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  2. please open raid in instant server Greymane legion 110 and remove all free xmogs for all players can send xmogs to other char idk how its imposible ,and open Argus, and Make server PVP,PVE TOO in server no have players so much only horde have sry for bad english !
  3. update server Greymane PVP,PVE TOO and we cant go in zone ARGUST remove all freee xmogs for can trade with hacks idk how its imposible 1 gyu teach me with EWT name hack and add 5v5 arena for we ccant geat charechters only low players
  4. Correct me if i'm wrong, like please do. But, what is the purpose of doing World Quests of Bosses in Dalaran if the boss loot is bad and you get 750 Ilvl gear? you litarelly get 860 ilvl gear for 22gold when you first time start playing on the server? Shouldn't that be changed? Buffed? Anything possible to make players gather around and do some quests for some high ilvl gear? Thank you. Sincerely, every Greymane player.
  5. Greymane Needs: Remove requirement for wearing 2 Legendaries. Note: Order resources barely dropp and forcing people to farm 9.100 Order Resources in order to equip 2 Legendaries on a PvP Realm isn't a good choice. Add the vendors "Lieutenant Surtess" & "Captain Roberts" in Starter Area to Greymane. Note: They sell transmog, Tabards and enchants. They exist on Sylvanas. I don't know why they shouldn't exist on Greymane as well. Add the Vendor "Marshal Frazer" to Starter Arena on Greymane. Note: You can remove the normal gear, due to free s3 vendor, which would be abused to obtain free 880+ gear. But add elite gear at least. Lower the requirement costs for Illusions, Enchants & Gems. Suggestions: Glyphs: 5 Mark of Honor Enchants: 35 Mark of Honor Illusions: 60 Mark of Honor for normal ones; 75 Mark of Honor for Glorious Tyranny & Primal Victory. Mounts: 80 Mark of Honor for casual mounts; 120 Mark of Honor for Gladiator Mounts. Note: The prices are ridiculous at the moment and unrealistic. I've done more than 100 wins on 4 characters and i don't have 200 Marks of Honor in total... Plus you removed the daily quests, which allowed people to get an maximum of 50 Marks of Honors daily. Add more Mounts Suggestion: Ratstallion - 138387 Flametalon of Alysrazor - 71665 Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing - 123974 Smoldering Egg of Millagazor - 69224 Corrupted Egg of Millagazor - 69230 Felfire Hawk - 69226 Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger - 52200 Flameward Hippogryph - 69213 Defiled Reins - 141216 Crimson Water Strider - 87791 Flameward Hippogryph - 69213 Fossilized Raptor - 60954 Grand Expedition Yak - 84101 Invincible - 50818 Winged Guardian - 69846 Note: All of them for the suggested amount above. 80 Mark of Honors for each Mount. Add previous Gladiator Tabards. List: Relentless Gladiator's Tabard - 49086 Furious Gladiator's Tabard - 45983 Wrathful Gladiator's Tabard - 51534 Primal Gladiator's Tabard - 115972 Wild Gladiator's Tabard (Horde) - 127365 Wild Gladiator's Tabard (Alliance) - 127366 Warmongering Gladiator's Tabard (Horde) - 127371 Warmongering Gladiator's Tabard (Alliance) - 127369 Note: These Tabards aren't currently avaiable anywhere, not even on Shop. They are really unique and a part of PvP. They should 100% be obtainable. Suggestion: 1.800 in rated 2v2/3v3 or Rated Battlegrounds + 50 Marks of Honor for each Tabard. Add the old daily quests back to Greymane or created new ones, so people have the oppertunity, to farm Marks of Honors daily, instead of having to deal with the bugged reward system, which rarely ever dropps Marks of Honor. Add the old (WoD Tournament) Transmog System on Greymane Note: Transmog Vendors on Greymane currently do not exist at all, and they are a huge part of a PvP Realm in my opinion. Something players aim for and a motivation. There always have been a part of all PvP Realms i played with on every server. I think a transmog system like we had back in WoD Tournament would be a great addition to this realm. Apply a fix to Legendaries. Currently you can't use Illusions on Legendaries. Apply a fix to Illusions. Some Illusions aren't acc wide. They all supposed to be acc-wide. Theres still some improvements, which have to be done, but these are major ones, which in my opinion should be considered and are really important for the Realm. Let me know, what you you people think about this. Open to any suggestions/changes.
  6. Greymane: Update on Gurubashi Arena Hi everyone ! About 3 months ago, we released the Legion PVP realm Greymane, and now is the time to look back on those 3 months. A central place of this realm is the Gurubashi arena, a “free for all” battle ring where everyone, Horde and Alliance can fight each others without restrictions. We took your requests into consideration, and that’s why quickly after the realm was released, we disabled grouping in Gurubashi. Analysis What we can see now, is that the Gurubashi arena is a place where usebugs are being exploited by a lot of people, making it difficult for players not abusing them to have fun there. The major usebugs found are: Staying close to the stairs Staying on the edge of the battle ring Using spells that allow you to have a “get out of jail” free card Even though those issues were or are still being present on retail pvp servers, we believe it could be interesting to deviate from the “blizz-like” aspect to offer a better quality of play in this arena. Solution (still Work in progress !) This is why we will implement a gate system all around the arena, as well as at the bottom of both stairs. The way they operate is simple: For players not in combat, those gates will be down, and you will see no difference. For players in combat, they will be up, and thus activating collision and Line of Sight block. We believe that it’s important for players to choose when they go in, but that it’s also needed to give them limitations about when they can go out. Once you are in combat in the arena, there is no going back. We also believe that the battle ring is big enough to give ranged classes a chance, but not to the point where they could exploit the weakness inherent to melee classes. Feedback We would like to let this change go through for a certain period of time, to allow players to get a good grasp at those changes’ consequences; and of course give us feedback on this ! Feedback can be about any point of improvement you would like to see: The aesthetic aspect, that -let’s be honest- wasn’t a prime priority for this change Various propositions of things you would like to see on the realm We already have some ideas we got from players, like Enable legendaries again, and making custom tweaks on them, so that they are potent enough to be attractive to players, but not too powerful either so the outcome of a fight between someone having a legendary item, and someone who does not isn’t already decided. Create a PVP zone like Gurubashi’s arena, but bigger, where we allow grouping up to 2 or 3 players, to give healers a place on the realm, which they do not have right now. Create events on the realm To sum it up No promises for the moment, but feedback is appreciated, and will be taken into account to help us establish a list of priorities for you guys on Greymane. Thanks in advance for your reports on the matter, Pantoufle
  7. Today. A small group of players decided to invade Elwyn. Joined another group of allys and tried to repel us, but we managed to destroy each one of them. Unsatisfied, we went to the SW gate, and killed them all there. We were not content, and we killed Anduin, then we returned to Goldshire, and to finish, we all killed at the gate again. REALM: GREYMANE
  8. Why some tanks have so much HP on PvP instance and some don't? Prot paladins have so much HP and prot warriors DONT HAVE NOTHING, prot warriors is so nerfed or bugged. You have to fix they HP!
  9. The server crashed and did not come back, until it left the "Our realms" on the official website.
  10. Good morning everyone, Well as you can see the title is "Is Greymane a fun realm", I mean everybody who will join the realm will get unlimited max level characters? And for how long?. If greymane gonna be this way and forever well I am really disappointed. I mean what the f*ck? I thought everyone will have only 1 boosted character per account and thats it. A friend of me told that he just made 11 characters and that everyone did the same, I was like WTF mate. If someone can explain me hows that working or if it's just for a limited time so yeah just post your opinion or whatever you want below and yeah cheers everyone.
  11. I did sell my character of Sylvanas today, i was put him 1000 Firestorm Points and i received just 550, why? I know that has a 30% discont but it is 45%... Where is my points???
  12. Hey, my friend recently joined the server on the Greymane realm, he had setup a character and got gear and all that, and then the server crashed or something and now everytimehelogsin,it connects to the realm list and then when he clicks on greymane it shows him this every time you have been disconnected (WoW51900328) For the past hour, I can loginfine,but hecannot,however he can login to the sylvanas realm just fine. Please can you fix him thanks.
  13. Hello, I would like to know (with the information you have about this kingdom that will be released on the Legion) what month or year do you speculate that it will be release? December? Or, who knows, January? I wish I had an idea.