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Found 2 results

  1. Hallo, ich wollte fragen, wer noch sich den PTR anschauen wird? Oder ist der für die deutsche Community eher egal? Vielleicht wollt ihr ja eure Erfahrungen vom PTR hier mit anderen teilen? Was ist buggy, was läuft echt gut? Natürlich wäre es top, wenn ihr den von FS erstellen Bugtracker nutzt. Hier sind eigentlich eure Meinungen und unkomplizierten Erfahrungen gewünscht. Also es muss gar nicht so formell sein, wie es imi Bugtracker von FS zu sein hat. LG Neosilver
  2. I wanted to make a topic about a specific spec of a class, Markmanship hunter. I know there are many specs in many classes are unplayable at the moment due to unscripted abilities. And some of them are playable at least to some extent. I appriciate that devs are doing their best to bring us fresh content and stuff. I just wanted to make things clear about this specialization since it is my main since Cata and just because it is a garbage spec atm. Mods or several ppl will tell me to report many things that I am going to mention here to the bugtracker, just wanted to assure you most of them are already reported long ago. Now lets start. The main aspect of Marksmanship hunter is an lonely adventurer who likes to attack his opponents afar, at least for Legion. And yeah, I am one of these. I carry no love towards pets and I love being on my own instead of sending my pet to the job. Many ppl who loves to play MM hunter sure will agree. MM Hunter in Legion got several changes. Traps got removed, many abilities are still shared between specs etc. Last time I played MM hunter on retail was on pre-release Legion era. It looked really smooth with marking targets with Hunter's mark and then apply marked shot and stuff. I know this private Legion realm(Sylvanas) still can be considered as an infant. But due to buggy stuff, playing marksmanship hunter is really not fun at all. Now I'll write down every buggy thing here one by one again, maybe devs may show some love to us. Last time at update 13 its said devs fixed Sidewinders, and the funny thing is Sidewinders is not fixed at all. And MM hunter spec's problem is most spells synergies with one another. Fixing just one thing won't help at all. Quality assurance members should be really careful at checking fixed things correctly because it looks really funny and sad at the same time to see something is said fixed but its not.I would like to be one of those if I could apply really. Here's the list of critical bugs I experienced while playing my MM hunter: 1) Hunter's Mark procs less than it should. It should proc at least 5 times(and maybe more depending on your haste) per minute. It hardly procs 1 or 2 per minute atm. 2)Let's say you have started casting Aimed Shot, and while you're casting Aimed Shot, Marking Targets triggered. When you finish casting Aimed Shot, Marking Targets proc disappears. It shouldn't disappear before the countdown goes to zero or before using Arcane Shot/Multi-Shot on the target. 3)Free Aimed Shot procs gathered from Lock and Load sometimes spends focus. It shouldn't spend focus. And as I mentioned in 2, free Aimed Shot also destroys Marking Targets proc. It shouldn't. 4)Marked Shot should spend the Hunter's Mark debuff on the target. It doesn't spend it at all. This is maybe the only positive bug on the mechanics side, but it should be fixed. 5)Arcane Shot/Multi-Shot don't replenish the focus sometimes. 6)Now let's talk about the fixed spell of ours on Update 13, Sidewinders. -6.1 Sidewinders does apply Vulnerable. Sometimes on 1 target, sometimes all targets within the cone(about 40 yards) in front of you. It should damage and apply Vulnerable to all targets in the cone in front of you. -6.2 Although Sidewinders applies Vulnerable, it doesn't let you use Marked Shot which makes Vulnerable nearly useless. -6.3 Thanks God, the Vulnerable debuff applied by Sidewinders deals bonus damage on your Aimed Shot correctly. -6.4 It should replace Arcane Shot/Multi-Shot both. Yet it only replaces Arcane Shot and Multi-Shot is still there. 7) We still have the double Exhilaration. The one heals for %50 of our max health must be removed. 8) Piercing Shot sometimes ignores some enemies between us and the targeted enemy. It also doesn't use our focus properly. Its damage should scale with the focus spent(20 min. 100 max.) 9) Explosive Shot: everything works fine except the damage part. It deals ZERO damage. 10) If you have a pet in your pocket, even though you choose Lone Wolf; your pet may appear anytime(relogging etc.)This is the reason why I abandoned all of my pets. It was said it is fixed but its not fixed properly. 11) And our only offensive cooldown: Trueshot. It does NOT work. It may seem to proc Marking Targets and fool you but when you cast Arcane Shot/Multi-Shot after Trueshot, it doesn't mark targets with Hunter's Mark. I will also post these in bugtracker. I really love Firestorm despite its lags and sluttering <3. I believe you're doing your best for us.