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  1. Hello! I've seen quite a few people who are stuck on the quest "Save Yourself" in Azsuna. And so, I wanted to create a quite small tutorial on how to complete / do it. I've recorded a video of how to simply do it. Video: 1. Once you get ported as Prince Farondis, you will most likely start to walk slowly, automatically. Hit your slash button in order to walk normal again, the / button. You will then walk forward in a straight line until Prince Farondis does his animation and will automatically approach to the academy and hide behind a rock. You will then see your body being dragged, if you don't see your body you will have to re-take the quest but there is 95% chance that you will see your body most likely. 2. You will then follow Athissa and Parjesh slowly, once they stop, start attacking Athissa until she will no longer take any damage then you will begin running to the hideout(the cave). 3. Once you are at the hideout; do not enter just yet. Stand in front of it and wait for the vision of queen azshara to appear. Once she appears let the emotes do their job and when she disappears that is your sign to proceed and walk into the cave and talk to yourself in order to complete the quest.
  2. Introduction This is a mini-guide to help people get the reputation that is required, to fly in legion maps, the easy way. Original Factions You are required to reach "revered" with: Court of Farondis Highmountain Tribe The Nightfallen The Dreamweavers The Valarjar The Wardens In order to get the reputation. You have to farm world quests. Though, we all get lazy since there are many quests and the terrain in legion is horrible. First of all you need to discover the maps which is part of the pathfinder requirement and in doing so, discover the flight path points, too. That will allow you to reach the world quests easier. You need to do the emissary quests whenever they become available to you. In order to do them, you need to complete 4 world quests in the map they are on. Those emissary quests give you 4500 reputation with the faction on the map. That is where you will get most of the reputation required. The second thing you need to do is check the maps for any blue bubbles (quests). Make those your top priority since most of them give you 750 reputation (as opposed to the red normal quests which give you 225 only). You do not even have to do the normal quests (if you are lazy). Just keep doing the emissaries and blue bubbled quests. New Faction You will also need the Armies of Legionfall reputation for the pathfinder 2 achievement which is also required for flying. Do the emissaries for the legionfall rep always. Also, there are a lot of hidden quests on the legion map if you want to farm the reputation. A lot of the quests in the Broken Shore map (legionfall reputation) give you Legionfall War Supplies. You can use the supplies at the Deliverance Point (south of the Broken Shore map) on the construction table to participate in the construction of three things. Just place any amount in any of those three options. Each 100 supplies grant you an Artifact Power item plus around 450 reputation. You can get revered with the legionfall really fast doing so. Also, if you have a friend who already has flying plus a flying mount, you can ask him to tag along when he is doing the quests. This will go faster.
  3. So, Since Legion has Arrived to our Beloved Firestorm Server Project, I have seen many People struggle to Find thier way to Level 110 With Questing in Azsuna, So i have decided, to make a Guide for People that do not know what to do with these quests, Or where to go. With this in Mind, I will not Implement Side quests, or Profession Quests. !TIP! If you want a easier Searching for a Quest that you dont understand, Use Left Ctrl + F which will bring a Search bar, Then type in the name of the quest you are looking for. !WARNING! Take in Mind, that these quests can Change any time gived, durning the Testing, Or overall State of the Realm, So i will try my best to keep this post up to a date! With that said, Lets get to the the good stuff shall we? Azsuna Azsuna is seperated into 5 Invidual Storylines, Which are necessary for the Achievment Completition : Part One: Behind Legion Lines Part Two: Defending Azurewing Repose Part Three Azsuna vs Azshara Part Four: Againts the Giants Part Five: Mak'rana and the Fate of the Queen's Repsial The starting Quest has to be taken from your Class Oder hall Scouting Map. Tying Up Loose End Take the quest, Head to Dalaran,Krasus Landing, and talk with Khadgar. PART ONE: Behind Legion Lines Down to Azsuna! Stright forward quest, Take the quest, Talk to Khadgar, He will fly with you down to Azsuna, Quest done. Into the Fray Take the quest, Go down the path, Under a tent, Talk to Kayan Sunfury, Quest done. After Handing in this quest, You will be offerd 2 Another quests from Allari Souleather, And Jace Darkweaver. Demon Souls You get a Item , After you kill Demons, Put the Crystal down, It will absorb the souls of the Demons you have killed. If that dosent work, the Quest has been updated, in that case, Use the Item Before the Demon Dies, And then Finish off the Mobs while the Crystal is still up. Reignite the Wards Easiest quest ever. Around the Area, With butt load of Demons, There are 3 Wards, Find them, And click on them. They look like this The Scythe of Souls Simply followe Allari, Once you Accept the quest, She will Escort you to the Location for the quest. Once there, Talk with Allari again, You will see now 3 Green Shards infront of you, Simply do them in this oder - Left one -> Right one -> Middle one. You do not need to Follow the Oder, But its going to make your Gameplay Experience Better, From Within Simply go to Vanquish Point, on the other side of the Broken Bridge, or just follow the Mark on your Map, Hand in quest. !WARNING! Take in Mind, That you need to have a NPC Called Kor'vas, or just (Demon Hunter), following you, If you dont, Go back to the Original Kor'vas back at Vanquish Point, and Talk with her, You need her to turn-in quests. Fel Machinations In "Legion Camp: Chaos" area, Demon Hunters are Imprisoned by the Demons, They are stunned under a Green Shard. Clicking on it, You will free them. Saving Stellagosa Head to the Location "Legion Camp: Ruin" , Walk down the path, and you will See Imprisoned Drake. Walk near it, to complete the first Objective, Once that is done, Walk back the path up, and head Right, Find a Jailer NPC called Lykill. Kill him, and he will drop a Key. Once you Pick it up, Walk back to the Drake, There should be 3 Crystals Nearby her. (YES ITS HER, OMG A FEMALE DRAKE). Use them, and Free her. Once that is done, Hand in the Quest to Kor'vas. Dark Revelations Upon leaving "Legion Camp: Ruin", Head Left the Path, up to Traitor's Overlook. Once there, Walk around untill both Cordana and Nightglaive are Spawned, Once that Happens, Cordana will start talking, and eventually, you will be able to Attack Nightglaive, Once you kill her, Nearby should be Stellagosa, Click on her to return back to the Camp. (Clicking on the Drake is Option, You can walk there by your own.) -> But, Who would do that? LOL. PART TWO: Defending Azurewing Repose Journey to the Repose Once quest is taken, Head to Azurewing Repose. Simply hand in the quest. The Death of the Eldest Behind Senegos, There should be a Giant cave, Head there. Kill some Burrowing Leyworms, untill you get 6x Crackling Leyworm Core. Head back outside the cave, Go near the Pool in which Senegos is Resting, and press the Special Button, that will appear in middle of your Screen. Then Hand in the quest. Agapanthus Nearby, there will be a Young Whelping named Emmigosa with a Next quest. Simple hand in quest. Following the road, NPC Ahapanthus will appear. Hand in the quest. Thier Dying Breaths Behind Agapanthus, There is a Small cave,In which are located Cracked Ley Crystals. Loot 4 of them, and then head back to Agapanthus, Infront of him lier 4 Wounded Whelpwings, Simply click on them to heal them. The one on the Left side, will Die, and Give you an Item Grievously Wounded Whelpling. Once you have done all this. Head back to Senegos to Hand in the quest. At this point, You will be offerd two different Quests: "Those who Remeber" Which leads to another Storyline, Chasing the Tidestone, and Quest "The Last of the Last", which continues Defending Azurewing Repose I will continue from here with the Defending Azurewing Repose Storyline The Last of the Last Head to Azurewing Whelplands, and Hand in the quest. The Consumed Near the Whelpling you picked the quest from should be a Shard. Pick up the item from it, and head Left, following the road across the bridge, and then Left again Upwards the Hill. You will find alot of Mana-Drained Whelplings. Simply click on them, and Revive them. The Witherd Simply slay Witherd Exiles at the same place where the Mana-Drained Whelplings were. Around this area, Stellegosa should have a next quest for you. Runas the Shamed Around the Are where the quests The Witherd and The Consumed are, You will find Stellagosa. Once you take the quest. Head futher following the road, then turn Left, into a Small cave. Inside, You will find Runas. Damage him untill he surenders, and will Follow you. Once that is done. Head back to the Mark on the Map. Runas knows the way Simply mount up, and follow Runas, to the next quest area. The Hunter Returns Head down the road, And Kill Nightfallen Hungerer and Nightfallen Overseers untill you get 4 Charged Mana Jewels Leyline Abuse Around the area. There are located 2 NPCs Simply kill them, and hand the quest in. You Scratch My Back You are required to use A Special spell, that appears in middle of your screen, To Destory 3 Leyline Paylons. Simply use the Spell near those Pylons, Quest complete This quest will take couple of times, Sometimes, The spell does not register for it. The Nightborne Prince In the Area, there is a Tower, Walk up to in, In there, Should be a Nightborne Prince, Which name i am not going to try to type. After you Damage him enough, He runs away. Walk to the Balcony, and Stellagosa should be waiting for you there. Still Alive Simply talk to Stellagosa, She will fly with you back to Senagos. Feasting on the Dragon Simply slay 15 Witherd NPCs around the area. On the Brink Locate 4 different NPCs. and use the Radiant Ley Crystal on them to Heal them Berazus is located on the Right of the Road in the small Cave. Cedonu is located near the Flightpath Point Emmigos is nearby the pool Kharmeera is located nearby the pool Cursed to Wither Head down the road, Stright forward into the giant cave. Behind the Rock in the middle, Is Located Runas. Hand in the quest. Hunger's End Walk out of the cave, And you will see Orbyth. Slay him, and The Nightborne prince will come down, Slay him also, and then Hand in the quest back to Senegos. PART THREE: Azsuna versus Azshara Those who Remember Follow the Objectvie mark on the Map, Untill you run into NPC Called Nightwathcer Idril, hand in the quest. They came from the Sea Kill few nagas around the area, and One Ugly Naga, that drops a Head, loot it, hand in. Simple eh?. Prince Farondis Mount up and Follow Nightwatcher Idri to the next Quest Hub. Our Very Bones Head down to the Beach, near the area, and Slay some Murlocks, untill you have collected all the Bones, then head back and turn in. Trailing the Tidestone Simply follow Prince Farondis, and make sure he dosent die :3 Nar'thalas Still Suffers Follow the road straight, Once you see a Giant balcony, Walk on the stiars upwards, And head into a giant Building, Athissia is Located there. The Walk of Shame Simply escort Prince Farondis once again. DO NOT LEAVE HIM, OR QUEST WILL NOT COUNT, THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE IT AGAIN! Into the Academy Walk inside the Academy, Jump to the Lower level, Hand the quest in. Hit the Books Head back upstairs, where you came from, Around this area, 3 Ancient Books should be floating around, Slay them. Or maybe you can read them? If you are the chosen one. Or Brave enough to do so. Careful! They bite. Dressing with Class Collect some Items around the area. To Dress your self as one of the students. Locations can be found below. The Haunted Halls Turn left, Open the door and head downstairs. Wanding 101 Simply slay the Training Dummies. Simple as that! No magic Involved. AND STOP WANDING ME FOR GOD SAKE. Study Hall: Combat Research Pick up the Books one by one in this oder, and invidualy put them on the table next to the Quest Giver. Encyclopedia Azsunica Courtship Rituals of the Skrog Draconic Compendium Volume III Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing Not working! *SADFACE* The Headmistress' Keys A Magical Barrier nearby will come down once you accept the quest. Head in there, Talk with Elya Azuremoon, and teach her something new! Once that is done. Head back upstairs and talk with Thyrillion. The Tidestone: Shatterd Turn right, and open the door, Walk downstairs, and Collect Tidestone shards around the area, then hand in the quest to Tidestone Core located in the same room. Once you hand in, Athissa will freeze you and teleport you. After that, Prince Farondis will come to To Rescue you. and give you the next quest Save yourself !WARNING! Sometimes, You wont be able to grab the next quest. Just move around a bit, He should appear again. Once you manage to get hold of the quest, Talk with Prince Farondis again. Once you spawn as Prince Farondis, Walk to the Academy, Untill this Script happens. Follow the naga to the next point, Damage Athissia, Untill she dissapears, And then Follow the Mark on the Map. Once you get to the cave, Stay there for a bit untill Azshara will appear, You must stay untill the end for the Objective to complete. Once that happens,Head in the cave and Turn iin the quest! The Head of the Snake Head outside the cave,and turn Right. Walk to the next Objective point on the Map, Nearby will be Athissia, THis time. Kill her. Once that is down, Walk down the stairs and Hand in the quest! Congratz! You are nearly there. Just two short Storylines to go! Dont give up! PART FOUR: Againts the Giants Bottled Up Remember killing those Poor (Not really) Murlocks? To get the Night elf Bones from them? Well, They drop a Quest item Which will lead you to another Amazing Adventure in Azsuna! Once you Get this item, Right click on it, and accept it. Then return to in the Building where you met Prince Farondis for the first time. Infiltrating Shipwrecked Arena Follow the Mark on the Map to complete the quest. Boss Whalebelly's in Charge Follow the Wall to the right, Untill you see Boss Whalebelly. Talk to him, No harm done by talking to strangers, right?. No Time for Tryouts Ooker Dooker is located in this small cave. Not the big one Behind Okuna! Let Sleeping Giants Lie Behind the Sleeping Giants as show on the screenshot, Is a chest. Go and Loot it, But be careful! Try to not wake the Giant up!. Sternfathom's Chamption See the Shipwrecked Ship in the Distance? Thats where you next Questgiver is. Morale Booster Head back to Okuna, And behind him is a Giant cave, Enter it and inside you will find Ooka Dooker. Talk with her, and then hand in the quest. Round 1, Fight! Talk with Sternfathom and let him throw you into the arena, Once that is done, Wait a little untill Bilgerudder throw you an Worthy Oponent. Kill all 3 NPCs that will dare to Oppose you!. Once that is done, Head Behind the Ship, where a cave is located, Head in there an Find a bag lying around. The Right Weapon for the Job Use the Item nearby Shipwrecked Captives to arm them. Then head into a Cave like this. Once there, Find Okuna in a Cage on the Left of the Entrance. !WARNING! Do not click on the Cage yet, You will break the quest. The Prince is Going Down Upon accpeting the quest, Click on the cage to free Okuna, then wait untill he comes out, and then attack Once he is dead, Head downhill from the cave, Okuna will be wiating there. PART FIVE: Mak'rana and the Fate of the Queen's Repsial Making the World Safe for Profit Head to the Quest objective area, Slay some Mutated Goblins and crabs. Once you done that, you will have to find a underwater cave entrance. Once inside, you will find a Demon Jailer and A Queen Crab. Attack the Demon, Untill he Bubbles him self. them Kill the crab, and finish off the demon once he drops his Bubble. Martime Law Head twoards the Quest Objective on the map. The Captain's Foot Locker Inside the ship, Just behind the quest Taker. Head to the lowest part of the ship. and you will find a chest inside. Hand in the quest. and take the next one. Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Use your and head to Either Windrunner's Sanctuary (Horde) or Greyfang Enclave (Alliance). Hand in the quests and you are done! Congratulations! You have earned your self a Achievment, Which means you have done all the Main Storyline quests in Azsuna! But that does not mean that your jurney is over! There are still plenty of Sidequests to do! Hoped you had fun, And see you soon. In the Battles ahead.
  4. So, you have decided to start legion and finally reached level 110. Though, you are new to legion and have no idea what to do. This guide is for you. First of all, you should begin by moving to Dalaran (new Dalaran). After that, find the golem NPC that will give you the artifact weapons. It is right next to Jeanne the NPC that gives you loyalty points each day (in front of the horde bank). When you talk to the NPC select all options, to take all weapons. Keep in mind that this is a temporary NPC, that will be removed as soon as they script the quests for the artifact weapons. There are a lot of changes in legion that you need to know about. Though, let us start with the most important aspects of legion, which are your artifact weapon(s) and class hall. A. Know Your Artifact Weapon This is a new legion concept. They give you a weapon that you will level in a way to unlock its maximum potential. For each of your specs, there is a specific weapon. Look at the specs on the weapons, you took from golem, by scrolling over them. Equip the one with the spec you chose. Keep in mind that if you keep all weapons in your bags and switch to another spec, the artifact weapon, for the other spec, gets equipped automatically. So, its a good practice to keep all the weapons in your bags. There are four main things you need to know about your artifact weapon(s). The weapons have Artifact Knowledge, Artifact Power, Artifact Traits, and lastly Artifact Relics. You use Artifact Power items to charge (or level) your weapon(s). You will notice a new bar above your action bars like a new experience bar when you equip your artifact weapon. When you use an Artifact Power item to charge your weapon, that bar shows the increase in Artifact Power. When you reach the end of that bar, you level and unlock one trait. After you unlock a trait, it tells you that you have unlocked a trait on your screen. Open your character menu (gear menu) then shift right-click the artifact weapon. You will notice circles on your artifact weapon screen to the middle. Those are the traits. You should see one to two circles, if you just used your first Artifact Power (also referred to as AP). If you click the first circle you will use your AP that you gained by charging the weapon with the talent. The talent will consume the charged AP. I will not go in detail on AP since I am going to write a guide later (when I can) about Artifact Talents for every class. Now, let us talk about the Artifact Knowledge. The Artifact Knowledge or AK, is a modifier that allows you to increase the AP you can get from the same AP item. You get 100 AP on start. The more AK levels you add, the more AP you will receive. You can reach a maximum of 25 AK which will allow you to get 100k AP per AP item instead of just 100. Though, that will take some time. More on this later. Keep in mind that the Artifact Knowledge is shared between all your weapons while the Artifact Power is not. You will be able to see your current AK level by shift right-clicking your weapon then hovering over the small circle within the larger circle to the top left. The Artifact Relics are actually items that you can acquire and equip into your weapon. Shift right-click your weapon and you will notice three circles to the top, one of them is unlocked. Those are your relics. Those relic items add bonuses to your artifact weapon. You should have some in your bags if you have leveled your char 100-110. You can equip the relics by dragging them then dropping them on their associated slot. Each slot supports a relic type like Fire Relics, Iron Relics, Storm Relics, and so on. B. Know Your Class Hall Legion introduced a new place for classes. For each class in the game (druid, paladin, etc.) there is a spot that is called the class hall. In order to find your class hall location, just check this guide or expand the spoiler for an image (just in case they remove the guide). Now move to your class hall. I want you to explore your class hall. Talk to all NPC and click all objects. You will find five main things that are important to you. Let me list them: The Gear NPC, this NPC will allow you to buy some ilevel 810 gear for your char. There are items that you cannot purchase, though. Those are the ones that require the exalted rep. The Artifact Research NPC, will allow you to create items that will upgrade your artifact weapon's Artifact Knowledge. The same NPC will offer you three options. The first option is the quest. Take this quest. This quest will allow you to get the "Artifact Research Synopsis" item that will allow you to upgrade your weapon to AK level 15 skipping 15 levels. After using the item, you will notice two more options. One option will allow you to do a research using "Order Resources" which is a currency new to legion. More on this currency later. You will need 500 Order Resources per artifact research item. You can do two researches instead of one but you will need 1000 Order Resources. Keep in mind that each research takes 4 days. Yes, yes, it is a lengthy journey to AK level 25. Though, you should be thankful you are starting at level 15 unlike the rest of us who started at the very beginning. The third option allows you to purchase items that you can send to your alts on the same account to upgrade their AK level. Though, the item you buy is reduced by 5. So, at AK level 15 you can buy AK 10 items. At 20, you will buy AK15 items. At 25, you will buy 20 items. I suggest you level one char AK then buy the 20 AK items to upgrade your alts. Each of those items are 1000 Order Resources each. If you must play more than one char at the same time, do the Synopsis quest on all the chars starting them at AK level 15. After 4 days, you will notice a pile object next to this NPC. Click it to receive the Artifact Research item. Then use it. The Missions Board Object, after browsing your class hall you will find many quests. Some of those quests give you followers. When you get all the followers in your class hall, move to the board and click it. You will be able to do multiple tasks like missions. You can also do "Scout" to discover quests on maps that you did not discover before. You will also be able to do the mission required for Order Advancement unlocking. The Order Advancement NPC, after unlocking the mission for order advancement, one of the NPCs will now allow you to do Order Advancement. It is a menu with tiers of two options. This Order Advancement option will allow you to eventually unlock a second legendary slot which is very important for your char. More on legendaries later. The Class Hall Chest Object, you cannot miss this one. It is a large chest available on your class hall. Though, you will not be using this at the moment. You will need it later. This chest is unlocked on a weekly basis. In legion there is a new dungeon mode which is called Mythic+. Those are Mythic dungeons with a time limit. Later, when you got gear, you can do those. If you do one Mythic+ (also called MM+) the weekly chest gets unlocked and you are able to receive one item per week from that chest. You will be able to open the chest between Tuesday to Wednesday, depending on your time. That is it for your class hall. C. Do The Real Work Ok, so how do I upgrade my gear now that I am legion savvy? There are many options. Let me list them for you. Do World Quests. After reaching level 110, go to Dalaran. Then, press M and zoom out. You will notice bubbles on the broken isle maps. Those bubbles are the world quests. Each world quest gives you an item or currency. One quest can give you a gear item, another can give you an AP item to charge your weapon. One quest can give you Order Resources (which is needed for Artifact Research and Order Advancement as mentioned earlier), while another can give you Blood of Sargeras which is an item that you can use for professions or exchange for Order Resources items using the blood vendor near the Blacksmithing place in Dalaran. You need to do those quests every day. To farm gear, AP, and resources. You will notice that all gear quests will give you an item that is 810+, for example. The + part means that it can give you an 810 item or 820, maybe more. Also, keep in mind that the higher your ilevel is, the higher the gear you will be able to acquire. In other words, it scales with your ilevel. For example, at ilevel 840 you will get 840+ items for example. Your main objective as a fresh char, is to reach ilevel 840. Keep in mind that the pink or purple bubbles are world bosses and you need a group for them. Those world bosses quests give you a chance to receive 860 items if you are lucky. Do Emissary Quests. If you open the maps for the world quests you will notice three bubbles to the bottom left that are marked emissary quests. You get one emissary quest per 1-2 days. If you do not do the quest, it gets transferred to the next day until you reach the max of 3 emissary quests. Some world quests will give you credit for those emissary quests. Just click the bubble for the emissary quest of choice and it will give you a yellow glow under the bubbles of world quests that you should do (if you do not want to do them all). You need 4 yellow glowing bubbles for each of the emissary quests. After you do all 4 quests you will see a ? quest delivery icon on your map. Follow it and deliver the quest, to receive an AP item plus a box that contains gear and some other items. Do Legion Random Dungeon Finder Normal Mode. You will be able to learn the tactics in a safe environment this way. Also, you might get some items from those dungeons. Keep in mind that there are jerks in those dungeons that might vote kick you because you are low. Get used to it. Farm Gold. If you want to save time getting gear, you should farm gold. If you are a smart follow who is AH savvy. You should get some professions and start selling stuff. Why? It is because you can buy 840 gear items for your char from AH / people. Those items will cost you 6-10k each, though. There are even higher ilevel items but you cannot afford those at the moment. Do Mythic Mode Normal. After reaching ilevel 840. Go ahead and join Mythic Normal dungeon groups. Those dungeons are great if you want to gear yourself or alts since they drop ilevel840+ gear items (based on your luck). You can even sell those on AH since some of them are BoE. Keep in mind that those dungeons will give you a key called Mythic Keystone that you can use to do a specific MM+. D. Legendary? What Is That? After joining world chat you will see people talking about legendaries over and over. Those are ilevel 910 items that you can get randomly doing all sorts of stuff. They are very very rare so be patient and do not give up on them. So, what do I do to get a legendary you ask? Do Battlegrounds. This is the highest chance for getting legendaries. You get them from the boxes you get when you win (I am told). People reported getting lots of legendaries doing BGs. Do Arenas. You can do arenas for a chance, too. Do Dungeons. So, you do not like to PvP and want to stick to PvE? No problem. You will have a lower chance at getting legendaries from PvE but you will eventually get them. You have a good shot at getting them by doing Mythics normal and plus (in the future). You can even get one from the Class Hall chest when you start doing MM+ Do Emissary Quests. Yes, the boxes from those quests have a chance, too Keep in mind that you can only equip one legendary on start. Though, after finishing your Order Advancement and spending around 25k of Order Resources plus waiting a month for the cooldowns, you will be able to equip another one. If you want to progress your Order Advancement fast, start by farming the Blood of Sargeras quests. You can even do them on your alts and buy the Order Resources items from the blood vendor in Dalaran, as mentioned, then mail those OR item to your main (since its BoA=Bound on Account). This guide is a work in progress and I have not finished it, yet. Though, this should be enough to get your started.
  5. Flask Of Appearances (And Xmas Boxes) So, this is a mini guide on how to find and use the cosmetics that you acquire from stuff like the xmas boxes (currently available for a limited time). Those cosemetics are visuals to your characters. It is more like transformations that turn you into a gnome, goblin, etc. When you acquire the xmas box, open it. You will receive the item called Flask Of Appearances. This is the icon of the item in your bags. Right click the item and a menu will appear. Click Appearances to see your new visual(s). Click on the Visual to transform your character. When you are done with the visual, simply go to the main menu and click Disable. I personally think the xmas boxes are a bit overpriced for this. Though, according to a staff member, they contain other stuff. I guess the rate is very low for those, though. Here are some examples of the transformations: Notes: 1. Do not buy the Flask of Appearances from Auction House. You will get it for free. 2. If you cannot right click the item, close the WoW client completely and delete the Cache folder, then try again (Thanks, Bestial)
  6. So, here is a guide on how to fix the 114 Error that the players are getting on the WoD realm, recently. This error means there is a problem relating to the auth server. It either means that the auth server itself is having issues or that you are missing some files (or something happened to those files) that are needed for the auth server. This guide focuses on the second issue which is the case, currently. If you are having this issue that means something happened to your bnet auth files or that you just downloaded the torrent only without using the launcher. Here is how you fix this. It is really simple. Download and use the latest version of the launcher and launch it, then login using your details. When you go into the main screen, close the launcher. That is it. You do not need the launcher, anymore. You can launch using wow exe files. Why does this work? It is because the launcher downloads the required bnet auth files. If something happens to your bnet auth files, the launcher grabs them for you. Still cannot connect? Do the following: Go to this folder: C:\Users\All Users Find the folder named Blizzard Entertainment within the above folder. Delete the Blizzard Entertainment folder. Launch the Firestorm Launcher and log in with your details. Wait until you see the main screen, then quit the launcher (if you want) You can now log in without issues. You can backup this Blizzard Entertainment folder in case something happens to it in the future, so you can restore it without using the launcher. I do not know what happened to my bnet auth files, personally. Though, I assume they have changed in some way. Maybe, updated??? Who knows. Anyway, using this solution I was able to log back into the game. If any moderator want to merge this guide into the main connection guide, feel free to do it. P.S. If anyone is still having issues even after using my guide. Please let me know here. Though, please do not skip any of the steps.
  7. How to do 400k on single target dummy with 857 ilvl and no legendary? Why frost? 1. Do not depend on legendaries 2. For single target frost > arcane > fire, multi-target frost is not so bad with talent `Splitting Ice` 3. Due to some firestorm bug, `glacial spike` damage is almost doubled compare to retail server, you can easily do 2M+ damage with single hit. (as of Oct 2017) Talent 2133232 At level 45, `Rune of Power` can potentially do more damage but I never able to do the perfect rotation, probably because of the firestorm lag (200ms for me). At level 60, since I only do mythic+ I use `Splitting Ice`, `Frozen Touch` can potentially do more damage on single target, however I can never notice the difference on the number of proc with dummy. At level 90, free to choose, `Unstable Magic` do more on single target. At level 100, `Thermal Void` is the best on retail, however on firestorm `Glacial Spike` is bugged due to some unknown bug (probably double dipping) and the crit damage is insane(2M+ at 850 ilvl). The non crit damage is about 1/4 of the crit damage which clearly indicates there is a bug here. And with the help of another bug(Flurry, introduce later), you can make `Glacial Spike` crit 100% of the time. Bugs List the known bugs I found: 1. Brain Freeze `Flurry` increases crit chance at cast instead of hit This bug increases the crit chance of the first hit of `Flurry`, on retail it only effects the last 2 hits. 2. `Glacial Spike` can be effected by `Flurry` with Brain Freeze. On retail you cannot make `Glacial Spike` 100%, but on firestorm you can, this is huge, this means your mastery(icicle) not only can crit, but actually 100% crit. 3. `Thermal Void` do not extends the time of the 20% ice damage buff. `Thermal Void` is useless compare to `Glacial Spike` Rotation One of the basic of frost mage DPS is 1+1+1, which is: When you have `Brain Freeze`, cast `Frost Bolt`(or ebonbolt), followed by `Flurry`(with Brain Freeze), then `Ice Lance`. 1+1+1 gives you `Brain Freeze` buff to all 3 spells which is the foundation of frost mage. This is how the rotation looks like: 1. pre-cast Ebon bolt or Frost Bolt 2. use frozen orb 3. use `icy veins` and `Time Warp` 4. cast frost bolt 1+1+1 5. Cast `Ice Lance` if `Chain Reaction` is bigger than 2 (I do not have exact data here, according to my calculation `Ice Lance` with 0 `Chain Reaction` is not worthy to cast) 6. Cast Ebon bolt if `Glacial Spike` is ready but no `Brain Freeze` (very important, don't cast it on CD) 7. cast frost bolt until `Glacial Spike` and `Brain Freeze` is available 8. If `Glacial Spike` is available but no `Brain Freeze`, cast `Ice Lance` with `Frost Finger` 9. Cast `Glacial Spike` 1 + 1 + 1 NOTE: if your target is not a boss, it will get freeze by `Glacial Spike` for 3 seconds, then you should not use 1+1+1 because you can add a `Frost Bolt` after `Flurry` followed by `Ice Lance`. Casting this way will give a free 100% `Frost Bolt`. And with maximum haste (`Icy Veins` + `Time Warp`) you can actually cast 2 `Frost Bolt` with in this 3 seconds and then followed by `Ice Lance`, makes the rotation 1(Glacial Spike) + 1(Flurry) + 1 or 2(Frost Bolt) + 1(Icy Lance) MOST IMPORTANT: NEVER CAST `Glacial Spike` WITHOUT `Brain Freeze` Stat Stats is really really hard to measure. Since firestorm have its own rules I cannot run it through SIMC. One major difference is that crit do not max at 33.3%(retail) but something between 25% and 26%. I tested with 16% crit on a raid boss dummy, got 81.7% actual crit with `Brain Freeze` and `Frost Finger`, Then I add my crit to 20%, and got 90%, then24% => 98% actual crit. And I can never get a non-crit with 26%. It looks like in firestorm the formula is not x*1.5 +50% but x*2 + 50%. So don't have crit over 25%! The stats after 25% crit is very hard to value without the exact math model, and I cannot calculate if `Glacial Spike` is really double dipping versatility here due to the randomness of `Black Ice`. A perfect test would be from a mage without `Black Ice`, I only have this one mage and do not want to re level or forget my traits. Haste VS Mastery VS Versatility is a myth that I cannot solve, so I always go with the item highest ilvl after 25% crit. So: 25% Crit >> Haste ~= Mastery ~= Versatility Relic From retails experience `Icy Caress`(+3% frost bolt damage) is the best, followed by `Clarity of Thought`(+2% Brain Freeze). Gems and enchants Haste and Versatility gem is the cheapest, I prefer Versatility since it can also reduce your damage taken. Enchants use `Hidden Satyr` for neck, rest use to adjust your 25% crit. Summary Frost Mage is so OP that don't feel bad if you got owned by one (same for Fury Warrior). For more info visit, not going to apply to firestorm but could be in the future.
  8. So, you want a specific elite? You have been looking for it and cannot find it? This guide is for you. I will show you the exact spawn spots so you can go there and just wait for them to spawn. I will focus on the elites that drop mounts and add more elites in the future. Alani It drops http://www.wowhead.c...y-cloud-serpent. The spawn time is 4h. Open the Vale of Eternal Blossoms map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: Alani is tricky. You would have to stand on the sword there to be able to pull it down and dps it. When you pull it down, just stand there and dps. Do not move at all. If you fall, it resets. Huolon It drops http://www.wowhead.c...x-cloud-serpent. The spawn time is 10m. Open the Timeless Isle map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: Note that there are plenty of mobs and an elite with high HP that you need to kill before pulling Huolon, or you die fast. Aeonaxx It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ent-stone-drake. The spawn time is 5h. Open the Deepholm map and head to the spot marked by the blue square (exact coords 44.9, 49): Note that Aeonaxx stands on the highest rock at that location in the sky. It does not move and just stands there on the rock. Fly up into the sky until you find the highest and largest rock that does not have any rock above it. Dormus the Camel-Hoarder It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ey-riding-camel(the only Camel currently acquirable) and also gives you the Camel-Hoarder title. The spawn time is 2h. Open the Feralas map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: This elite is quite tricky. It is bugged. So, the boss will show as dead always even when it is alive. How do you know if its alive? Simply, see if its standing or laying on its back. If it is standing then its alive. The loot on this boss is bugged. So, here is how you will deal with it. Before pulling the boss head to its left and keep moving on the shore until you find the only crab mob there. After that move Dormus near the mob. You will not be able to go all the way (mostly). Though, you can meet it half way. Kill Dormus then move to the crab mob and taunt it. I repeat taunt it with any of your spells that do not do damage. Keep running until the crab becomes near Dormus for AoE loot. Kill it then loot it. You will be able to loot the mount from Dormus now. Make sure you read this segment more than one time before you start. Poseidus It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ins-of-poseidus, the most wanted mount ingame. Few people know the spot for this elite and since it is BoE. People camp it always. It took me a while to find the spot since it is in a custom location (cannot be found on wowhead or other official databases). The spawn time is 24h. Open the Abyssal Depths map and head to the spot marked by the blue square (the exacts coords are 41.9, 75.8). When you go there you will find those elites named Devious Great-Eel near you with 223k HP. That is how you know you are in the right spot if you are not using a coords addon. Here is a photo to show you the exact spot where it stands: Like I said earlier, this is the most camped elite there is. Zandalari Warbringer It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ordial-direhorn. Spawn time from 5-10m. You can find the elites at the spots provided by this link: http://www.wowhead.c...lari-warbringer Note that the elites have high HP so you probably cannot solo this unless you are kiting which is not easy and takes a long time for you to kill the elite. Kael'thas Sunstrider It drops the http://www.wowhead.c...8/ashes-of-alar. You can find this boss inside the Tempest Keep raid. Though, there is an issue with it like the Dormus boss. The boss goes into the sky and it does not come down. So, go ahead and kill it when it is in air. After that, run as fast as you can to the nearest mob then taunt it. Do not kill it. Just aggro it and run back to the boss. Then, stand on the boss and kill the mob and loot the mob to see if the mount dropped or not. Notes: 1. The spawn times provided has 1-15m margin. So, add 1-15m to them. 2. If you see someone camping a spot for an elite especially the ones that drop items that can be farmed, just stand with them. They might know the exact time it will spawn. 3. The spawn locations I provided are the exact spawn locations and there are no alternatives to them. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I have tested every single one of them. 4. Use the SimpleCoords v2.1 addon for coords provided. It is the best coords addon out there: http://www.wowinterf...=7816&aid=80881 I will be updating the guide adding new elites in the future and hence the unique items in the title. If you like the guide let me know.
  9. This guide helps you in creating your own multiplayer mount, the Sandstone Drake even if you don't have any gold. It is primarily targeted at new players and those who don't have 140k-200k gold in their coin purse to buy the mount on the auction house. This mount carries one passenger seat on its back, although it is not a true multiseat mount: you, the owner is itself transformed into a Dragon! Find out how you can acquire this gorgeous mount to have fun with your friends. Start with a very helpful video with maps: Vial of the Sands Materials Farming Guide Also, Icy Veins has written a super-detailed guide on farming the materials: Gold Making: The Vial of the Sands And there is the wowhead recipe listing: Vial of the Sands Though this guide is not concerned about farming the recipe itself, there is a good video for it: Fastest Way to Farm the Vial of the Sands Recipe! To summarize, you need: 36x Pyrium Bar - this will be the most difficult/expensive to get: bought from auction costs 36k on 2017-07-24, it is made from: 12x Elementium Bar (100-200 gold on auction) + 12x Volatile Earth (Transmuted ONE PER DAY with Alchemy 520 -> 12 days - if you have Alchemy, this is the cheap solution, all the mats cost only 2k on auction. Ideally you will have a Transmutation Master for Truegold) OR 72x Pyrite Ore (Mining 525 to Smelt, from Uldum and Twilight Highlands) 120x Volatile Fire ("fished" in Mount Hyjal or Twilight Highlands and 14% drop from Brimstone Destroyer , Flame Terror in Hyjal, or Enslaved Inferno in Twilight Highlands ) 120x Volatile Water (13% drop from Muddied Water Elemental or 14% from Enslaved Waterspout in Twilight Highlands -- Remember to run with a Potion of Luck when you are farming those Water elementals) 120x Volatile Air (28-36% drop in dungeon The Vortex Pinnacle in south-east Uldum) 128x Volatile Life (Herbalism 1 from Whiptail, some from Azshara's Veil and Cinderbloom) 128x Whiptail (Herbalism 1 in Uldum and Tol Barad) 64x Azshara's Veil (Herbalism 1 in Vashj'ir and Tol Barad Peninsula) 64x Cinderbloom (Herbalism 1 in Deepholm , Twilight Highlands and Mount Hyjal or 46% drop by Fiery Minion in Hyjal ) (Ideally you will have an Elixir Master for both sets of the flasks) 8x Albino Cavefish (26% loot, fished in Deepholm ) Vendor items from Yasmin in Uldum: 1x Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial for 5000g 8x Sands of Time for 8x3000g = 24k 16x Crystal Vial for pennies from any Alchemy / Trade Supplies npc For those, who want to use the mount to occasionally give free rides to low level characters or beginners: I will buy the vendor items for you in exchange of some extra materials, and hook you up with an Alchemist to cook you the Vial of the Sands. To help you with exchanging materials, contact me on the forum or ingame: Dallaryen on Sylvanas (Legion) Yours kindly, Dallaryen
  10. Hello everybody. I just transfer my character from pandaria to legion, I have complete all the necessary quests from draenor and now i am at level 100. Great!!! but i have a problem, my equipment is not stronger enough to go to broken isles. Mobs there kills me in 2 or maybe 3 hits!!! I asked in general chat/english and i search for a solution in this forum (I only found a guide to start in legion but they assumed that you have the necessary equipment to go on), i tried to use the dungeon finder but I do not find a dungeon, because no one want to do a draenor dungeon so i am stuck and is very frustrating. Also i noticed that im not the only one with this problem. Could someone help me? and other people like me with this topic Thank you.
  11. Greetings all, so I have not written a guide in a while, now. I recently came back to Firestorm after I stopped playing for long time. This guide will focus on frequently asked questions that are asked between now and then. I hope I get edit permission on this thread, because this guide will be work in progress. So, let us start. 1. I cannot trade or send items gold to anyone even between my characters. What do I do? You probably got the legion torrent. So, you need to delete some files off it, to be able to trade or send items items. Here is what you need to do Quit your World of Warcraft legion client, and make sure it is closed. Go to your World of Warcraft Legion folder. Browse to the Interface folder. Delete everything that is inside the Interface folder with the exception of two folders named Addons and FrameXML. Read carefully. You need to keep both Addons and FrameXML folders. Go inside the FrameXML folder and delete everything, and keep only the two files named HelpFrame.lua and HelpFrame.xml. That is it. Start the game and enjoy. 2. I have downloaded the game from the torrent and every time I start the game, it says CAS Error. What to do? You need to do the following Go to your World of Warcraft folder and right click it. Uncheck the Read Only option then confirm. Start the game and enjoy. 3. My legion client does not keep the settings that I have selected after quitting the game. I do not have any sound ingame. What do? Apply the settings you want ingame. Quit your WoW client completely. Browse to your World of Warcraft folder. Browse to the WTF. Copy the file. Go back to the World of Warcraft main folder and paste the file there overwriting the file there, if there is one there already. Start the client and enjoy. Keep in mind that each time you change the settings, you need to repeat those steps all over again. 4. Legion has slow loading screens. Please no more. Browse to your World of Warcraft folder and find the file. Open the file using notepad. Scroll to the last line. Move to the last letter of the last line and hit enter. Add the following line and then save the file and start the game and enjoy. SET worldPreloadNonCritical "0" 5. I no longer see the NPCs in Dalaran. Help me, please. Press L to open your quests log. Find the quest you just took that is marked Suramar. Drop that quest. Enjoy. 6. I cannot get credit for this world quest, Please halp me. First of all, log out and back in. That fixes most of the issues with world quests. If that does not help, go to your quest log by pressing L, then drop the quests you do not need especially the battleground quests. If that does not help, keep an eye on the quest displayed on the tracking. There is one boss that spawns in one spot but the quest does not give you credit unless you move the boss to another spot. If you keep an eye on the tracking, you will see that the quest becomes activated when you move the boss to a different area. if that does not help, you need to YouTube the quest and watch how it is done. There are some bosses that require you to click an NPC nearby to activate them. 7. I have a profession quest and it is not working for me. Though, I see that people who got the reward spell associated with it. How? Are they hackers? There are some quests that require you to kill bosses or mobs for some item(s). The drop rate for those quest items are pretty low. So, you need to keep killing those mobs over and over until the item drops for you. If that is not it, you should know that there are mobs and dungeon bosses that drop recipes with higher ranks. Feel free to kill mobs while doing world quests and do dungeons. If that does not help, then ask on world 8. How do I unlock my third relic on my artifact weapon. You need 25 traits to unlock the third relic. If you still did not unlock by 25 traits, simply log out and back it. That solves it. 9. I cannot do the "Save Yourself" quest at all. Is my NPC possessed or something? I have written a mini guide on how to do that quest with the current combat bug. Find the guide on this same section. Follow the steps. Enjoy. 10. How do unlock my Tier 3 garrison. The tier 3 garrison is currently disabled because it is not scripted. People copying their characters from WoD would notice they got tier 3 garrison, though its actually empty with nothing to do. If you are copying a character from WoD make sure it is at tier 2. 11. I just reached level 110. How do I get gear now. Go to your class hall. If you do not know what that is, google *yourclass* class hall. Then, find out how to reach it. After going to your class hall, explore it until you find the NPC that sells gear. Buy the gear from there and start doing world quests. 12. I do not have much gold. Where do I farm gold please. There are some old raids that you can use to farm gold. You can go to Heart of Fear 10 and kill all trash mobs and loot them then sell the gear and items that drop from there. You can go to Firelands raid and do the same. Make sure you do not kill any bosses or you will be saved. After reaching the first boss, simply go out reset and redo the raid, killing trash over and over. 13. I want to make gold but I do not want to just farm trash. I want moar gold. What do? Get some gathering professions and start farming stuff then sell it on the auction house. Get some crafting professions and make stuff and sell it on auction house. Farm low level dungeons and find some cool looking gear items and sell them at a high price at auction house 14. Halp me please, Some people are whispering me with "gold please" and gold scams. What do I do? Sometimes ignoring those people would help. Though, we all know that they can create other characters and start all over again. The only way I know to combat those "gold plis" and "gold sell" people is by a means of an addon.This addon is called BadBoy, Get the main addon from here: Get this extra addon from here: Quit your WoW client completely. Install both of the addons into your World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns folder. Start the client and log in. Type this command at your chat: /badboy Hit enter and you will see the addon menu popping up. Feel free to modify the levels of which the people are allowed to whisper you. You can specify the levels for all classes, demon hunters, and death knights. I have personally put 100 on all three. I no longer get any gold spam at all since those gold beggars are mostly under level 100. Whenever they whisper you, they receive a message that they must be at level x to be able to whisper you. Enjoy. 15. I cannot ress my corpse. What do I do. I have tried everything. You can use the website to unstuck yourself. You can try using the .st command ingame, too. Sometimes traveling to the next map allows you to use the healer there to ress with sickness, too. 16. This spell is not available to you. How do I fix that. A simple relog fixes that. This happens when you switch to another spec. 17. Sometimes when I switch to a different spec I lose my actionbar setup or some of the actions. Why? WHY? Fear no more. You do not have to worry about this issue anymore. Get this WoW addon named ProfilesActionBars: Install the addon check your new minimap icon. Use it to save the actionbars for the spec. Go to the second spec and save the actionbars again for that spec. Whenever you lose some actions simply use the addon to restore the actionbar setup. Well done. 18. An addon X is not working for me. What do I do? You need to get the version that supports our current client which is currenlty 7.1.5. Sometimes even the 7.2 addons work, though start with 7.1.5. On Curse you can click the "Other Files" tab to find old versions. 19. I have a problem X that I cannot solve. What to do. Log out and back in. If that does not help, quit the client completely then go to your WoW folder and delete the Cache folder in there. Then start the WoW client. If that does not help, make a ticket to ask a game master for help. 20. How can I level crafting professions fast? There is an NPC in Ashran for every crafting profession that sells a WoD book for 100g. Buy the book from that NPC and learn it. Start leveling your profession with WoD mats at 10+ 5+ 3+. 21. I cannot loot the chest in this dungeon. Why? Most of the time this happens when you are in combat. Go pull some mobs and die. Have someone ress you. Open the chest(s). Well done. More questions coming later.
  12. Greetings Firestorm Community, Ingame I had some issus with players, because they don't know how to get Loyalty Points and Firestorm Points. I want to make a little Guide because of that. I hope i can help you guys with it. The golden points are the Firestorm Points and the silver points are Loyalty Points. You can get this from Jeanne she is standing in the Citys. You need to speak with her and in the chat you will see how many points you got. Here you can see your Points. As i said golden points are the points you need to buy and the silver points you can get ingame. I marked for you in blue where you need to click to buy the Firestorm Points. If you want to buy some points you can Chose how you want to pay and how many points do you want. If you want to spen now the Points on the shop and don't know where the shop is look at the top on the Website you will see something with the name "Shop". If you have click on it you need to chose now the Expansion. Make sure its the Expansion where you play active. You get instandly to the shop from the Expansion server you wanted. But if you play on WoD you need to chose on which Server you want to buy something "Gul'dan" or "Tournament". Now you are in the shop and can chose what do you want to buy on the character or if you want to buy/sell an new character. I hope i have help with it! Kind regards, Class Master Tavari
  13. guys i have (official wow client) 7.1 version, i can play with that client on this serveR? thx for atention
  14. So, you just hit level 90 and you want to gear up fast. This guide is for you. First of all, see if you can spare 5k gold. If you can, buy the Conteders set. The Contenders set is a gear set that is equal to 8 items that you can use while gearing up. You can get the whole set for 5k gold. Depending on your armor type you get the set for you. Mail contenders for mail, plate for plate and so on. Just write this in world then wait: WTB Conteders set 5k - armorstype < replace armortype with plate,mail,leather, or cloth. After that you need go and try to find a weapon. You can get the Bind on Account weapons from Pandaria maps depending on the class/spec you are using. Here is a list of BoA weapons: http://www.wowhead.c...d-found-preview Scroll down to BoA Weapon Models and check the weapons out. Click the object to the bottom of each weapon page and find it on the map then head there. If you cannot find it, it is probably cause someone looted it before you. So, try at different times. As for hunters there is a weapon that drops for you from one of the elites on Jade Forest. Try finding the elite and kill it. If you cannot find a weapon, do not worry you will eventually get one from world drop. If you cannot wait try finding one in AH. You can get a nice ring without doing any effort at all by autocompleting this quest: Shadow of the Empire The above link will show you where the quest giver resides (Dread Wastes map). After that, you will begin your Justice Points farm journey. Before you start, make sure you are on a level 25 guild to get the JP bonus. After that continue to queue in the Dungeon Finder for Gate of the Setting Sun. When you join the dungeon you do just the first boss and get around 100 Justice Points. After you kill the boss you leave then queue again and repeat. I will share some useful macros that will help you queue, accept and leave fast. They will be available to the bottom of this topic. One thing you need to focus on is spending your points before hitting the Justice Points cap which is 4k. In order to monitor your Justice Points you can simply press C then go to your Currency tab then click the currency and show on bag. After that you can just open your bags and see the JP count. After you get enough JP you can go ahead and visit the Commander Oxheart npc at Nizao Temple (Townlong Steppes map west of Pandaria): Commander Oxheart You want to get all ilvl489 items with the exception of 4 items which are back, neck, feet, and waist (will get to that later). Main set items will cost 2250 JP each while everything else costs from 1250-1750JP each. After you get all the ilvl489 items mentioned. Go ahead and farm 1250JP more then head to Isle of Thunder and find this NPC (when you teleport it will be to your right): Hiren Loresong Then buy your ilvl496 back. If you do not know how to get into Isle of Thunder. You will find a portal that takes you there from Townlong Steppes map. This link will show you where the portals are for horde and alliance: http://wow.gamepedia...Isle_of_Thunder After that, you can go ahead and farm ToT(Throne of Thunder) trash for neck, waist and feet. The mobs drop ilvl522 items. That will help you up your average ilvl. ToT is a raid in Isle of Thunder. By now you already know how to get there. Do the 10n raid difficulty killing the mobs up to (and including) the snakes then go out and reset. You can easily reset by changing raid difficulty to 25 then back to 10 and telling everyone to go inside. It takes a while for your items to drop and you wont always win the roll but you get the idea. It is ilvl522 so it is worth it. Keep in mind that you can do 10 runs within 1 hour. After that you will not be able to go inside for a while. After that you can do some raids without any issues at all like HoF(Halls of Fear)10n and ToES(Terrace of Endless Spring)10n. Those raids drop nice items for you and also they give you your most valuable currency which is Valor Points. You can get Valor Points doing several activities. Killing bosses in raids, doing daily quests all around Pandaria. You can also go to Timeless Isle (east of pandaria) then do the weeklies there for Timeless Coins and VP too. The coins can be used to purchage a nice trinket but it takes a while to farm enough coins. If you are in a raiding guild that does 25 man raids, save your locks for when you raid with them. If you are not, join the Raid Finder. Then do both Nightmare(HoF) and ToES(Terrace of Endless Spring). You will get VP and sometimes items. They are not that much but you could get a weapon. Here are the macros that will help you farm JP faster. Dungeon Queue Macro: /run LeaveParty() /click LFDQueueFrameTypeDropDownButton /click DropDownList1Button1 /click LFDQueueFrameFindGroupButton /click QueueStatusMinimapButton /click DropDownList1Button2 Dungeon Accept Macro: /click LFDRoleCheckPopupAcceptButton /click LFGDungeonReadyDialogEnterDungeonButton /run StaticPopupSpecial_Hide(LFGDungeonReadyPopup) Here is how you use the macros. First of all click the Dungeon Finder then hit specific and choose Gate of the Setting Sun. Then, select your role(s) and close it: You only need to do this step once after you login into your character. Do not repeat. Just hit the Dungeon Queue Macro macro and you are queued for the DF. That is it. When you see the Dungeon Finder ready message hit the Dungeon Accept Macro. Not only the Dungeon Accept Macro accepts everything. It also hides the bugged role confirm menu so you do not have to close it anymore. After you are done with the dungeon simply hit the Dungeon Queue Macro again and you are out. Hit it again to queue for another dungeon and repeat. If for some reason you hear that you entered the dungeon (joining group sound) but you are not teleported, simply hit the Dungeon Queue Macro once and wait. I wanted to combine the macros but the problem was that the combined macro would not fit and then I would ask you to download an extra addon which I did not want to force to download. Instead I decided to simplify the process by creating an extra macro that will interact with left and right moust clicks. Here it is: /click [button:2] MultiBarRightButton12 /click [nobutton:2] MultiBarRightButton11 The above macro will hit two other buttons(macros in our case) based on left and right mouse clicks. Since nobody would chooose the same place for their macros, I decided to show you how to find the specific actionbar names which you will place your macros on. Go to your chat then hit Enter and type /fstack then hit Enter again. You will see some box on your screen that shows messages. Now move your cursor to the designated actionbars that you placed your Dungeon Queue and Dungeon Accept macros on. Write down the first line on top. Then move to the other actionbar and do the same (they are case sensitive so B for example is B not b ). Modify the above macro like this: /click [button:2] NameOfTheActionBarButtonThatHasDungeonAcceptMacro /click [nobutton:2] NameOfTheActionBarButtonThatHasDungeonQueueMacro Then place the new macro anywhere you want. Just do not change where the two other macros located or you would have to repeat the steps from /fstack. This is how you use the new macro. Left click it to queue and leave dungeons (and teleport in if the dungeon bugs) and right click it to accept the ready queue. That is it. If you are confused and do not want to do the /fstack steps then simply use this macro: /click [button:2] MultiBarRightButton12 /click [nobutton:2] MultiBarRightButton11 Then, enable the Right Action Bars and place the Dungeon Accept macro to the bottom and the Dungeon Queue macro right above it like this: If you like the guide or have any questions let me know. Please do not repost the macros or guide anywhere without my permission.
  15. So can anyone help on how to make some gold when you already hit 110 level?
  16. I have been playing on Taran'Zhu on MoP and tried to download a few addons, I know they are usually located in the bottom left of your character screen but are not appearing there. Help?
  17. First of all, for coordinates you need the addon TomTom I'll try to give you guys a guide to each obtainable Alliance Follower. I'll start with the one I had trouble with and I'll give you the rest of them as I find the time required to put in the work . 1- [Rulkan] - The NPC Gronnstalker Rokash (59.4, 31,8) gives you the quest. (just take it and turn it in - you just got Rulkan). That is in Frostfire Ridge
  18. This is a guide for people beginning to play moonkins and have no idea where to start. I found several guides on several websites. Though, they are not that simple and clear. I will try to keep this guide as simple as possible. Talents You should pick 2,1,3,2,2,1. I will not discuss why I picked those over the others. Glyphs Sadly, none of the glyphs offer much to PvE. Though you may pick the following: Major: Glyph of Guided Stars. Your Starfall only hits targets affected by Moonfire or Sunfire. Only use this when people start blaming you for pulling bosses. If you know how to stay clear of bosses when you Starfall, do not use it at all. I used it for leveling, mostly. Glyph of Stampede. Allows you to use your Stampede Roar in any form. Glyph of Rebirth. Rebirth your target player at 100% HP. Minor Glyph of Grace. Probably the only somehow useful PvE glyph. It reduces falling damage even when you are not in cat form. Glyph of the Stag. Allows you to carry a friend on your back. Glyph of the Chameleon. Random hair color in Cat and Bear forms when you enable them. Stats As a moonkin, you want to focus on getting intellect Leather gear. Try getting everything Leather so you get the bonus intellect. Note that for us spirit=hit. This means if your item has 400 spirit on it, it gives you 400 hit. So, if you have two items one with spirit and another with hit, go for the spirit item. As for stats you must focus on the following. Hit(=Spirit) Cap: 5100 -> Haste Cap: 5273 -> Crit This means you need to get hit capped at 5100 then go for 5273 haste then go crit all the way. You can see your stats on your character view (press C) just click the arrow to the bottom right. You can reach the above stats reforging, enchanting, and gemming without any issue at ilvl489 JP gear. At a higher ilvl gear when you can reach 10289 haste (reforging, enchanting, and gemming), you can go for it, for maximum dps. Reforge Mastery first, always. Enchants Head: None Neck: None Shoulders: Greater Crane Wing Inscription (=200 Intellect and 100 Critical Strike) or Secret Crane Wing Inscription (if you have Inscription) which is better Back: Superior Intellect (=180 Intellect) or Lightweave Embroidery (if you have Tailoring) which is better. Chest: Glorious Stats (=80 All Stats) Wrists: Super Intellect (=180 Intellect) or Fur Lining - Intellect (if you have Leatherworking) which is better Gloves: Greater Haste (=170 Haste) or Synapse Springs (if you have Engineering) which is better. Waist: Living Steel Belt Buckle (=Extra Gem Socket) Legs(Hit Cap): Greater Cerulean Spellthread (=285 Intellect and 165 Critical Strike) or Master's Spellthread (if you have tailoring) which is the same but you can make this with vendor items. Legs(Not Hit Cap): Greater Pearlescent Spellthread (=285 Intellect and 165 Spirit) or Sanctified Spellthread which is the same but you can make this with vendor items. Boots: Greater Haste (=175 Haste) Rings: Greater Intellect(=160 Intellect) for Enchanters only Weapon: Jade Spirit (or Windsong if you are low on money or using a low ilvl weapon) Offhand: Major Intellect (=165 Intellect) Gems You should always pick gems that make you hit then haste capped trying to match the socket if possible. Meta(Head Gem): Burning Primal Diamond (=216 Intellect and 3% Increased Critical Effect). Blue: Haste capped? Misty Wild Jade (=160 Spirit and 160 Critical Strike) Not Haste capped? Energized Wild Jade (=160 Haste and 160 Spirit) Red: Have Jewelcrafting? Brilliant Serpent's Eye (=320 Intellect) Hit and Haste capped? Potent Vermilion Onyx (=80 Intellect and 160 Critical Strike) Hit capped not haste capped? Reckless Vermilion Onyx (=80 Intellect and 160 Haste) Haste capped not hit capped? Purified Imperial Amethyst (=80 Intellect and 160 Spirit) Yellow: Hit and haste capped? Smooth Sun's Radiance (=320 Critical Strike) Hit capped not haste capped? Quick Sun's Radiance (=320 Haste) Haste capped not hit capped? Misty Wild Jade (=160 Spirit and 160 Critical Strike) Not hit capped / not haste capped? Energized Wild Jade (=160 Haste and 160 Spirit) Prismatic (Belt Buckles / Blacksmithing sockets): Have Jewelcrafting? Brilliant Serpent's Eye (=320 Intellect) Haste capped? Smooth Sun's Radiance (=320 Critical Strike) Not Haste capped? Quick Sun's Radiance (=320 Haste) Consumables Flask: Flask of the Warm Sun (=1000 Intellect for 1 hour) or Crystal of Insanity (if you cannot afford buying flasks which is a non-consumable item that increases some of your stats by 500) which drops from a world elite. Potion: Potion of the Jade Serpent (=4000 Intellect for 25 seconds). Food: Mogu Fish Stew (=300 Intellect for 1 hour). Professions You should pick professions based on what you need the most. I will list the professions and their bonuses: Tailoring: Lightweave Embroidery (back enchant) grants 2000 Intellect for 15 seconds with 20% proc chance on damage and has 50 seconds cooldown. Also, like mentioned you get cheap leg enchants for your items. Enchanting: Enchant Ring - Greater Intellect grants 160 Intellect per ring. Engineering: Synapse Springs (gloves enchant) grants 1920 Intellect for 10 seconds with 1 minute cooldown. Blacksmithing: Extra gem sockets on wrists and gloves. Jewelcrafting: You get to use two epic Brilliant Serpent's Eye gems which give you extra 320 Intellect (160 per gem). Leatherworking: Fur Lining - Intellect (bracer enchant) grants 500 intellect. Inscription: Secret Crane Wing Inscription (shoulder enchants) grants 520 Intellect and 100 Critical Strike Alchemy: Mixology grants extra 320 Intellect when using Flask of the Warm Sun. Skinning: Master of Anatomy grants 480 Critical Strike. Herbalism: Lifeblood spell grants haste that averages to 480 haste. Mining: It grants 480 stamina. Not useful for moonkins. Mainly, what you want to do is pick two non-gathering professions (unless you need the non-gathering profession to support yourself). Some people believe that Engineering and Tailoring (or Engineering and Blacksmitthing) are the best combo for moonkins. If you want my opinion, you should go with Tailoring and Enchanting. That is because with Tailoring you have the Lightweave Embroidery enchant. Also, you get to make your leg enchants for nothing but vendor mats. Also, with Enchanting you can enchant yourself for free and you have permenant enchants (on your rings). Pre-Raid Gear Head: Snowdrift Helm (Justice Points) Neck: Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Invoker (ToT Trash Farm) Shoulder: Whitepetal Shouldergarb (Justice Points) Back: Static-Collecting Cloak (Justice Points) Chest: Mistfall Robes (Justice Points) Wrist: Clever Ashyo's Armband (Justice Points) Gloves: Ogo's Elder Gloves (Justice Points) Waist: Abandoned Zandalari Moonstrap (ToT Trash Farm) Legs: Wind-Reaver Greaves (Justice Points) Feet: Deeproot Treads (ToT Trash Farm) Ring 1: Seal of the Prime (from Klaxxi quest named "Shadow of the Empire") Ring 2: Leven's Circle of Hope (Justice Points) Trinket 1: Blossom of Pure Snow (Justice Points) Trinket 2: Relic of Yu'lon (From Inscription) Main Hand: Amber Spine of Klaxxi'vess (Klaxxi vendor in Dread Wastes but you have to be exalted) and upgradable to ilvl471 with only Justice Points Off-Hand: Inscribed Red Fan (From Inscription) or Scroll of Whispered Secrets (BoE World drop) Upgrades You can use the following lists to find upgrades for your gear: http://www.mop-veins...ot-best-in-slot http://graymatterwow...of-9242012.html The the first list, gives you a listing of all possible upgrades based on ilvl. You can use that to find the upper ilvl item to go for. The second list is based on the rating and it is better. Though, it is outdated. Though, you can still use it if you are starting to gear up. Races Worgen offer +1% critical strike with Viciousness while Trolls offer increased haste with Berserking. Though, the dps increase is not that much to justify picking those races over others. Personally, I think Night Elves are the best because of the Shadowmeld spell which allows you to go out of combat. This helps you with combat bugs and with you out of combat you can pop another potion or mass ress the raid. Rotation Single Target: So, here comes the part where you need to focus on, which is your rotation. First of all, look at your Eclipse Bar the one to the top left corner of your screen, under your avatar (icon and name). Hover over it and you will see the number 0 to the middle. The sun to the right represents the Solar Eclipse while the moon represents the Lunar Eclipse. Your objective is to move your white little arrow (positioned on the eclipse bar) right and left. Wrath moves the arrow to the left towards the Lunar Eclipse while Starfire moves the arrow to the right towards the Solar Eclipse. This is how you start your rotation. You need to move your arrow near the Lunar Eclipse. So, what do you do? Like I said Wrath moves the arrow to the left towards the Lunar Eclipse. Though, we want to move the arrow without using Wrath towards the lunar eclipse just an arrow away from the eclipse. You can do that by simple casting Astral Communion. Watch the arrow as it moves. Count three arrow ticks (movements) then stop. This is how you must position your arrow before the fight one tick away from the Lunar Eclipse. After that when the tank pulls the boss, Starfall, then cast Sunfire and Moonfire and cast Wrath once. You will instantly move into the eclipse and you will see a moon above your moonkin head, showing you got into the eclipse and also the moon icon on the Eclipse bar will be lit. Now cast and continue casting Starfire while watching your Starfall on your buffs, as soon as it ends (Starfall), pop your Starfall again. Then keep casting Starfire refreshing the Sunfire and Moonfire spells as they drop on the boss. Keep casting the Starfire spell until you come out of the Lunar Eclipse, when the moon icon is no longer lit you are out of the eclipse. Now here is the tricky part. When you come out of the eclipse you simply pop your cds. Pop Hearth of the Wild, Celestial Alignment, and Incarnation: Chosen of Elune. Then cast a third Starfall and keep hitting Starfire refreshing Sunfire and Moonfire as they drop (there is a small detail in here I wont go to, so you would not get confused, not that important). Keep casting Starfire moving to the right until you hit the Lunar Eclipse the sun will be lit then you can start casting Wrath refreshing Sunfire and Moonfire as they drop. Keep casting Wrath moving to the left until you hit the Lunar Eclipse and repeat what you did. Note that you need to pop Starfalls when they are off the cooldown. Also, at this point whenever you see a buff coming online pop it. That is most of the rotation. Get used to it then come back and read the following. Now that you are familar with the rotation. I want to introduce the Starsurge spell to you. Starsurge counts as Wrath and Starfire moving the arrow towards the eclipses. Also, it is the highest damage. So, how do you use it? You simple cast Starsurge when it is not on cd. Use it as a replacement for Wrath and Starfire when its available. Meaning if you have both Wrath and Starsurge available for you, you cast Starsurge instead of Wrath. The same goes for Starfire. That is it. So, to simplify the rotation without all the fuss above: 1. Before the fight use Astral Communion to move the arrow on the eclipse bar to the left one notch away from the Lunar Eclipse (=3 arrow movements). 2. When the fight starts apply Sunfire and Moonfire. Try your best to keep them always up. If they drop you lose a lot of dps. Those are your DoTs (damage over time). 3. Pop Starfall. 4. Cast Starsurge. 5. Cast Starfire(or Starsurge if it is online) on the Lunar Eclipse. 6. Did the first Starfall buff end? Cast another Starfall. 7. Keep casting Starfire (or Starsurge if it is online) while keeping Sunfire and Moonfire up always. 8. Are you out of the Lunar Eclipse? Pop all your cds (Pop Hearth of the Wild, Celestial Alignment, Incarnation: Chosen of Elune, and trinket if available). 9. Pop a third Starfall and keep casting Starfire (or Starsurge if it is online) while keeping both Sunfire and Moonfire always. 10. When you reach the Lunar Eclipse start casting Wrath (or Starsurge if it is online). 11. Keep casting Wrath (or Starsurge if it is online) while keeping Sunfire and Moonfire on always. 12. Pop any cds or Starfalls as soon as you get them. Pop them all, do not wait. 13. If you are still casting Wrath (or Starsurge if it is online) by now you hit the Lunar Eclipse again. 14. Cast Starfire (or Starsurge if it is online) while keeping Sunfire and Moonfire up always. 15. Keep casting Starfire (or Starsurge if it is online) while keeping Sunfire and Moonfire up always. 16. Pop any cds or Starfalls as soon as you get them. Pop them all, do not wait. 17. Repeat 10-16. Note that I repeated the steps more than one time. I wanted you to understand the Eclipses circles. You are moving back and fourth and back and fourth. Popping cds as soon they become online focusing on casting Starsurge always before Starfall and Wrath because it counts as both and its better than both of them. That is your roation. Read the roation over and over and familiarize yourself with it. It will take you a while to get used to it. Lastly, do not cast Astral Communion within the fight. It is not worth it. If you still cannot understand the rotation and want to just play your moonkin and have some fun. Do not worry. I will provide you with three macros that will allow you to do decent dps without having to worry about the rotation above until you get used to it. AoE (Area of Effect): Place your mushrooms on the ground before the fight using the Wild Mushroom spell then when the fight starts Starfall then use WIld Mushroom detonate then cast and keep casting Hurricane. That is it. Macros The following macros are not mine. They belong to Chris (from Starfire Macro #showtooltip Starfire /cast [noform] !Moonkin Form /targetenemy [noharm] /castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,0,Starsurge /castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,Celestial Alignment /castsequence reset=0.5 0,Starfall /castsequence reset=target/4 Moonfire,Sunfire,Starfire,Starfire,Starfire,Starfire /cast Incarnation Wrath Macro #showtooltip Wrath /cast [noform] !Moonkin Form /targetenemy [noharm] /castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,0,Starsurge /castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,Celestial Alignment /castsequence reset=0.5 0,Starfall /castsequence reset=target/4 Moonfire,Sunfire,Wrath,Wrath,Wrath,Wrath /cast Incarnation CDs Macro #showtooltip Celestial Alignment /cast Celestial Alignment /cast Incarnation: Chosen of Elune /use 13 /use 14 After creating the macros put them on your actionbars then do the following. Cast Astral Communion until you see it move three notches (movements). Then wait for the fight to start. Then, hit the Wrath macro twice, you will notice that it casts Sunfire and Moonfire with the first two clicks. Now pop Starfall then hit the Wrath macro one more time it will cast Wrath and move you into the Lunar Eclipse. Now, keep hitting the Starfire macro until you come out of the Lunar Eclipse then hit the CDs macro plus Gift of the Wild then keep hitting the Starfire macro. Keep doing that until you hit the Lunar Eclipse. Then start hitting the Wrath macro until you hit the Lunar Eclipse then Starfire macro and so on. Pop your cds as soon as they come available. The Starfire and Wrath macros handle your DoTs and Starsurges for you with 80% efficiency. You will not do your maximum dps but you will pull decent dps with those macros. Just keep spamming and never stop. Addons clcEclipseBar is probably the best Eclipse Bar addon that shows the bar anywhere you want on the screen with nice settings. TellMeWhen is probably the best addon for spells/buffs/cds monitoring. You can use it to track your cds and spells. If I get enough requests, I will add a portion explaining how to configure it for your moonkin. Resources I have used the following threads as references: http://www.mmo-champ...ide-5-4-Edition http://forums.elitis...-and-discussion http://wowlazymacros...kin-5-4/page/2/ Let me know if you like the guide. Took me a long time to write it. Also, do not copy the guide without providing a link to this thread. Any questions? Ask away.
  19. Hecks Affliction Guide First of all, i'd like to state, that my english is not the best, and i also know that there are better warlocks than me, and this guide rely much on my experience and researches. Feel free to look up on google for other guides and try any other build that suits you more. Please keep in mind this is my first guide and any additional information is welcome. : ) 1. Stats 2. Talents. 3. Glyphs 4. Enchants. 5. Additional informations. 1. Stats INTELLECT > HASTE => MASTERY > MULTISTRIKE => CRIT > VERSATILITY Intellect is main stat cause it increases our dmg, and healing, then haste, mastery etc. Afaik most people goes with haste, so do i. From my experience with haste our dot's tick more often and increases also the proc chance of multistrikes, which means more dot = more multistrike = more damage. With drain soul we have a great chance to also deal quite a lot dmg. Also what i saw that Versatility isn't that good, critical strike is not that necessary. 2. Talents Tier 1:: Harvest Life From my experience this talent with glyph does a lot of healing, and can be real annoying to other people. Since soul leech is totally worthless, and Dark Regeneration has 2 min cd and only goes well with Health Stone, which gives u more mobility and you can dps meanwhile, i would only recommend this talent if u have a healer, unless you dont go for Harvest Life, Tier 2.: Howl of Terror Well i've only chosen this, because it's so easy to pull comps together and cc both of them with one instant single spell, that's not require you positioning. The CD goes down quickly vs melee comps, but vs caster comps it's not that good or if you play with shadowpriest you soon get in trouble, so the second best choice is ofcourse Shadowfury which can be also very effective, but for me i dont like positioning, and i often see people can move while stunned (Lag <3) and people just run quickly out of the selected area. Tier 3.: Sacrifical Pact Now this is the best defensive ability so far, usually it can provide us with 120-180k dmg absorb, really depends on how much health our pet have, and by health i mean the actual health. Sometimes i meet ppl who kills my pet, okey, go on, kill it. With soul burn i get a new pet with full health, that means i get the most dmg absorb out of it, and with Grimoire of Supremacy VW 20% dmg absorb + a shield thats together really good vs melee. Soul Link only works with Glyph of Eternal Resolve, that gives u all together 30% dmg absorb total, and with Dark Regeneration this would be a good combo with a healer, but this build is only effective with Glyph of Siphon Life aswell... Tier 4.: Blood Horror This is one of my favorite. Before arena starts i always have it on, very effective vs melee comps, good to keep aways hunter pets and double fear for some time to escape or just get some time to breath. Burning Rush more like a pve talent and Unbound Will for me, is a big no no. The cost of this talent is just too much. I've found myself in deep trouble using this talent cause i lost so much health and it's just didn't worth it. Only effective vs comps that doin some good cc, and / or if u have a healer who need some help. Tier 5.: Grimoire of Supremacy Well i see often warlocks with Sacrifice, and affli locks w sacrifice makes me cry....seriously. The buff it gives is so small, and the amount of choices that Supremacy gives is just way better to roll that.Supremacy WW gives you free soul link for example. Griomire of Service with Tier 7 Talent Demonic Servitude does the most dps, but in pvp LoS is usually a problem and cause Doomguard needs 3 second to cast it's not that effective. Supremacy makes your pet do more dmg, increases damage absorb of Sacrifical Pact (more hp more absorb ) and on top, Observer can dispell and silence, which gives us more control, but Doomguards and Infernals aren't that effecitve, they do only better dps. And playing with builds i came to a conclusion that usually we have to choose between dmg and control, and finding balance between brings you harmony Tier 6.: Kil'Jaedens Cunning You might find this surprising, but i often get into situations where this talent becomes a real cookie cutter. Gives you the kiting ability, and freedom to cast, chase others and dps while moving. Really good in arenas, and very effective when you're being bursted hard. Second choice is ofcourse Archimonde's Darkness that's really good for dps and burst, but i usually use Dark Soul with Trinket and as a solo buff i didn't find it that good. Ofcourse in trouble this is a good talent to use for getting health back with Drain Life, or put some more pressure, but so far i like Kil'Jaedens Cunning cause of mobility. Tier 7.: Soulburn: Haunt This talent is really effective, but requires you to multidot, for single targeting i found this poor, cause you are in need of soul shards... a lot, and if we want to do some dps, we need soul shards, and for soul shards multidot. Soul Burn Seed of Corruption really effective in BG's, people usually walk together and it's so easy to put corruption up on 4-5 targets, and in 2s Soul Swappin the way. This talent increases your dmg of all your dots, so even in 2s if you focusing on 1 target and keeping Haunt on this target, second target will be affected of dmg increase, and double dps is really can work well, but sometimes even enough to keep a single corruption on our 2nd target, As i mentioned earlier Demonic Servitude -> Grimoire of Service. 3. Glyphs Major Glyphs: - Glyph of Healthstone: Good healing , works well with Drain Life - Glyph of Drain Life: With the talent and Glyph altogether can do a lot of healing, in early start of 2s it's really effective and let's u save Healthstone for later use. - Glyph of Soul Swap: Good for mobility really. - Glyph of Unending Resolve: -10% Dmg absorb for 1 minute less CD. This is some good thing if you play versus people who really do a lot interrupt, cc and stuff like that. Keep it in mind that you also have to face often that people will do anything to interrupt you, stun, fear etc. and i usually keep my trinket for times like this. - Glyph of Siphon Life: I only recommend this if you have a healer, unless this talent, for me pretty useless. I usually go with Healthstone - Drain Life and Unending Resolve with the current talents i use this goes well for me... 4, Enchants Well i keep using haste on everywhere except wep, where i use +Mastery. The main reason for that, that haste builds up slowly and breaks easily. Enough said. 5, Additional Info Soulburn is one of our most effective spell, use it at all situation wisely. Enchanting our teleportation to make us faster, or Soul Swap insta dots is a must. I usually cry when an Affli lock with Sacrifices goes at me with casting UA first and i easily interrupt it and put my burst on him in seconds meanwhile he can't do anything..Soul Swap our second best friend, reapplying your dots not just make them last longer, and increases their duration, but you can't be interrupted. Focus and Macros are a must have. in pvp. Clicking spells on your actionbar is more like vanilla pve style, trust me. Portals really can be a life saver, and try to keep your eyes on sight, dont go too far from them, or put them down again. Putting Circle and Gateway in same spot makes you teleport twice, there, and back, which also can be good to make some warrior exhausted For Macros i usually go with this. /stopcasting /cast Fear /stopcasting /use [target=Focus] Fear /petfollow /cast Optical Blast /petfollow /cast [target=Focus] Optical Blast You can also bring spells together like Drain Soul and Drain Life for example or Fear on current target and Fear on focus which looks like the following /cast [mod:alt] Spellname 1 /cast [nomod] Spellname 2 I hope this method works, i dont really use modifiers, and if it's not working properly let me know to fix it. Thanks for reading through my very first guide, any other info welcome, releted to my guide or affli locks : )