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  1. Guide to fixing Launcher error: The CAS System was unable to initialize: ClientHandler: initialization error: failed to create storage component. After downloading the client uTorrent makes the folder and files readonly (to protect the integrity of the torrent contents...). As a result when you start the client you get the infamous CAS System error: Further keywords to aid finding this guide: failed fetching the CDN configuration file tact::ClientHandler::Create failed: E_NOT_AVAILABLE To FIX this remove the readonly flag from the folder and it's contents: Rightclick the folder, find the checkbox for the read-only flag, untick (make it empty), then press Ok / Apply.
  2. Me and my friend were playing and both got thrown out of the game, we were able then log in but upon choosing the server, we got thrown out again. Don't think the problem is on our side, since we're in different locations and on different networks and both got thrown out simultaneously. 9.6.2019
  3. Good day, my in-game character name is Jazzleen and I was trying the mage tower quest "End of the Risen Threat". Now, I had some issues where I got tped to somewhere so I decided to use the unstuck feature from the site, so like as usual it teleported me to my hearthstone location, which is currently set in the Shrine of the Seven Stars, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, in Pandaria. Now when I tried to get in, even before the loading screen finishes, a WoWError, or Wow Error 132 pops up and crashes my wow game, unabling me to play the character completely, please help teleporting my character somewhere else like Dalaran and fix the area itself. Thank you and Merry Christmas Firestorm Staff.
  4. error

    When i'm trying to open the guild vendor, nothing happens, he speaks, but nothing opens - i'm in a guild, and my guild member are able to open it. Why can't I?
  5. I got BLZ51914001 error on login. Please help
  6. Everytime I try to launch Wow BFA off the launcher a black box would appear and then crash saying "Wow Not Responding!" This has been a constant error, and if it does launch it won't let me log into the server a box pops up saying something like Wow51900319. I followed all the steps to play BFA on this private server correctly and it still happens. I've reinstalled numerous times and restarted my pc countless other times. Help!
  7. hello, ive been playing for couple months now, but recently in the last week i got a problem where the game would not launch and this CAS system error would appear. i reinstalled the game and it did nothing to change it. A friend of mine who never played before installed it and got the same error, i tried everything the forums has told me but nothing. i would appreciate the help thank you.
  8. Hello, I am currently experiencing a problem. I just reinstalled firestorm legion and when I try to open it but it doesn't open. Maybe about 1-3 minutes later it pops this error out. Anyone know a fix?
  9. Yesterday admin gave me Slayer`s Felbroken Shrienker but today I can not use it wrote me "You do not meet the requirements for this mount". Do you know why ?? The moment they gave it to me I could use it and everything was right and then the server was restarted and I could not use it anymore. Allow me to use it only in Battleground ??
  10. Hello, I made this post a while ago but I accidentally did it in the wrong forum. Anyways, since firestorm seemed to be a decent realm for legion I decided to install it again after a long time. After installing I dragged the folder from my downloads folder and ran "play firestorm.exe" It installed and I went on my way. I open "firestorm.exe" and it pops up with an error. Then I try "firestorm-64.exe" and it pops up with the same error. I may be stupid, but I actually can't find anything to help fix this issue. Here is the error, hope someone could help me fix this.
  11. Hello , I am having issue to login into Garrosh server . I am either getting Battle.net error for the password and account name or im getting stuck at the ,,connecting" message . I have tried everything , restarting the pc , network , disconnecting all other devices . Nothing worked so far . Yesterday everything was good ...
  12. I've tried everything but im still getting this error. someone please help me.
  13. im getting this error when trying to run the client. please help me or give me tips how to fix this. thanks.
  14. Help !!! When I try to log into Legion this error ; This application has encountered a critical error: ERROR #134 (0x85100086) Fatal condition ! Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\FirestormLauncher\Legion\Firestorm-64.exe ProcessID: 14024 Unable to open C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp2CF4.tmp: Impossible open the file.The file A( with a strange sign above) is used by another process. Press OK to terminate the application.
  15. When i try to log in Firestorm say's : ''No relams are currently available.
  16. I did not have wow downloaded, so i first downloaded the launcher, then the Legion game from there on. After starting the game i seem to have a lot of errors, like some files are missing; i get the downloading icon at the top center of my screen, but when i hover over the menu button, it says 0% is downloaded, and the launcher menu says my game is up do date with 7.3.5. It takes a lot of time for the game to load, including loading characters when making a new one, and for some reason i dont seem to have demon hunters available (??). My combat log also sometimes says "error". Ive only just started, so i havent seen what more of the game is "missing", but i have a feeling i will see a lot more of these errors later into the content. What concern me the most is why i cant see the demon hunter class, and the downloading icon that is appearing, but stays at 0%. Thanks for any information
  17. I was trying to follow the quest line to get my garisson upgraded in draenor and it was not working. But that is not the biggest problem. I logged out and when I tried to log back in, the app crashed with a critical error. The worst part is that this happened in two different freaking computers so I know it's not my laptop's problem. Can anybody help me please!
  18. Hello! I'm new to Firestorm, just downloaded Legion. When I want to log in to Legion it says the following: "You have been disconnected. (BLZ51914001)" Methods i've already tried: -Empty Cache folder. -Open Wow.exe itself. -Run as administrator. -Run in compatibility mode. -Change Installation folder. -Analyze and Repair. None of these worked. How can I fix this issue?
  19. Buenas, desde hace 2 días, al iniciar con mi druida Gorthock, el juego me avisa de una "clave duplicada" y me cierra la aplicación, pero con el resto de PJs si que me permite conectarme y no se que debo hacer, he puesto ticks a GMs he informes de error pero no se soluciona ¿Que hago? Dejo una imagen del error.
  20. Realm: Sylvanas Character (Sylvaniae, horde, 110, Hunter) I have a problem after arene has crash wow and I cant login me character, and don't help unstuck after login say fatal error...help pleas
  21. Right so i downloaded the Full WOD client from the website and launched it. I repeadly get this error no matter if I put in my account info or whatever I feel like typing soo....... Idk what to do about this so ima just put this here and see what happens
  22. Today i I downloaded wow legion and i can't log . I get an error : we couldn't log you in with what you just entered. please try again. (BLZ51900003) what should I do. I grateful for help .
  23. Hi, I play as a Blood Elf Beast Master Hunter and i just tamed Loque'nahak. Since he is the best looking pet in the game (I think he is) i really want to see him on the login screen :D. Problem is. He does not. Even if i play MM, the default dragonhawk you get at lvl 1 shows up. I abandoned the dragonhawk and still he shows up on the character screen. It's not a major issue but still. It found it quite annoying. P.S. I already deleted the Cache folder.
  24. Hi, I'm new and I've just downloaded the game from the torrent but I can't run it. I got 2 file.exe, Wow.exe and Wow-64.exe, I don't know which is the right one but the error is the same for both them. I tried even dowloading the launcher that i found on the internet but nothing changes. Does anyone know how to fix it?