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  1. So I just updated to the new patch and first thing I did was see my AP power. Then, I noticed that I needed to reselect a few traits for some reason which I did and then saw that I didn't have enough for the 14 titanic power traits which I previously had. Not sure if this was supposed to happen but an explanation would be nice.
  2. problem

    I play with fury warrior and my artifact weapon (Warswords of the Valarjar) is ilvl 754, but i put 15 point traits, 2 relics, one fire and one storm but my ilvl is still 754. What i need to do to get higher ilvl on my artifact weapon?
  3. It's been a very long time and it's time to pay attention to a very important problem - terrible performance Fury warriors. With the same gear fury warrior does much less damage than most other classes. And it's not a problem patch 7.0.3 or player skill - a problem in the buggy class. I have no way to describe the broken every talent, but exactly the damage of Fury warrior at the moment is far from normal. Auto attacks deal much less damage than they should, many spells can not be activated from the first pressing, most critical important traits are not working. All this makes the play on the Fury warrior critical uncomfortable, especially when mythical dungeon mode release soon. I very much hope that the administration will pay attention to this issue and will finally fix fury warriors that we are waiting for so long. P.S.Sorry for my english, I know that it is bad
  4. Hey there, Guys. Rather than just copying some mediocre Battle.net forum guide, like another certain individual (/cough) or creating three new guides from scratch, I opted to just provide links to the best guides of 5.4.8's time on Retail. [Same applies to the WoD Guides] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Keep in mind that these Guides have all been created as a collaboration, by some of the most cutting-edge warriors in the world-first race back then. Collision also sacrificed a lot of time back then, to get these guides mathematically on-point. (He's the guy keeping the SimCraft Profile for Fury and Arms as awesome as it is! - aka the best Simcraft Profile of all the classes, since the Program's first incarnation) So, without further or do... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FURY [MoP] ARMS [MoP] PROT [MoP] FURY [WoD] ARMS [WoD] PROT [WoD] Firestorm Insight (current as of 19.01.16') - MoP "What's wrong with the storm, y'all?" Currently nothing. The most notable inconsistencies that affect warriors as it is, is the bug that enables raid groups to stack two Crit-buffs. This however, affects a great many classes and speccs and only really makes Fury DPS more stable and the specc less RNG-based. The same could be said about fire mages. All in all, there's nothing to fear and nothing worth of note, y'all. Just make sure to go replace Crit's priority with Mastery, when you're playing Fury and have gone beyond the 53% Crit-cap for Bloodthirst. >This section will be updated whenever there's something new going on, that is worth noting< ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Subsection - Firestorm Insight - WoD - coming when I find the time so summ it all up. Ashran currently utterly re-iterates all the Warrior speccs in many ways, mostly due to RPPM Bugs with strong trinkets and grand weapon enchants)