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  1. Subscribe to my channel for more content : https://www.youtube.com/user/ICESage78?sub_confirmation=1
  2. Hey guys, i have few questions about Greymane PVP realm, if you can help me i would be very grateful to you. 1. question: How do you obtain better gear on this server? 2. question: How do you obtain transmog sets on this server? That would be it, if you can answer these questions, please, feel free to reply. Thanks !
  3. Hi, I am wondering if the legendary droprate has been nerfed after the release of lootboxes availble at the shop? This is the first week where I havnt seen any legendary drops, and the same goes for the entire guild news tab, nothing has dropped since the release. Anyone else seen a decrease in legendary drops?
  4. Over the past few days I have been doing a few dungeons in an attempt to get better gear for my main legion char who has an ilvl of 812.... noob I know. However, I have never had any loot drop from mobs, apart from 1 or 2 occasions where a non elite drops a grey tier item. I am also not the only one- nobody in my party while I do dungeons gets any loot. Bosses drop AP items and maybe a blood of sargeras or two. This is extremely fustrating as I cannot seem to gear my character up, and the route to go down for obliterum seems to be very long and tedious, being either a money sinkhole or a time sinkhole I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this too, as this is a definite issue.
  5. Greetings Firsetorm Staff I previously posted a topic in this forum section on Tuesday at 12:04 AM which was left without your attention, also I made in-game ticket the same day, it is still unanswered. Seeing as other people get a response withing 24h I decided to make this topic again. Here is a link to my previous topic I'm hoping to hear from you.
  6. Greetings Today (01.05.2017), I was playing with equipment manager, I've made a new set and when I clicked equip everything seemed OK. But when I clicked and equipped another set, I've lost an item from my previous set (I've lost it completely from my bags, I even checked my bank, void storage, double checked my bags). It's gone. I had a similar experience once with issue like that on Warlords of Draenor and Game Masters were able to help me, I would like to hear from you what could be done now. I have proof in form of screenshots that I indeed had that item, I also have a corresponding achievement wich proves I had it. I'm avoiding posting the name of that item to avoid trolls and people who generally like to make fun of others. Thanks.
  7. gear

    Im stuck... I'm wondering when are we going to get the real pvp gear 840 845 +++ not the always 4ever 810 blue gear. Well i could do mythics.. but due to my class, if i try to join a mythic group i'll be insta kicked even as a 840ilvl. So basicly im stuck.. Pvp is always 810 and pve.. well.. mythics is impossible for me because people kick me all the time because im a warlock. People in this server are quite cold.. So.. Are we gonna get the real deal when the 1st season starts? Good gear? Competetive gear? When is pvp gear going to catch up the pve ilvl? 860 epics? Ffs.
  8. Hi, i just hit lvl 30 on my alliance affliction warlock. i just got to southern barrens. I start a few quest and i realize im super low. Some parts of my Armor is for like 18 lvl. So i ask you guys where can i buy gear for my lvl ? cuz i have like 500 gold and on auction its very expensive, and my warlock is my highest lvl character that means i cant go and farm cloth for tailoring and create better armor
  9. So I just hit level 100 and I haven´t got Tanaan Jungle unlocked. Where should I start farming gear? Thank you
  10. Like the title says I have just reached level 100 but I cant do any of the dungeons in the dungeon finder because my ilvl is too low, and a majority of the quests are broken. Does anyone know where I can mob farm for gear to get me to at least 510 so I can start doing dungeon finder or something? Any advice is much appreciated because my guild wants to start raiding soon and I want get geared for that asap. Thanks in advance. (:
  11. Hello everyone! I just got my second level 90 today(April 27) and on my adventure to Timeless Isle I noticed that the chest that you would normally get all your gear from does not spawn anymore. I know that it would give out a ton of gear but normally that was a way to obtain some gear to start farming on this max level area and I was wondering if there was an other bug on the chest that caused them to remove it or are they moving it. I also have not seen any announcements on this issue yet so if anything has be addressed please let me know and if not then this is the start to it. Thank you.
  12. Hi. I'm almost at lvl 100 and I wanted to know how do I start gearing up. I'm new to the server, playing alliance. (paladin). Thanks.
  13. How could be possible that since the merge I get only gear I can't wear from PvP boxes? Did anyone else notice that? It's so useless..