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Found 5 results

  1. When my wife plays on this server, the game intermittently crashes to a black screen and locks up her computer. She does not have this issue with other 3D MMORPGs (ArcheAge, Wildstar, or even retail WoW). She uses a laptop with an AMD A10 Vision (Radeon HD 7660G). I have updated the drivers to their latest version, rolled them back, tried full screen and windowed modes. I have also forced the computer to use the GPU. Also, I have tried the 64 and 32 bit versions. Does anyone else experience this issue? Does anyone have any ideas for a fix? Perhaps compatibility mode (but which compatibility)?
  2. Greetings, Dear Administrations, can you please Restart "Grommash" server ? Cause a lot of people can`t access to the guild window. If we press "J" button that gives ass access to the guild, the game is freezing. And we can`t even close the game, sometimes even Task Manager can`t help and we have to restart our PC. This is the link with many replies for this issue: We are asking for immediately restarting. Thanks.
  3. First of all, I guess the section of this post is here, but i'm not sure, sorry. Hello. I have some problems with the game. I just downloaded the game some hours ago, (the Firestorm game) and after some mins of logging in mypc freezes,and theunique thing I can doi sCtrl-Alt-Supr and choose Close session of windows. I would like to know the solution of this, would be nice to play in this server,many of my friends told methat it's one of the best private ones. Thanks
  4. Hey Guys, Just re-installed WoW, and when I'm playing, suddenly, after some minutes playing the game stops working... It freezes completely....any ideas?
  5. Hello, I've downloaded your WoD launcher and done as you've asked. I've put the WoD download file into the Launcher folder but everytime I start up WoW I can play for about 1 to 2 minutes before the game freezes and I have to start up my laptop completely. Please help! I'd love to play on this server since it looks very promising. Much luv to anyone who can help me.