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      International Game Master Recruitment — Sethraliss & Sylvanas & Garrosh and Gul'dan   06/23/19

      Firestorm International is looking for Game Masters for Sethraliss, Sylvanas, Garrosh and Gul'dan. We're currently looking for members from all regions that wish to join our staff team. Each Game Master will be providing assistance to players through Forums, Discord and In-game tickets. Remember that there are requirements for the position. By signing up for the position you will gain experience with working in a team, and much more. Please put an effort into your application as we provide the general format for you and all you do is have to fill it in. Click here to read the requirements and apply!
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      New Graphic Ideas   07/29/19

      If you are a Graphic Designer and want to volunteer to help the International Firestorm Staff with creating contents, make sure to take a look on that topic here.
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      Events on Twitch!   09/02/19

      The International Firestorm Staff is going to stream its Weekly Events on Twitch. For more information about our Twitch channel and the Weekly Events, you can check here.
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      Securing a Firestorm Account   11/16/19

      Securing your account is very important, so please read our guideline here:    
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      Boost Firestorm Discord / VIP   12/20/19

      Be ready to boost our Discord and in return, you become a VIP. You can read about that here.

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  1. hello there, i just have one question, cant find answer anywhere, something about week ago i saw option to take EXP x10 rating. now there is only x1 and x3. Is x10 only in some special day?
  2. Hello everyone . I need to ask . Is there anyway to cancel the experience and levelling of the creeps , like when you are in a zone of lvl 15 creeps , and you get 30 lvl the creeps are also 30 lvl. I mean I tought this is blizlike , not like this . Do you get the point of my question ?? Thanks.
  3. x10

    Hello! How you feel add an option experience in npc, x10? I think this is be cool. Because some player is have hard leveling. And also I want suggest you open all fly points! This is helps much. And my second suggestion, please, make a riding on account, because on all characters need alot of gold, for learn. So, I think many people agree with me! Best wishes, Hyperstar!
  4. Today i started levelling with one of mine friend,i have a full main set of heirlooms he just had instance's dropps;in the time of 2 instances he over levelled me of 1 level....soo or he got a buff of exp or my heirlooms are bugged. Pls check this and try to fix because I spend time and gold for them but now it was wasted. P.s. sorry for my English but try to understand
  5. Is the EXP gain in this server completely blizzlike? Like, do I gain EXP as fast as I would in regular WoW? Didn't know where to ask this question so I asked it here.
  6. Hello, My name is A-d-m-i-n, and my main is a level 64 Troll Disc Priest. I can do some pretty good damage while maintaining my health at the same time. I am currently farming in the outlands, killing the orc's and gathering 4 16 slot bags full of loot then selling it all, making around 80-120G a run. I was wondering if there was a better location i could go to to farm. I'm not big into professions. Sincerely - A-d-m-i-n
  7. I read about it searching in the forum, but I'm not able to find it. I am playing Troll, but no luck in starting zone so I head to Orgrimmar but I just can't find it. Any advice here?
  8. Hey guys, I am curious if this server has the way to change the xp rate to blizzlike (1x). Me and a friend are wanting to play on a server with the ability to do that so we can actually work on our characters.
  9. I've got a question, how to gain level fast. Do i have to do quests or is it better to just grind mobs?
  10. Can any experienced firestorm players let me know how long it takes to get to level 1-100? I only have 1 heirloom, I plan on buying 2-3 more pieces. How long am I expected to be training till 100 with a) 2-3 pieces of heirloom and b) no heirlooms Thanks!a