to other activities in the future. Currently looking for all classes and in urgent search for about 5-10 officers who will help run my guild and recruit with me. ENGLISH SPEAKING GUILD Please message me on forum or in game if you are interested, Thanks!!!
  23. Hello there! I can translate whole firestorm page from English to Polish. And that's all. I will wait for admins response. Bye~
  24. Hi, i am looking for an english guild on the 'french' server Rasshrom. i prefer all 90 + lvling guild mainly directed to pvp. if you have something for me, you can add me on the server as: Appelsap thanks
  25. Anyone around that RPs? Send me an IM or reply here so we can plot! I can do Alliance or Horde.