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  1. Finished doing all "welcome to draenor" and build your "garrison quest", and then leave for doing another quest in shadowmoon valley. Then going back to storm wind,iam intended going back to garrison via ashran then fly to Lunarfall. There is no NPC and all that garrison stuff when got back to it, just mob that supposed to be not there when garrison is built.
  2. During my leveling i've encountered a bug where i can't complete the quest "establish your garrison" Baros won't talk to me, is there some trick i can use to get my Garrison for ease of questing?
  3. Soo I am trying to do the quest called "Proving Grounds" which is a WOD quests and it is bugged. Is there any way to enter the proving grounds or not. I cant do much cuz the quest is instanced and I cant enter it!!!
  4. when i am abt to do the quests there in garrison "bigger is better" is bugged i cant go to lvl 2 in my town hall and i do have 200 resurce pls fix it soon
  5. in the garrison i cant talk to Lieutenant Thorn and need it for quest proving grounds
  6. I just recently gotmy first Garrison and already bugged the game i believe, with the quest "Keeping it Together" You need to speak with Assistant Brightstone, Shelly and Check the Garrison Chache ive done the first two and i think i picked up the Garrison Chache before i started the quest or something or its because i leveled up my town hall to level 2 before doing the quest or whatever Point is i cant finish the quest because there is no Garrison Cache and its really frustrating
  7. I pay on the warlords server and I recently got a stable in the garrison and I got a quest. Clefthoof training: Great tusk Well the quest help as in where to go is all bugged as usual like every other quest on the server but I searched and found the great tusk and did exactly what the quest said but it won't count my kill wheather I am on the traning clefthoof or not. I would like to know is the quest bugged and when will the garrison quests will be fixed. PS: while I am at the topic of bugged quests. the shipwright quest by varian is also bugged and many other garrison quests, when will it all be fixed? thank you.
  8. Hi, I tried upgrading my garrison from tier 2 to tier 3. Though, when I click Upgrade then Upgrade nothing happens. Does anyone know a workaround for fixing this issue? Also, the NPC Fanny Firebeard, on the stables, offers a quest. I see a question mark above its head. Though, when I right click the NPC nothing happens. Is this happening for you guys? I created the garrison from scratch. I did not transfer from WoD for example. Thanks for your time.
  9. I do have, my demon hunter, and well i did the quest line in draenor for, the garrison, but when i pick "a gronnling problem", and have to kill those mops, they dissapear, but when i abandon the quest, the mops appear again, so if i want to build my garrison, i have to finish this questline, so there is a way to fix it, in the future? Pd. I know about class order halls, but these halls are for all people, for each class obviously, but if i want to be alone doing my things i can do it in my garrison Pd 2: It is only a question, if is necessary i will post this in technical support or bug tracker, but well, i belive devs are busy right now correcting bugs, in legion isles, and trying to open new zones, so this is only a question. Thank you
  10. So, in legion last quest required for your garrison is bugged. i uploaded a pic, clicking this thing do nothing, garrison is dead, ppl are sad ........ please fix it asap
  11. Hey, So i wanted to know new legion players how do you get a garrison? cause the normal way doesn't work the quest giver doesnt give it. but i do see that their are reports on the garrison and stuff so some must have it how do i get it aswell?
  12. Hello. Where exactly is located Lantresor of the Blade (Follower)? I do have him on one of my toons, but it has been a while since I obtained him and I somehow cannot manage to do the same now Can you guys help me out?
  13. Hello guys, to make a long story short, lemme know what you think and use the Poll i added, maybe we can whip the Devs a bit if they know more people want the same.
  14. Hello m8, i was wondering if you have the same problem , becouse my rope seems to short. I'm not able to catch meadstomper or riverbeast. Would you help me? Tell sth? Or im the only one with such problem...?
  15. So I build up my garrison, did the basic quests and at some point after marking the trees, while killing the mobs, I saw that Orc next to that thing like from a archeology digsite and was curious, so i clicked it.... And boom... there I had my garrison. I was so distracted by my new options I had now, that only a little later I came to the conclusion: I messed up! Now my garrison is there and it phased, so I can't complete some important things there to get the mines and garden I think: Quest Things Are Not Gone Our Way, no mobs killed yet, but mines are closed -.- Quest A Gronnling Problem 7/8 ... its phased cant see any mobs and get the last one Quest Spare Parts : I got the bomb thingy, but nothing to blow up or collect the Shells and Cannon Parts from My garrison is there, cold even upgrade it to lvl 2, but im still hoping i can get stuff fixed cause of mines and herbgarden... I really tried around abit, with relogging, and clearing cash, but ofc i wont simply bring back that phased part
  16. Hello, I've been grinding to get all the resources together for a Level 3 Garrison on my Level 100 Mage. I finally managed to scrape enough together and upgraded my Garrison to Level 3. However, after upgrading the following issues are observed: 1) I am NOT able to complete the quest "My Very Own Castle" - trying to "complete" results in a popup that requires closing the client with X or Alt-F4 2) Neither the King nor Yrel have appeared in my Garrison, making it impossible to continue on with the Shipyard / Iron Docks questline 3) Since that questline is not available, I cannot progress to Tanaan Jungle Thank you in advance for any help! I love the world you've created and support (substantially) with point purchases across multiple accounts. All the best, Archetypical
  17. I've been making my way through the WOD world and have a number of followers. I've found that most are available near or around the zone you'd find them in regular retail Blizz WOD. There are a few exceptions -- and RulKan is one. To my knowledge, there is no way to complete the Shadowmoon questline that results in her joining. I do have Rulkan on one toon but for the life of me can't recall where I picked her up.. possibly some spot in Frostfire Ridge?? If anyone knows the location to add Rulkan as a follower, I would really appreciate knowing the spot. All the best, Mystic
  18. How it is possible that my Garrisons in Legion work only for characters which i created in Legion. Characters which i transfered from WoD to Legion have Garrison which is not working - herb garden and mine are not working (herbs and mine are not spawn), i also haven´t npc here and i have problem with buildings.
  19. Will the garrison works in Legion? I asked allready in worldchat and ppl asking me why i want the garrison back in Legion. It seems like a homespot where you can work on you own reciptes and you can get alot of useful items by the follower quests (at least you get mount which you can sell in AH). Will WoD Content be missing in Legion?
  20. Hi guys i want to ask if this quest work "My Very Own Castle" to level up my garrison, or is just not released yet and we can't up the garrison to level 3? I checked here but i didn't find anything about garrison levels.
  21. Please, update this topic.
  22. My character Vaerian already got level 100 when Draenor was completely bugged after returning after some time people seem to have garrisons etc. Yet I seem to not have any progress made in Draenor and I don't have a garrison hearthstone...
  23. First of all, for coordinates you need the addon TomTom I'll try to give you guys a guide to each obtainable Alliance Follower. I'll start with the one I had trouble with and I'll give you the rest of them as I find the time required to put in the work . 1- [Rulkan] - The NPC Gronnstalker Rokash (59.4, 31,8) gives you the quest. (just take it and turn it in - you just got Rulkan). That is in Frostfire Ridge
  24. Hi, I have a serious problem with my garrison. I didn't know how to contact GMs or whoever is able to help me, so I wrote it here. Realm: Grommash Character: Trollmaar Garrison: lvl 2 No production buildings are shown, all disappeared, except the town hall, and some merchants. I can't accept or complete any quests in the garrison. Only garrison missions (these with followers) work as before. When I tried to build a new building, no building in progress appeared. Since it was completed after an hour, I couldn't find that building and finalize it. In place, where the mine was, appeared a hole through the world with no texture. I fell off the world killing me with falldamage. I was unable to respawn, so exited with Alt+F4. I also tried to kill myself falling there again, if it won't self-repair. Restarting game and clearing cache did not help. After that I turned all addons off with no effect. Then I also reinstalled the whole game to ensure everything is ok with my WoD client. With no effect. I can normally travel to and from my garrison but the prolem persists. Everything started when I went back to my garrison to finish the completed quest that unlocks fishing building. I'm sorry if U didn't understand something, I'm not native English speaker. Thanks Trollmaar
  25. Hi, i have a problem with the garrison, i did the first 2 quests, that of the woods and that of the ravens, and now i'm stuck. I read in the various bug report that the questline are fixed. Could someone help me? Thanks in advance