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  1. EN: Polish guild <Podwodni Spawacze Drewna> is now recruiting. There is no min requirement. Everybody is welcome. We are on Sethraliss realm in Alliance. We are looking for active players. We will work on gearing the new players by doing daily dungeons. Our main focus is PVE (actually we're doing daily keys) but we want to start raids in future.. Nice atmoshpere, help with quests, gearing and world-bosses is our priority. We have our own Discord server, where you can find lots of useful and funny stuff. If you want to join us message : Bleta or Snuffek Don't waste your time for snobbish guilds, Join most chilled-out POLISH team in Alliance! PL: Polska gidlia <Podwodni Spawacze drewna> rozpoczyna rekrutacje. Nie mamy żadnych wymagań dotyczących lvl oraz umiejętności. Wszyscy są mile widziani. Jeśteśmy na Sethraliss w Alliance. Szukamy aktywnych graczy. Boostujemy nowych graczy robiąc codzienne instancje. Naszym głównym celem jest PVE (aktualnie robimy klucze) lecz w niedalekiej przyszłości chcemy rozpocząć raidy. Swobodna atmosfera, pomoc w questach, ubieraniu się oraz world bossach jest naszym priorytetem. Posiadamy również prywatny serwer Discorda, gdzie można znaleźć wiele przydatnych i zabawnych rzeczy. Jeśli chcesz do nas dołączyć napisz do: Bleta lub Snuffek Nie marnuj swojego cennego czasu na inne zamulone i sztywne gildie. Dołącz do najbardziej wyluzowanej POLSKIEJ ekipy w Alliance!
  2. guild

    Furchtlos is looking for german speaking People at the age of 22+ You should have Teamspeak and a working headset. We are Looking for all classes! As far as the content is available, we run nh, hc & mythical dungeons, and raids. If you already have BFA experience, then this is good but not necessarily a prerequisite. We share our knowledge about BFA and the server with you. After two successful years on Sylvanas, we have now set foot on BFA. And we will face the new challenges here! For more information, you can: contact us via pm or in-game whisper.ThyNeosilver ~Furchtlos~ Wir wipen gemeinsam, Wir siegen gemeinsam!
  3. ☾ Cult of Luna ☾ POLISH guild ☠ is recruiting active members that want to spend time together with helpful people and in a good atmosphere. Our goal is progressing high content and preparing a roaster. Feel free to /w Bloodraynee me for more info . ZAPRASZAMY☻
  4. What is the policy when the Guild Master abandons the server? On retail, Guildmaster is passed to the next highest ranking member if the GM is absent for more than 3 months. So with my GM now gone for nearly 6 months, the guild is completely dead. Is it possible to promote me (or any other active member) so we can get this guild moving again? Guild "<The Horde>", Player "Fischy" - https://firestorm-servers.com/en/community/armory/7/10/347198
  5. guild

    <Irrelevant> About us: We are an English speaking guild that is fully focused on progression. We have been out throughout the whole BFA. We have a quite interesting atmosphere, with a fun community & quite friendly community. Our Progression: ¬ Mythic Uldir 6/8 - Server 4th. ¬ Heroic BoD 9/9 - Alliance 4th. ¬ Mythic BoD 8/9 - Alliance 2nd. Our Requirements: Must have a clear understanding of English. Our guild is an English speaking and most players must have a clear understanding. Must have discord. Microphone is not a must, but having one and being able to use it mid progression will help a lot. Must have ilvl of 415+ Must attend most of the raids. (dodging without a good enough reason will get you demoted.) Performance: Every single raider must have a great attitude to raid and great performance, that means being ready for raids early and having all of the needed consumables (Flasks, food, prepots). Coming to a raid with a positive attitude and try to stay as calm as possible while progressing new bosses. Being able to handle wipes, there will be a lot of wipes in future raids and current tier, leaving because you are tired of wiping is a big NO. How to apply?: Message me either in-game or on discord. Discord ¬ Leyo#5822 In-game ¬ Leyo Or message any of our officers. Officer ¬ Kokorocha Officer ¬ Cadi Officer ¬ Realwippy Officer ¬ Nêver Officer ¬ Darkpl
  6. Hello there boys and dudes trying to be girls, we are a new guild that is searching for new members to join us, we own a discord channel, we are doing m+ content every day, raiding as often as possible, we are doing progresion runs that means we start with a low difficulty and moving to hc and m bod after we finish the other difficulties (now we are at hc runs) The guild is kinda fresh so we are open to new ideas that can benefit us all. We are an international guild but we speak in the gchat and discord in english so everyone can understand everyone. We are curently recruiting all the specs but we do have a lack of ranged dps. So if you are a human, understand or speak english, have more than 2 braincells and you are willing to start a new adventure, join us today TheSacredLegion You can contact me in game /w Superiour /w Splinanu or just add and /w when im on or sending letters. Thank you for your attention, have a nice day. For the Alliance
  7. Hi everyone, We are a very small guild just comprising our family members. We have done amazingly well and been able to progress to Mythic 1 dungeons, on our Horde characters, with just 4 players. However we realise that we won't progress beyond this without support or more people joining the guild. Our Alliance characters are just about running Heroic. We don't want to just bring anyone into supporting us/joining us as we have children playing and need to ensure that they are safe, hence the forum post. We don't just fly through dungeons , our tank really works out strategies and we take time to research and understand the dungeons/bosses and I expect that is why we have been so successful with just 4 of us. We are happy to help level 120's progress and run dungeons etc so they can learn strategy and upgrade gear. We are looking to be able to progress on both Horde and Alliance. We are all 360+ ILVL on Horde and would want anyone joining to be around this, but to be honest if we need to help you upgrade gear we would rather have the right people involved and support you with upgrading it. Ideally we are looking for parents with children or family members that play together. If you would like to join or support us , please comment and we will be in touch. Thanks
  8. Hello, I'm looking for a Dutch speaking guild or group to play with. Regards,
  9. I was wondering if there are any roleplaying guilds on the sethraliss realm. I have some RP experience and I am fond of WoW lore so please let me know if you are out there!
  10. Hallo Freunde! Ich würde gerne eine deutsche Gilde aufmachen für jung und alt, neu und erfahren. In erster Linie soll dies helfen sich mit anderen deutschen Spielern austauschen zu können. Auf zweiter Linie würde ich dann gerne später zusammen mit anderen einen Kader aufstellen um erfolgreich raiden zu können. Die Gilde heißt "Die Gilde" und ihr findet mich auf dem Sethraliss-Server unter dem Namen "Gromukk" auf Seiten der Horde. Bitte meldet euch. Viel Glück weiterhin und habt Spaß!
  11. Hello, We are a new guild looking for members for raids, dungeons, arenas and battlegrounds. Rated Battlegrounds we plan doing a bit later. We are English speakers. If you are interested, whisper or add as a friend Duggi, Lothnan or Arkariel and we will invite you. We can be both found on the server at midnight PST. Looking forward to playing with Y'all, TrueRedlox - Arkariel
  12. I'm a new player and I'm looking for a Brazilian guild. Sou um jogador novo e estou a procura de uma guild brasileira.
  13. WATAHA Jesteśmy Polska gildia stworzona przez paczkę znajomych zaczynająca swoją przygodę na serwerach BFA. Zmotywowani, zaangażowani z dystansem do siebie. Z braku Polskiej gildii po stronie Alliance postanowiliśmy stworzyć własną. Oferujemy miłą atmosferę, rozwój postaci, dungeony/rajdy o dogodnych godzinach. Również pomoc w questach oraz przydatne rady. Wymagania to chęci, dystans do siebie oraz TS3. Zapraszamy wszystkie chętne osoby. W sprawie kontaktu można pisać do: Piortek, Yoshifex, Louiscyphere(założyciel), Vikroo bądź zapraszamy na ts'a: FF15.TEAMSPEAK.pl
  14. (Guild Persian Gulf X {Horde/pve/pvp}Player online mipazirad baraye {raid/MM+/BG}) (Barayer peyvastan be Guild be yeki az id haye zir dar discord PM bedid) .......hadi#0362 .......Yossef#6771 .......Mehdi#0473 (va ya be player haye zir dar bazi pm bedid ) .......Mahdifire .......Golrang
  15. Merhaba arkadaşlar , bir süredir aramızda konuştuğumuz guild olayını sonunda başlattık. Daha evvel alliance tarafında işlevde olan guildimizi horde tarafına kaydırdık. Üyelerimiz yavaş yavaş puan doldukça geliyor ve horde tarafında da bir çok üye mevcut. Biraz uzun olacak yazım lakin gidip jaja axaxa tribi çekmektense, raid için yer bulmaya uğraşmaktansa, 380 level item kasta raide yada dungeona alalım gibisinden söylemlere maruz kalmaktansa ve en önemlisi anlaşma sıkıntısı çekmektense biz bize birşeyler yapmak adına << Püskevît >> TR guildimizi açtık. Katılmak isteyen herkesi aramıza bekleriz ve katılmak için türkçe konuşmak dışında hiç bir şart yoktur. Bir birimize saygılı ve yardımcı olduktan sonra başarılı olacağımızdan eminim! Önemli not : Dikkat ederseniz bu server da yıllardır süre gelen bir konu mevcut. (National) Yani ülke içi guildler. Raid başarıları sıralamasına ve dungeon haftalık sıralamalara bakarsanız hep national guildleri görebilirsiniz. Şahsen kendim server da ki en iyi national guildler de oynadım ve ortamlarına bizzat şahitlik ettim. İnanılmaz derece de tartışıyorlar ve sohbet kanallarında birbirileri ile iletişim kurmaktan bile kaçınıyorlar. Siz diyin chaosa engel olmak için ben diyim birlikteliğin bozulmaması adına. Uzun lafın kısası birbirimize saygılı ve seviyeli olduğumuz sürece başarılı olmak adına önümüzde bir engel yok. Guild içerisinde ki bütün arkadaşlarımızın davet etme yetkisi vardır ve katılmak isteyen herhangi biri ile iletişim kurup katılabilir.
  16. Hola, estoy jugando con algunos amigos de Cuba, hemos estado aquí por una semana aquí en la comunidad y llegamos a lv120 y decidimos ayer hacer una hermandad, lo llamamos Cuba Libre, soy el maestro del gremio, dejé todo configurado automáticamente, rangos, pestañas bancarias, control de acceso, resultante que hoy, de repente, cuando compro la quinta etiqueta, me doy cuenta de que no tengo acceso a los demás, todo está desconfigurado y no permite modificar los rangos, se ven en gris, como si no tiene permiso qué debo hacer, no puedo abandonar la hermandad y tampoco puedo delegar el cargo a nadie, soy y no soy el maestro del juego. porfavor ayudeme. muchas gracias Hola, estoy jugando con algunos amigos de Cuba, hemos estado aquí por una semana aquí en la comunidad y llegamos a lv120 y decidimos ayer hacer una hermandad, lo llamamos Cuba Libre, soy el maestro del gremio, dejé todo configurado correctamente, rangos, pestañas bancarias, control de acceso, resulta que hoy, de repente, cuando compro la quinta pestaña, me doy cuenta de que no tengo acceso a los demás, todo está desconfigurado y no me deja modificar los rangos, se van en gris, como si no tuviera permiso. qué debo hacer. No puedo abandonar la hermandad y no puedo delegar el puesto a nadie, soy y no soy el maestro del juego. por favor, ayúdame. Muchas gracias . No uso addon alguno /. No uso ningún complemento. . Ya probé borrando caché y logueandome de nuevo / Ya intenté borrar el caché e iniciar sesión nuevamente No se si este tema va en esta sección, soy nuevo en la comunidad y apenas puedo comentar en algunas secciones. Disculpen si ocasiona alguna molestia. No sé si este tema va en esta sección, soy nuevo en la comunidad y apenas puedo comentar algunas secciones. Lo siento si causa alguna molestia. Reino: Sethraliss Nombre Player: Seshát Clase: Sacerdote Hermandad: Cuba Libre
  17. Guild Partizan (alliance/Pve/Pvp) be tedad member mojarab va karbalad Zemn hamkari dar Raid/Mm+/Bg... Niyazmand mibashad. time raid : 7:30 pm ta 9:30 pm Server time. Baraye Peyvastan Be Yeki az id discord haye zir pm ersal knid. GuildMaster Mariyeh : milad gulf starshifoostar#1407 officer Alikhaan : Beelfy#6347 / officer2 Đaayana : Torna2#1027 Leader raid Tetracoos : sepehr#0700 / Leader raid2 Jackwoman : Mrpop#4553
  18. Hello guys, just wanted to ask how I get my guild reputation atleast to friendly? I am happy for everyone who is answering , because i want to buy heirlooms for a second charakter. how a good day guys
  19. Türk oyuncuda barındıran bir guild arıyorum. Oyuna yeni başladım. Bilgi alışverişi yapabileceğim bi guild arıyorum. Nick: Maadd Druid Healer
  20. Hey i search a english or german guild on sylvanas by the hord. Im a Warrior Tank. I speak German and English I Player offical wow about 4 Years Would be nice to hear that the legion server is still alive =) Name: Eisenschild
  21. Hey everyone! Me and a good friend decided that it's time to make our own guild. A long time ago back in legion I was a guildmaster but due to daily life I had to quit unfort. I loved it and I have been in a guild for a while but it didn't feel like I belonged there. I'm looking for 2/3 more members to make this guild reality as for starters. The Idea is to make a english speaking guild, because it's a common language and easier to communicate with dungeons and in the future raids. The guild will be a very helpful group, mistakes during dungeons can be made, it's a learning progress, and where we can we help out. What to expect from me. Guildmaster who is not yelling everytime someone is making a mistake, treating everyone with respect Progress during dungeons and / or leveling. pvp ( I love pvp) stability and last but not least fun!!!! what do I expect from you. I need at least 1 or more people who are lvl 120 and can be an officer, know the ropes with the game & dungeons and are not afraid to stand up when it's necessary. Are willing to help out those who need help. treating people with respect. and fun! If you want to join, feel free to whisper me when Im online. My name is Sinmara I need 5 people min to sign the guild thing, so if you are willing to help out, let me know or comment down below so we can arrange a meeting to sign for the guild Much love SInmara
  22. <Prophecy> <Prophecy> Is a Horde English Hardcore PvE Guild focusing on Raids and High Mythic keys. Current Raid progress Uldir 8/8 HC; 2/8 MM; Raid times: Wednesday/Thursday @ 19:30(20:00) Uldir HC Friday/Saturday @ 19:30(20:00) Uldir MM Optional raids will be on the Sunday/Monday for alts and friends/family guild members. Our current plan is to recruit new members to bolster our ranks to prepare for 8.2 release and to progress Uldir MM. If you wish to join our guild you must have 350+ Item level and use Discord. For invite or additional information DM me on Firestorm or on Discord : Kostantin#0990;
  23. guild

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in either making a 110 or 119 twinking guild just for fun mainly if you get board from end game content. If you would like to talk more about it with me about the idea, please feel free to shoot me a message either on here or on discord. Reedpriest#1003
  24. cerco gilda italiano nome in gioco:Puryzz
  25. The Warlords "The Warlords" is an Alliance English PVE oriented guild. Our rosters are divided carefully according to each and every player's abilities and skills. Our highest and most skilled roster is able to join the higher difficulty raids, while others that are lower item level and with less knowledge, are learning and progressing themselves in lower raids. Every week we do trials and tests to give a chance to every member to make it to the higher roster, as well as help them progress as fast as possible to join it. Besides raiding, our guild values friendship and loyalty, that is why we do Guild Events monthly in order for all of us to spend some time together. This activity is not obligatory of course and its mostly for people to spend time, have some fun and chill. We also have giveaways with several prizes to spoil our members a bit. If you wish to know our progress or wish to join us, follow the comments below or ask me personally in game as Yashirou or in discord as Yashirou#0489. We use discord: https://discord.gg/MBANMMP You can also visit our website: http://thewarlords.at.ua/main.html Best Regards, Yashirou