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Found 12 results

  1. So im wondering what happend to the promised 300 LP to those who did not abuse the Egg hunt and lost the LP? i havent heard any updates from it?? will it be given?? will it be forgotten? thank you i just want to know the status thanks
  2. It kinda creates an unbalance and decreases server's quality by having a few abusers who got fully geared in less than one day, more than people who play fair for months.
  3. The Darkmoon Faire is in town! Enter the Darkmoon Carousel for a crazy ride! Thank you for Maræne and the other guy for having fun together and making this spontaneous photoshoot! Enjoy and have a good laugh :-)
  4. This addon is called HandyNotes_SummerFestival. It is a great addon that allows you to find the bonfires on world map with ease. It displays those bonfires as small icons on your map. You can find the original addon on curse, though it currently has a bug. So, it will not work for you if you get it from curse. Here is a fixed version: I have packaged the addon with a required addon named HandyNotes. So, download the file and extract into your Interface\AddOns folder and enjoy. This fix is done by me.You will find another fix on the comments on curse. Though, it will not work for you. For those who have paranoia and worried about malware. I assure you that addons do not contain viruses. Anyways, if you still have doubts, you can do the following: Quit your game client fully. Download the HandyNotes addon from curse: Download the HandyNotes_SummerFestival addon from curse: Extract both addons into your Interface\AddOns folder. Open the Interface\AddOns\HandyNotes_SummerFestival folder. Edit the Core.lua file using Notepad. Go to line 282 by using Ctrl+G. You will find this line: local _, eventHour, _, eventType, state, _, texture = CalendarGetDayEvent(monthOffset, day, i) Replace the word texture with title. Go to line 284 by using Ctrl+G. You will find the line: if texture == 235473 or texture == 235474 then Replace the entire line with: if title == "Calendar_Midsummer" then Save the file and you are done.
  5. Why i cant que for the headless horse man i know i can fly there and kill him but i cant get the mount without que in the dungeon finder and get the crate with the mount drop chance.
  6. hey not only I but many asked JYNA what event was that? You come in say we will host XXX event in 15 min. Would you please be clear and post also on forum this thing? How can we know? So can you please post it? Thanks
  7. Greetings, I'm Tavari QA/Cm and wanna ask if you can add this event pls. Booty Bay run Quiz and Hide and Seak!! Booty Bay Run! We have a groupe with players who try to run from Nordshire to Booty Bay as level 1 Human! Rule Don't use Mounts. Only if you are in the Event groupe you can win. If the Event started you leaved and want to get inv again you don't get a inv. Account gear is not Allowed! Speed spells,flask, food not Allowed! Game Master Job. 1. Inv the Players. 2. 2-3 Game Master follow the Groupe ( Last player / Mittle of the groupe / Fist player ) 3. 1-2 Are in Booty Bay and inv the first 10 players for the next Event. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ World of Warcraft Quiz! The Quiz will be on the top of icc. The Game Master will ask you some Questions about the WoW Lore. If you have to a correct anwer you are in the next round "Hide and Seak" Only 10 Guys can come to this Quiz ( the 10 Guys where are first by the Game Masters by the Booty Bay event.) Rule If you jump down you get kicked from the groupe. If you flame a player or the Game Master you get kicked from the groupe. If you ask the Game Master to add you something you get kicked. Game Master Job! 1. inv the winner from the last even in a other groupe "who won". 2. teleport all on the players in the groupe on the top of icc. 3. Befor you start make sure you have questions for the players. 4. Kick players who break the rules. 5. Inv the player who won the Quiz. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hide and Seak!! We will do Hide and Seak in dalaran. You need to find the GM's who are morphed in Dalaran. If you found a GM you need to /wave him. You need to find all GM's who are morphed! (2-4 Game Master only) Only 5 Players who won the quiz get inv. Rule. Stay in the Groupe. Don't tell the players where the Game Master are. Don't flame Game Master or Player. Don't ask for items. Only leave the groupe only if the Game Master tell u to leave. Game Master Job! 1. Inv the player who won the Quiz. 2. Tell the players how many GM's they need to find. 3. One Game Master whisper the player who found all Game Master and inv him in a Groupe. 4. Only 3 Player can win and get the Price. 5. The Players who won get teleported to the GM box and get there Price (and can do screens with the Game Master if they want.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you will add this event, because i think it will be funny!
  8. Hey, I have a super fun idea for the events. I was thinking about a PvP Maze run. MazeRun (pvp) it's an event where you are with several players in a group (Players determine their own teams or the GM does.). The groups are put down in front of the entrance and they have first got to get to the other side before the other team does. In the maze they are certainly not alone ... There are bosses and other players that they have to beat to win. The maze must be big and confusing, because it should not be too easy. The maze must be in a place where the players pvp is turned on. and there is no mounts may be used. spells that accelerate your speed is allowed but keep it in your team! I would like it if I see this event in this server.
  9. Yesterday I've successfully made my first event in Grommash. First of all I want to say THANK YOU! Thanks to the people that supported me in one or other way, without them this event wouldn't be possible. There are still more good people out there! Thanks to the community for not letting us down! Because of you, we could see some insane transmog sets. The event run as smooth as possible without GM powers. Most people were nice and were listening to me and my assistants. There were still some trolls that lost and tried to ruin the event after (If someone have screens, please make report!), by the way, I saw same people today spamming in world chat complete no sense, so I think they deserve to be punished, they are really toxic. All prizes of the event were donated by random people which we all have to thank. Hope people will support the next event as much as this, because this was only the beginning. I just wanted to see if there is interest about events. I will host events maybe weekly and I will do my best so there will be a lot of fun! Just stay in touch, I will post info about incoming events on world chat. Also everyone interested in support me in some way about this can whisper Deathxwish. Below are some screenshots during the event. If someone have more screens, please contact me so I add them in topic.
  10. Hi, Thanks for checking it out I am recruiting guild members who play at 11:00am to 11:00pm SERVERTIME. The guild name is 'Satan Demon'. This is a new guild (lvl 8 and Alliance). We will be doing PvP and Raids in the beginning.As more people join we will be doing other events and stuff. Goals and Aims We are aiming to be the overall top guild with many members. Pretty high aims right? Well we will be working hard to achieve it too The main thing is to have fun because it is still a video game Recruitment Since this is a new Guild we are looking for officers too General Head Officers Raid Officers Recruitment Officers ^^^^^ I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE OR NOT JUST BE DEDICATED AND LOYAL ^^^^^^ And of course THE PEOPLE who actually make a difference Notes Once the guild gets started I will get mumble aswell <--- Recommended but not required Thanks for sticking around to read this all To join send me whisper if i am online otherwise PM me My name: Riutsujr PEACE ."". ."", | | / / | | / / | | / / | |/ ;-._ } ` _/ / ; | /` ) / / | / /_/\_/\ |/ / | ( ' \ '- | \ `. / | | | |
  11. Greetings, I've been doing Pilgrim event for the past 3 days via daily quests and gathering of requiring mats for minor achievements, which when completed should grant you major achievement. At least it should be like that. On alliance side, when you complete all 9 smaller achievements you get no big achievement, no tittle, no pet, and when you link your achievements to someone else, it says its still in progress, even tho you got them completed, got points for them, got check. For horde side its different, achievement works, tittle doesn't.. I wouldn't mind doing it again on horde char if I had time, but I'm going away til Tuesday, and event ends on Monday, so I won't be able to do it, and second of all, there is no logical reason why I should do world event on both sides just so I can get it on my alliance character. I request some higher rank GM or DEV or whoever, to grant me the rewards (at least title and achievement) I've deserved for completing the event implemented in game. Regards, Mia. PS: I've submitted screenshots of all the completed achievements and lack of major achievement.
  12. Hi, Hopefully someone will be able to answer my question.. Does anyone know when the screenshots will be up for the contestants of the transmog event? Can't find it... Thanks.