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  1. So i was in a bg and i was top dps but people we're really making fun of me and stuff so i posted the dps count several times. After the bg i got a whisper from a bg member and he was super toxic. After that i got disconnected and i can't connect back to the server. Whenever i log in and choose the server i get disconnected. Help please.
  2. A quest named "Let sleeping giants lie" in aszuna shipwreck arena is bugged and i am asking for help. The chest required to open to complete the quest in always flagged as busy no matter what i do. Please help me
  3. I was accidently abandon my quest named (save yourself) in azsuna. How can i get this quest again? Plz help me. I want to complete this story line to get achievement.
  4. So today, i saw ingame the message that you are currently looking for Game Masters on the European region too. I have send my application on the 20th of August (three days ago, was a sunday). And i am just wondering about an answer. Sincerely Alexander
  5. سلام و خسته نباشید الان 4 روز هست که اکانت من بن شده و من هیچ دلیلی برای بن شدن پیدا نکردم چه داخل فرم چه از جی ام که پرسیدم یعنی نه ریپورتی شده نه چیزی اما من 30 روز بن شدم !!! اما نمیدونم چرا ؟؟ اگر کسی میتواند راه نمای کنه ممنون میشم و یک سوال میتونم فایر استوم پوینت یا چیزی بدم که از بن در بیام؟؟؟
  6. Basically. I kept making a ticket for a lost item in game. And every say ~1 / 2 days, i'd log in again and have a ticket reponse. Which is blank. Ticket closed, no help. I decide to open another ticket asking why it happened. They assured me it was a mistake or something like that. Retype my ticket with the item lost, ticket gets closed with no response again. What is going on? The images of the ticket reponse and my ticket are uploaded in Attachments.
  7. I posted this in the Bug Tracker Realm: Gul'dan Character (name, faction, level...): Twangster, Alliance, 100 I purchased the follower Solar Priest Vayx from the NPC at Lion's Watch, Tanaan Jungle for 1,000 Apexis Crystals. When I returned to my Garrison, Solar Priest Vayx not only appeared on my list of followers, I even sent him on a short mission. The mission was completed successfully. The next day when I logged in I noticed that Solar Priest Vayx was no longer in my list of followers however, the 1,000 Apexis Crystals I paid were still missing from my total. I reported this to a GM who instructed me to put it in the 'Bug Tracker' Ryuzaki L replied I have not this problem Are you sure you have to use the contract that is in your bag ? status changed from new report to waiting more informations I then posted the following Yes - I bought the follower and used the item I was given - I then went back to my garrison and used the follower mission table - Solar Priest Vayx was in my list of followers, so I sent him on a quest - The quest completed successfully. When I logged in the next day he was gone. There are quite a few problems with the Tanaan jungle and shipyards but they seem to apply to all of my characters that have built a shipyard and created Lion's watch in Tanaan jungle. These problems are varied and include - bugged dailies - no mobs to collect items from for daily quests - overly long respawn times for the mobs that do exist. The daily for collecting crystals doesn't work because nothing happens when you click on them etc- I had the same sort of problem buying shipyard plans - I purchased and learned the battleship plans but couldn't build one as the only ship I can construct is the destroyer of which I already have two - I am unable to equip the blast furnace - The initial naval quest required to progress shipyards has never been available to me, so my shipyards progress has stopped. But as I said the same is true for several of my characters. By way of trying to be helpful and thinking that if I went into more detail it would help Firestorm resolve the problems - I then posted the following.... Please allow me to elaborate. ... Quest Tooth & Claw Tanaan Jungle - The only mobs that drop the teeth are Murkhides that live on the beach at the Southern end of the jungle and 2 spiders that spawn near the Horde camp. I have been logging out and back in at 5 - 10 minute intervals most of the morning and have thus far collected only 50 of 100 teeth required, as the mobs seem to be on a very long respawn time. Other players also patrol this area regularly, therefore the demand far outweighs the supply. (Tanaan Jungle ) The Battle For The West - The yellow ? is on the map but there is no sign of the hand in - Exarch Maladar. Disarming Sha'nar - Nothing happens when you click on the crystals. A Little Wetwork - There are 2 Elite mobs at the Iron Docks that did drop the manifests required of which I have 8 of the required 15, however for some time now,these mobs no longer drop the manifests. Breaking Their Fel Bonds - I cannot find any mobs that drop the required Fel Blood. (Shipyard) Destroying The Competition - I built the destroyer to complete part one, but the mission 'A Little Combat' has never been available - I checked the naval missions map several times a day for at least 2 weeks after getting this quest and have yet to see that quest. There was another quest to equip a blast furnace that I forget the name of as I abandoned it. Nothing happened when you tried to equip the item and bofore you ask - yes the slot was unlocked on my ship There is also another quest in the Tanaan Jungle - you have to collect I think it was 20 blades. I could find only 2 mobs that dropped them, both of which were ridiculously over powered elites that required a group to kill. So that is a non starter too jeyeljeyel then assigned the ticket to himself and posted the following... Hello, I barely can't read your report, it's like blocs of reports not organized at all. I can't work with this, please respect the ticket formatting and create one ticket per issue. In the correct status changed from waiting more informations to invalidategory. This is Firestorms idea of Customer Service? Support? Call it what you will, it is in fact Laziness, Incompetence and Arrogance all rolled into one. So I guess the moral of the story is that there is no point in contacting a GM in game - They will 'Pass The Buck' When using the 'Bug Tracker' keep it simple and only present one problem at a time, in as few words as possible because the Firestorm people don't appear to have the mental capacity to read full sentences let alone fix any issues. We still have the same bugs now that were reported over a year ago because Firestorm are not interested in fixing anything. They just want your money. Pay to be a VIP? Are you serious? Why subscribe to broken servers with sub standard customer support?
  8. I am writing this topic because i want to explain my experience with Game master's of this server and want to know your opinion or experience with them? I was reported on french forum's for "being invisible in arena" guy recorded that posted it and i got banned for 7 days because game master thought I used some kind of hack. Soo i made ban appeal in hope of getting unbanned but the only thing i got is information that i will have to speak other game master and it all ended up like this Game master couldn't unban me because he was not online cus of holidays,nobody replied to my ban appeal,none of the staff cared about being accused of hacking and that Invisible bug in arena is still not fixed! that's it.Now the funny thing about this is WHEN I tried to report player for same thing the game master answered me "Its a visual bug soo we can't ban him for that.We are aware of this issue and we will try to fix it". My overview of this:All they know to do is to ban ppl without telling them for what even tho the player didn't abuse anything like me. Here's the youtube link of the video:
  9. Hello i only wanna ask and after i got response i will remove this topic. Where i can and how i can report GM ?
  10. Does i think or there is really too slow GM response on topics. I will explain why i think that. I got banned 5th december that day i massaged 3 different GM's from which i didnt get response, i also posted in 2 threads one was general disscusen and another in ban appels. Next day no1 was answering so i massaged 2 more GM's from all of the stuff members only Lazarius reply on my massage but he is some kind of trial game master so he cant help me much at list he give me advices about where should i made report about my account suspension. And here it is 4 days after my report... my topic in ban appels has been seen and now i am asking. is there some1 doing his job here... at list tell me something like "fuck you bitch we will ignore you" ???? i see 9 people seen my topic and i guess this was GM's but clearly they dont give a fuck to answer me. Now i dont even need answer any more bc my suspensio nends in 5 hours so dont reply on that topic i will remove it but at list if you have a job do it properly dont ignore your comunity like moltenwow was doing.. they had 30k active people at same time across the realms but their stuff members was all the time in mode like "fuq you players" thats why they now have 10k insted those 30k... i apologise for my grammer.
  11. when i finish with the quest that you kill the queen and get the key and go downtair i have turn in the quest and i get (return to the blak temple) then loading screen start to download when its finish ( i found myself) disconnected so i logged in and boom i have back to the demon hunter place and i dont have any quest and i cant use the portal so plz if any gm online now can you teleport me out my name is (sarzfull) :'( thanks
  12. Hello, today when i logged in i was in time to see some guy with GM before their name, it was Foxsyllon, and he/she was saying that the server is closing and i should write an email to some weird emails asking to transfer my charracters, is it true? that the server is closing? Link for gyazo for screenshot
  13. Porque Não estou conseguindo acessar minha conta no wow Pandashan-firestormwow? o que ouve com o Jogo? eu comprei muitos pontos com o cartão de credito para pode se-benificiar com as opções validas do jogo! já tentei baixar outro novo, mais mesmo assim não estou conseguindo! o que fazer a respeito disso? tenho 9 bonecos que passei 5 anos no mesmo serve! ainda sou da época do Pandashan, fundi para o Firestorm-wow ! eu quero apenas doper acessar minha conta! como faço?
  14. Grommash US ( Horde ) i have problems first at all this character " Proogi " one of the oldest Death Knights in Game i created him when the game full buged for that i have some problems 1 - Missing Death Gate Spell [spell=50977] 2 - When i play Duel i don't lose but i die 3 - i don't Have Garrison Hearthstone 4 - i can't level up my Garrison to level 2 Please Fix My Dk or give me 1 boost and copie all my info in new DK i'm tired from this problems i need help Thanks for inderstand any info contact my mail
  15. i have problems first at all this character " Proogi " one of the oldest Death Knights in Game i created him when the game full buged for that i have some problems 1 - Missing Death Gate Spell [spell=50977] 2 - When i play Duel i don't lose but i die 3 - i don't Have Garrison Hearthstone 4 - i can't level up my Garrison to level 2 Please Fix My Dk or give me 1 boost and copie all my info in new DK i'm tired from this problems i need help Thanks for inderstand any info contact my email
  16. So I got in these servers and I had to transfer back my old pandashan account and I searched far and wide for this thing and at last found it , I did it and it said that there were 11 characters in my tharan'zhu pandaria server but after I relogged they were all gone and I couldn't get them back PLEASE HELP GM! Or whoever knows how
  17. Hi, a few days back i found a pleasant surprise behind the garrison command table: two dealers, an herb dealer and a fur one, both with recipes and the option to buy primal spirit with talador orchid or animal fur found in draenor, i thought that finally i would be able to buy some savage blood and sorcerous elements, but then jus in two days they were gone and with them my hope of increasing the level of my crafted weapons, also they had unique recipes please gm's put them back
  18. I was banned recently for 3 days and I can't leave GM island.... Please do something about this.
  19. Hi. I'm trying to open a ticket but seems like its not working. My message gets cut halfway and the notification icon doesn't appear anymore. Anyone having this issue?