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Found 9 results

  1. Have been baffled about what happened to fishing the last few weeks. Kept getting the error 'You can't do that here.' Finally figured out that if you stand in the water to the point just before you're swimming, you can fish. Enjoy!
  2. My buddy wanted to fish to catch a sea turtle but when he was fishing he could not click on a hook
  3. SO, after the last changelog the fishing os working. You can fish 1 to 800 in broken islands. Just have fishing learned. Yyou will drop both fishes that awards Fishing artifact points - no joke there is a special murloc skull adorned fish line called fishing artifact you'll get at lvl 8'' fishing Also drops fishes that droped back into water give you 5 fishing skill points per fish. Good fishing boys and gals!
  4. Here you see my fishing, its at 75/75 but ive learned yourneyman fishing in ashran maybe the trainer there is bugged, it gave me the journeyman fishing, but did not upgrade my skillpoints to 150. So after that i made a ticket for this error but when i click save ticket i get this error .
  5. dear G.M. please fix me building Fishing in Garrison i have complete quest and i can't put follower to Fishing building to Rank 2...thanks
  6. Fishing Shack Level 1 Level 2 I assume that the Fishing Shack is available based on this I did the quests and completed http://www.wowhead.com/quest=36202/anglin-in-our-garrison and it said that I know the blue print already.. .. however the shack is locked still. How do I unlock it?
  7. i did the fishing shack quest line to unlock the fishing shack i did unlock it but not fully.... we know that whenever a building is finished building or upgrading we must finalize the plot the same happened to my fishing shack albeit i didnt check it out at that time next day when i logged in i found that the plot finalization was not available and the fishing shake began to look like its same old self and everytime i Login it tells "Fishing Shack Completed" but nothing about finalization is there plz help me mon ..... fishing is something i love doing THANKS in advance FOR ANY HELP
  8. So, after I tried several locations on timeless isle, darkmoon isle and kunlai summit... according to wowhead and I did not fish any crates... Could anyone be so kind to give an exact locations where [Darkmoon Firewater] can be fished on Taranzhu?
  9. as you can see down here on the screenshots I have problems with my 100 Warlock by 75 professional points when I can fish not I learn because times have an example in my twink char taken purely because you see it that but it does not work with because my warlock I hope that you can solve time or there is the possibility for professional fishing again to unlearn