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  1. Hello everyone, I am hoping that the following suggestion will be taken into consideration. I've been playing here for about a month now. The community is pretty nice compared to other servers, the staff is extremely friendly which is a big plus. A good method to fight gold sellers( the none stop spammers ) is simply disabling whispers, yelling, invite to party , joining group channels until the player reaches a respectable level. We all know that we have high exp rates here so we can't simply have it at level 10 or 15. It needs to be at at least level 50. As soon as the account has a character that reached level 50, they will receive an in-game mail from the server, which tells them to verify their account through email and add a working phone number ( verify that as well via message or code ). Please keep in mind, the email can be used only once and the phone number can be linked to one account only and only once. once the phone number is used it can't be reused or moved from another account to a newer one. This method will drive gold sellers into the abyss of madness and the players will be able to enjoy there time here in peace. Thank you for the awesome servers. -Elune
  2. gold

    sometime between 20:00-22:00 on 18th december. i placed a 950 BOE on ah for around 400k. something happened during this and i lost 557k gold. in the pics below are proof that i owned the gold(see Spent). and the other picture is proof that i didnt buy anything on AH for that value. i'd like to know where the gold went(so i can prevent it happening again), and possibly get the gold back.
  3. Hello everyone! I haven't played here in a long time and now that I'm back, I only have 200k in Legion and tons of gold in Warlords of Draenor. I want to buy all the gold you have in Legion with gold I have in WoD. I'll pay double the gold you give me. (negotiable) For example, if you give me 50k gold in Legion, I will give you 100k on the WoD server. If you don't trust me, I can give you the gold first. To contact me, just reply in this thread or PM me! My main character is named Purr in WoD and Legion.
  4. So, you are new to the server and need gold fast. This guide is for you. The best way to get some money is farming stuff. Though, with you being new to the server. People will tell you that you need high level professions\toons to earn money. That is not true. I will share with you how I made around 30k gold within 2 days (few hours of gameplay) on my first toon here without any help from anyone. First of all, I learned mining and only farmed Copper Ore and smelted into bars then sold them on the auction house for 500g per stack. This is not much but it will help you get started and not ask anyone for money. You should check auction house prices and always undercut. You may sell Copper Bar stacks from 500-2000g depending on the AH prices. If you put the stacks at 500g they will sell really fast, though. After getting enough money to support yourself which is around 500-1000g buy some vendor bags from any of the main cities. Then, focus on one thing. Leveling up to level 40. After that you will go to low level dungeons and mass pull the mobs and kill them then loot gear only. Go to your bags and CTRL+Left Mouse Click the gear items. Keep only the items that look nice (visually) that are Bound on Equip. People pay a lot for those items because they use them for transmogs. Your cool looking items will sell for a lot of gold. Rate your items depending on how cool they look. If they are cool sell them for 1-2k. If they are super cool sell them for 3-5k. If they are awesome looking then try going higher. You can sell an awesome looking item for 10k believe it or not. Though, keep in mind that your prices should always be lower than AH. If you see more than 3 people selling your item at a low price just sell it lower than them or save it for later until it is no longer on the AH. It will take you around 2 hours to figure out how to deal with AH and sell your items at decent prices. Keep in mind that you can go higher or lower than the prices above depending on what you see on AH. Though, if you need the money you should always undercut (go lower than AH prices). By now you have enough money to buy anything you want that is necessary such as flying licenses and mounts. Now, you need to focus on one thing hitting level 58 then heading to Hellfire Peninsula. Now, you will level while farming mobs at the same time from the map. Do the same thing now, loot the corpses and get the gear items only. Though, this time you will keep all gear item drops no matter what their visual looks like. When you cannot carry anymore go ahead and find an AH. Sell the cool items like before. Sell the cool items for 2-3k each. Sell the super cool items at 4-5k. Sell the awesome looking items at 8-10k. Now you will be left with the non-cool items. Sell those at 500-1000g. Once you get to level 60-65 try running Hellfire Rampants dungeon on normal mode. You will get lots of gear items that you can sell. Though, you will be limited by your bag space. So, once you get enough money just buy 4xFrostweave Bag (20 slots). Then equip them as your main bags. The bags sell for 500-800g each so you need 2000-3200g to get them depending on how lucky you are. By now you have enough money to get those bags. That is it. If you read and follow this guide you will have lots of gold in no time. Here are further tips you should read: 1. Do not spend your money on anything unnecessary like exapnsive gear if this is your first toon. You will eventually get everything you want from drops and you will replace the items faster than you think. 2. It is best you create an alt toon one which sells your items and not use your main for selling. This step will help you avoid the trolls whispering you regarding your items and prices. Also, this is very useful because you can mail the items from your main anywhere where you can find a mail. So, you do not have to go back to the main city to auction when your bags are full. 3. Be patient it will take time for your items to sell, if you need the money and cannot play without it just farm the items sell them on AH and log back later. You will find that you sold several items. 4. While farming you get cloth items. Sadly, most of the time cloth sell at a lower price like 50-200g a stack depending on the item itself. If you are near your main city or any AH (or mail if you are using an alt) go ahead and auction it. If you are not save your space for the gear drops. Once you go to higher zones such as Northern maps. You can farm and sell Frostweave Cloth stacks. Those sell for around 500g a stack on AH. 5. When you clear the dungeons just go back and reset and start over again until your bags are full. 6. If you find a cool looking item and then you realized your toon needs it. Do not do it. You will replace that item, save it for the AH. If it is looking cool and you like it a lot save it for yourself. 7. You will find lots of gold beggars in main cities. Do not give them money. They are mostly lazy. An exception you can make is for lowbies who are asking for 5-10g. Those are the people who need the money and do not know how to earn it. You can give them the money but refer them to this guide. Help them get their own money. 8. If you need any items for your toon and find that they sell for a high price on AH, use world to get them cheaper. 9. Keep in mind that AH takes a big chunk of your gold. 10. Once you hit the Northern maps, you can sell the non-cool items for higher prices like 1-2k. When you hit the cata zones. You can sell the items for 2-3k. When you hit the pandarian zones you can sell the gear for a higher amount of gold. 11. It is a good idea to level your main and secondary professions while you level up. If you do not want the mining profession and you got enough money from it to support yourself drop it and take whatever profession you want. If you like the guide let me know.
  5. Dear Players, I enhance some heirlooms to 110, log out & and then log in and than the heirlooms was only enhanced to 100. I lost golds... Why? Sincerely Niofa
  6. Hi I'm really short on gold and have been struggling to get more. I want to know if anyone knows which location is the most efficient for farming gold solo.
  7. Hello. After restarting the Sylvanas server, 100,000 golds disappeared from Wareckacz. Please check and return. Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone! I haven't played here in a long time and now that I'm back, I only have 200k in Legion and tons of gold in Warlords of Draenor. I want to buy all the gold you have in Legion with gold I have in WoD. I'll pay double the gold you give me. (negotiable) For example, if you give me 50k gold in Legion, I will give you 100k on the WoD server. If you don't trust me, I can give you the gold first. To contact me, just reply in this thread, I'll be here. My main character is named Purr in WoD and Legion.
  9. Anyone know why I cant buy the classic pvp set for warriors in the Area 52 item shop? Or in spanish : Alguien sabe por qué no puedo comprar el juego de pvp clásico para los guerreros en la tienda de artículos de Área 52?
  10. Hello everyone! I haven't played here in a long time and now that I'm back, I only have 200k in Legion and tons of gold in Warlords of Draenor. I want to buy all the gold you have in Legion with gold I have in WoD. I'll pay double the gold you give me. (negotiable) For example, if you give me 50k gold in Legion, I will give you 100k on the WoD server. If you don't trust me, I can give you the gold first. To contact me, just reply in this thread, I'll be here. My main character is named Purr in WoD and Legion.
  11. Buy Rush of Mythic Achievement +15 (Keystone Master)
  12. Buy Rush of Mythic Achievement +15 (Keystone Master)
  13. Hi, So i'm about to buy a profession from the shop, and i want the one that makes the most gold. Any opinions? Regards
  14. Can anyone give some advice for making gold because i want some mounts from the auction house but they are 100+ gold
  15. Hi i trying send gold to my alt by mail, but i cant
  16. Hi! Is leveling on Firestorm servers boosted?
  17. so i made a level 100 DM and few alts at 60/70+, where do I farm gold aside from that lvl 40 dungeon. someone told me pandaria but no idea where or what monster to kill. i already have gathering prof working and working my way on AH but i really want to try and grind some direct gold farming.
  18. I've been 1 day off..... I log to my main Character Trelon ( Mage ) And I have now 233 Gold [ I had 30K ]. I've been on different location then before and on different mount. In Mailbox ... In Send Mail there was been name Resabela ( never heard about this guy ). So please someone help..... BTW can't open ticket and my Teleportation Icon was been on different place.
  19. Hi, i just hit lvl 30 on my alliance affliction warlock. i just got to southern barrens. I start a few quest and i realize im super low. Some parts of my Armor is for like 18 lvl. So i ask you guys where can i buy gear for my lvl ? cuz i have like 500 gold and on auction its very expensive, and my warlock is my highest lvl character that means i cant go and farm cloth for tailoring and create better armor
  20. Ive played for a while but after the twilight highlands dungeon got nerfed the money I had farmed there is now gone, so pretty easy question how do I actually make gold now? Preferably farming not professions.
  21. So can anyone help on how to make some gold when you already hit 110 level?
  22. Hello, I am back to firestorm after 1+ month of absence. All is see after my return is the crazy inflation on legion auction house. Items selling for millions. Everyone says they make gold by selling BOE items from dungeons, noone knows how to actually farm this much raw gold to buy single item from auction house. I also checked the gold donation pricing, and to buy 1 840 item on AH you will need to donate from 40$ to 80$ to be able to get that much in game gold. It is certain farming few millions of gold or donating absurd amounts just to buy 1 item on AH is unreal. SO my question is: Does firestorm administration consider current situation a problem and is there any fix in work?
  23. Hello? Firestorm? Toc Toc anyone there? Looks like we are invaded by the so hated gold traders that harassed the pandashan! Don't tell us to report them because YOU KNOW it is futile- they spoof mac, change ip and back in spaming. And it is only us losing gaming time to report while they continue to smash our balls with gold trading offers. If you have online GM please DO ENABLE the report player thingy and make this realm gold trader free! unfortunately IGNORE list is not large enough to contain them all!
  24. I want to move one of my chars from Taran'Zhu to Rassharom. But I am not sure what will happen to my items in my bank & bags, and with my gold Will it all be transferred along my char? Or are there any restrictions or is there a gold limit etc.?
  25. Hey Guys :), I finally reached level 90 in MoP ^^ Now I want to fill my Pocket with Gold...but where is a good place in MoP to farm fast Gold? Can any1 help me ? It would be very good when I am able to do this alone too ^^ Greetings, Kleister