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  1. In-Game Moderators, do not understand what the rules are. They kick and ban however the feel like, for no valid reason. Moments ago, I've been banned for "World Chat Spam" and something about racism I don't remember correctly how it was written, for 120 minutes. Despite the fact that I was trying to stop the senseless bickering in the chat, I was banned for saying "Spanish is not a race", which by the Anti-Defamation League's (https://www.adl.org/racism) definition is NOT racism. Also, I have not met anyone in my life who thinks saying one word in a civilized fashion is considered Spam. Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with the ban IF I actually did something wrong, saying that I had somehow been racist is what I do have a big problem with. This is a classic example of incompetence and/or outright abuse of power. Random bans have not only happened to me, I've seen way too many people getting banned from chatting for simply saying a song's name, just because the name sounds foreign. Or a friend memeing and talking in chat, generally having fun, getting banned for "spam". Just because a Moderator doesn't like something, doesn't mean it's breaking the rules, let alone cause for an outright ban. There must be a clear way to report abusive Moderators, just like there is a clear way to report players. Because This is simply absurd and such abusive behavior needs to be stopped.