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Found 23 results

  1. I would like to ask how would I be able to transfer my character to Legion, I've seen in the forums and website that you can. Tried googling, nothing came up. Thanks!
  2. Greetings Firestorm community I am a new player here, I started a week ago. Slowly lvled up a warrior and now I'm lvl 100 doing some bg's to get gear in order to hit 540 ilvl and then do dungs. Now this is the thing, even tho I'm a new player here I used to play warlords of draenor while it was live on the actual game. I also used to be a hardcore raider over there clearing mythic raids all the time. Right now Legion is out, and personally i don't find raiding enjoyable at all. Blizz ruined dps warriors, new emerald nightmare raid is piss easy and for the forseable future it's simply not a game for me. These things brought me here, to the place where raiding last made sense. So, since raiding is the reason I play the game and since I'm new here, I hope my questions here get answered. 1. I am aware Highmaul and BRF are available on NM/HC difficulty with BRF having around 8/10 available bosses (i think). That being said, my question is this. Since I personally find NM/HC fun, I don't find em challenging enough, To which I have to ask: will we ever get a chance to do these raids on mythic. I don't expect mythic difficulty to come to us in the near future but I would like to know if it's sth you are even working on? (to be perfectly honest I would even be ok if HM and BRF didn't get mythic difficulty, however I would absolutely love if at some point the future raid Hellfire Citadel got mythic difficulty since there is nothing that comes after that raid - it would at least give your players sth more to aspire towards) 2. Once you release new content with Tanaan Jungle are we also at some point later on going to be able to get flying for draenor? (I know this is not a raid related question but I think it's a feature that allows players to get a whole new perspective about Draenor as a world and personally I think it would be really cool to have it) 3. Since conqueror's siegebraker set is my fav transmog set ever, will you ever release Ulduar raid from which it is obtainable? I see you already released some old raids like Firelands which is absolutely awesome, so that got my hopes up for ulduar Thank you in advance and I'll see you in-game. P.S. I would also like to thank the entire firestorm team for making all these expansions playable once again.(Many things are still bugged and need fixing, however you rly seem to be a team of professional and dedicated people who can handle all the challanges ahead) <3 P.P.S. Rly hoping the development and improvment of WoD doesn't fall behind because of Legion. (you got time for that expansion later)
  3. Dear Firestorm Staff, Please help me i don't know what to do i tried deleting my cache that dosent work,i tried to let it load with my wifi for 1 or 2 hours that doesnt work. ur guide told me to uncheck read only in wow folder properties,but it enables itself. pls help i dont know what to do, By Quinzel
  4. Dear Firestorm Staff, I tried to let my wow download in game for 1, 2 hours but it keeps downloading,I think it because i did not uncheck read only in my wow file properties. Thing is i did but when i go back it enables read only again,what to do pls help Urs truley Quinzel
  5. Dear Firestorm Staff, Please Fix the dungeon on northrend howling fjord utagare keep the last boss doesnt work in grommash and i really want to farm the blue proto drake. Yours Sincerly,Quinzel
  6. I (and 2 friends) started the guild 'Paladaro Taxi Service'.. you've probaly seen us the past 2 days. We started a taxi service because we wanted to help the community and (Lazy level 100's xD). So if you ever need a taxi search for people with the guild 'Paladaro Taxi Service' We helped alot of people now some people even gave 20000 Gold for our services and we were glad to recieve it! Our price for a taxi ride was just 10 gold then we changed it so the customer choose his own price! Currently I (Paladaro) have flying 2 Person mounts but my other 2 friends does'nt have a flying 2 person mount... If someone of you can be good hearted !? send some gold to Paladaro his mail and I can help my friends so our Taxi service is ultimated good Greetings, Paladaro Boss of Paladaro Taxi Service
  7. Hello, I have problem with my login into the game. I have new updated launcher and still cant login in.
  8. Anyone around that RPs? Send me an IM or reply here so we can plot! I can do Alliance or Horde.
  9. I play on Grommash server and I want the achievement Higher learning. I was wondering if the achievement works properly and do the books spawn in Dalaran or not? I have found the Abjuration book and thaats it. I heard the book changes after 3 Hours and it is not happening within that time. Only one or two books have changed. Most of them are same withing the period of 24 hours. Can any one just confirm that the achivement is infact not bugged and I won't be wasting my time .. and that I will recive the reward upon completion and it will be usable. Thank you
  10. I cant play with this lag. Who knows about it? GM HELP US
  11. server bin lagging almost for a hour now the lagg prevents questing farming everything even chat please help the server grommash alot of people dont wannna lose hope in that server. lots of hard workers but all in all please help the lagg, need it to stop.
  12. Soo not sure if anyone else aside from myself and one other person has noticed this but on the Grommash Server for Warlords The "Time to Regroup" quest is not triggering at all, this is aside from minor bugs ( such as joshia or what ever his name is being in the game, in one spot, three times). Figured I'd bring it to your attention since another Player had the same problem, at the same time, the second time I did a run through. screen cap is attached with the mini map showing the quest point while I am standing at the known, proper location.
  13. 11. 4. 2016, Mimoň, Czech Republic Dear Firestorm staff, I would like to report a latency issue that came shortly after the morning server restart and causes massive server lags. I would like to ask you to search for what causes this latency issue and to fix it as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to your reply. King regards, Cornwall
  14. Every time I log on, i keep getting booted for no reason. I keep getting the message Battle.net error #104
  15. Grommash Server is constantly crashing. I can only log in for a moment before it kicks me out.
  16. Grommash is crashing every 10 minutes. It crashed like 10 times already..it's unplayable and very annoying, so please fix it.
  17. Hello! I am looking for a PvE guild that speaks and or understand English. I am newbie level 100 warrior who seeks the assistance of a capable and helpful guild, I am enthusiastic about raiding and stuff although I have near to zero experience with it. I usually don't use the forum so please add me online "Thelnternet" (the "I" is a small letter "L".) I'm online from time to time everyday but if ever I'm not online please mail me. And I know this sounds wrong for me to ask you to do this but I really do need your help. Thank you.
  18. Hey. I'm playing on Grommash Realm - WoD. I have 245 shop points. Here comes question - would you add Level 90 boost, so that i can spend these? Regards.
  19. This is starting to get annoying, and I hope i'm not the only one feeling this way, It's the 3rd time i'm having this issue. I try to log, and the realm list is empty. I'm unable to play everyday, be my guest, i got witcher 3 and fall out 4 on pc and some ps4 games i run around during this december. I'd really like that the staff give some consideration to us, players and stop changing realmlist without any announcement made else announcement which sticks around for at least 3-4days can be newsworthy to the 'ingame' community. Not only is that confusing to know where to access the server from, but in the long run , you'll end up losing players thanks to this bad practice. Most private servers which are efficiently managed stick to 1 single realmlist so people know where to log, It's good you do weekly update but you can do so without changing the access path to the server. Hope to see some professionalism soon. Thanks for reading.
  20. Any good english-speaking guilds recruiting? I am an experienced PVE and PVP asset.
  21. Hello to all , i just wanted to survey the people to see if en english spoken guild with ranks and privileges would interest anyone ??
  22. Realm Grommash is already online. Come in.