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  1. Hello, I am curious why I cannot open the guild vendor at all. When I right-click on him nothing happens. Please help! Thanks!
  2. guild

    Furchtlos is looking for german speaking People at the age of 22+ You should have Teamspeak and a working headset. We are Looking for all classes! As far as the content is available, we run nh, hc & mythical dungeons and raids. If you already have BFA experience, then this is good but not necessarily a prerequisite. We share our knowledge about BFA and the server with you. After two successful years on Sylvanas, we have now set foot on BFA. And we will face the new challenges here! For more Informations you can: contact us via pn or ingame wisper/mail or look at :http://www.furchtlos.shivtr.com/forums ~Furchtlos~ Wir wipen gemeinsam, Wir siegen gemeinsam!
  3. The Warlords "The Warlords" is an Alliance English PVE oriented guild. Our rosters are divided carefully according to each and every player's abilities and skills. Our highest and most skilled roster is able to join the higher difficulty raids, while others that are lower item level and with less knowledge, are learning and progressing themselves in lower raids. Every week we do trials and tests to give a chance to every member to make it to the higher roster, as well as help them progress as fast as possible to join it. Besides raiding, our guild values friendship and loyalty, that is why we do Guild Events monthly in order for all of us to spend some time together. This activity is not obligatory of course and its mostly for people to spend time, have some fun and chill. We also have giveaways with several prizes to spoil our members a bit. If you wish to know our progress or wish to join us, follow the comments below or ask me personally in game as Yashirou or in discord as Yashirou#0489. We use discord: https://discord.gg/MBANMMP You can also visit our website: http://thewarlords.at.ua/main.html Best Regards, Yashirou
  4. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone on this server would be interested in making a 90-91 twink raiding guild with me? Can be either horde or alliance, doesn't bother me which side it's on. If you have any questions or want to know more please feel free to message me on here or contact me on my discord Reedpriest#1003. thank you and have a wonderful day or night wherever that you may be in the world.
  5. Howdy everyone! I'm looking to join a casual, English-speaking guild! Horde or Alliance doesn't particularly matter to me; I'm just looking for some friendly people to game and chat with! I'm ultra casual - I log in a few times a week for a few hours to farm and level and complete random goals I set for myself. I don't have a max level toon just yet, but I'm getting there, and I'd like to start casually raiding with some like-minded folks! I'd be down to start a guild also, if I don't get any bites from this post! However, I don't know that I would want to be GL, as I don't know that I have enough time to dedicate to that role. Anyone have any guilds in mind, or want to start one?
  6. Hi, to make it short: Furchtlos is looking for german speaking People at the age of 22+ We are Looking for all classes, except Death Knights ! We are doing nh, hc & myth Dungeons and Raids: EN normal 5/7, LFR 7/7. You should have some WoW-exp and don't be to shy for Teamspeak. For more Informations look at :http://www.furchtlos.shivtr.com/forums Best regards Neosilver
  7. Moinsen Liebe Firestorm Community, Ich mach es mal kurz. Ein Kumpel der schon lange Spielt und Ich Suchen eine Gilde die uns auf unseren Abenteuern begleitet wir sind Dämonenhunter Lvl110 und Lvl102 mit Teamspeak, Discord und co Server: (Sylvanas) wir sind sagenhafte +20 (Horde) und hoffen das sich jemand meldet. Mfg Saphierus PS: punkt punkt komma strich fertig ist das Mondgesicht :,)
  8. Čaute sme CZ/SK Horde guilda a hľadáme česky/slovensky hovoriacich členov. Máme okolo 300 členov aktívne chodíme každý deň všetko čo sa dá od N-HC-M0 dungov. Gearujeme si svojich členov a čakáme kým vyjde raid a M+ Aktuálne máme jedinú požiadavku na prijatie a to je Discord. Ak máte záujem sa k nám pridať kontaktujte officierov online : Matters, Yeticka, Qweasaii, Dinosay, Baklazalal. Alebo sa pripojte rovno na discord k nám : https://discord.gg/bDSAW86 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENGLISH VERSION: Hi we are active CZ/SK guild. Looking for slovak/czech speaking active players for PVE content. We have approximately 300 members. Doing N-HC-M0 dungeons and waiting for raid release for active raiding duty Our actual and only condition is Discord. So if you are interested contact our officiers ingame: Matters, Yeticka, Qweasaii, Dinosay, Baklazalal. Or connect to our discord : https://discord.gg/bDSAW86
  9. i dont even think i need to explain why this guild needs an immediate termination or forced rename
  10. Hallo Freunde! Ich würde gerne eine deutsche Gilde aufmachen für jung und alt, neu und erfahren. In erster Linie soll dies helfen sich mit anderen deutschen Spielern austauschen zu können. Auf zweiter Linie würde ich dann gerne später zusammen mit anderen einen Kader aufstellen um erfolgreich raiden zu können. Die Gilde heißt "Die Gilde" und ihr findet mich auf dem Sethraliss-Server unter dem Namen "Gromukk" auf Seiten der Horde. Bitte meldet euch. Viel Glück weiterhin und habt Spaß!
  11. سلام به پلیر های فایراستورم Sethraliss هدف از زدن این تایپیک این بوده که کسایی که توی سرور بازی میکنن اعلام حضور کنن تا اگه تعدادمون به تعدادی رسید که بشه یک گیلد زد،گیلد رو ایجاد کنیم و بتونیم راحت تر دانجن هارو باهم بریم تا الان 4 5 نفر اعلام کردن ک بازیو انجام میدند اگر کسی بود با بگه توی همین تاپیک که ببینیم چند نفر هستیم با تشکر
  12. bfa

    The guild Death Labyrinth opens its doors to everyone! we mainly recruit levels 120 to advance in PvE, as well as in PvP! joining our guild gives you more at stake, first of all you will be able to equip yourself with the best that exists in the same time with our experienced and loyal members from BFA (retail/other psrv decided to keep a look in Firestorm !!!) . to have the opportunity to attend different raids and dungeons new content bfa and live an incredible adventure in our ranks, do not hesitate to communicate it in PM either to me or one of our loyal officers on discord @John W#8908 and @Of Akatosh#1812 !!! Also our discord link here for more information : https://discordgg/xmb2kV
  13. The Warlords is an Alliance English Pve oriented guild. We are interested in raiding progress and our current achievements as a guild are: Emerald Nightmare Normal, Heroic and Mythic. - Complete 7/7 Trials of Valor Normal and Heroic. - Complete 3/3 Nighthold Normal and Heroic - Complete 10/10 Tomb of Sargeras Normal 9/9 and Heroic 9/9 Antorus the Burning Throne Normal 11/11 and Heroic 11/11 Our rosters are divided carefully according to each and every player's abilities and skills. Our highest and most skilled roster is called "Elite" and only they are able to join the higher difficulty raids, while others that are lower item level and lower dpsing/healing/tanking, are learning and progressing in lower raids. Although every week we do trials and tests to give a chance to every member to make it to the Elite roster, as well as help them progress as fast as possible to join us. Besides raiding, our guild values friendship and loyalty, that is why we do Guild Events monthly in order for all of us to spend some time together. This activity is not obligatory of course and its mostly for people to spend time, have some fun and chill. And also where we give away several prizes to spoil our members a bit. We are recruiting people over 940 item level, with the minimum knowledge of raid tactics and class rotation. We use discord (For both raiding and socializing): https://discord.gg/MBANMMP For more information please visit our guild website: http://thewarlords.at.ua/index.html If you are interested in joining us, please message/mail me in game or join our discord and DM me there. Best Regards, Yashirou
  14. "Wygnana Horda" poszukuje nowych aktywnych graczy do wspólnej gry Aktualnie zajmujemy się zarówno PVE jak i PVP. Zainteresowani niech napiszą do: Pyrtaz Pigzel Ochroniarz Lewri Szelest Undertakerr. Serdecznie zapraszamy
  15. hungarian

    Üdv! Ebben a klánban vannak spanyolok, németek, franciák, az a lényeg, hogy mindenki megtalálja azt, akivel tud beszélgetni. De a fő célunk, a honfi társaink hívása. Vagyunk már kb 15-20 -an magyarok a guildba. Ha szeretnél csatlakozni, vegyél fel barátnak, és amikor online vagyok, írj rám. Mystic dungeonokba benne vagyok, ha van csapat, simán mehetünk. Woldemortt <-- Nevem SONS OF BORIS <--- Guild neve 594 <--- Tagok
  16. 932 mage lf guild eng. just message me on discord To-Love-RuRuRu#5136
  17. hungarian

    Sziasztok! Horda oldalon tevékenykedő klánunk (Hungarikumok) tagokat keres. Klánunk lényege, hogy össze fogjuk a magyarokat és egy baráti közösséget alkossunk, melyben aktív szerepet játszik a PvE és a PvP is egyaránt! Jelentkezni lehet: Woggo - Guild master Evyra - Officer Levadászlak - Officer
  18. Kill Loot Repeat Is a fresh & international guild, looking for dedicated people to establish and consolidate its core team for mythic antorus. What we expect from you - Class Knowledge You need to have very good knowledge about your class and spec and always look for ways to improve your performance - High Attendance We only raid 2 days a week so at least 90% attendance is required Monday+Thursday 19:30-22:30 server time. - Come prepared for Raids Bring consumables, be on time and be informed about the up-coming boss fights - Constant Gear Development You should constantly try to improve your gear via Mythic+ / Raids / PvP. Be vocal and have a reliable internet connection Last but not least, a positive attitude both in the raid and when socializing in the guild in general What to expect from us A strong lead mythic team with a positive and constructive raid environment. Off raid activity, either pushing high level Mythic + , leveling/gearing alts , doing achievements et cetera. A mature and friendly guild with active players who respect the game and each other. Recruitment: Healer , Tanks and Dps. Prior Mythic Exp that we can validate or some current proofs are a must. Application reviews are made within 24h unless a raid day happens to overlap.
  19. <Serendipity> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- La gilda Serendipity mantiene aperte le gildature in cerca di giocatori per consolidare/ampliare il gruppo raid. Siamo una gilda Social,Semi-Hardcore concentrati sul PvE. Offriamo una community con anni di esperienza e progress PvE alle spalle, da TBC a WOTLK e CATACLYSM. Diamo spazio anche al PvP (Premade BG/ Rated BG) anche qui abbiamo una fetta della community con anni di esperienza che risale a TBC passando per le varie espansioni, con importanti risultati a consolidare tali esperienze. In conclusione, se stai cercando una gilda seria con cui concludere qualcosa di concreto ma divertirti allo stesso tempo, noi siamo quello che fa per te ! Se invece sei un player che sta cercando una gilda italiana semplicemente per avere qualcuno con cui parlare e passare tempo, anche tu sei il benvenuto. Come ho già scritto siamo una gilda anche social, il nostro scopo è creare un gruppo dove far giocare e divertire gli appassionati di WoW, infatti non ci siamo concentrati sul creare una gilda Hardcore perchè in quel caso (per forza di causa) avremmo dovuto escludere determinate tipologie di giocatori. - SERENDIPITY - Ormai presenti nella realtà di Firestorm dalla sua apertura, ci attingiamo a concludere l'espansione con l'impegno massimo disponibile, per poter dire di aver giocato appieno quest'espansione e aver completato i contenuti disponibili, in modo da aggiungere questo tempo tra le nostre esperienze videoludiche. Difficilmente una gilda rimane aperta dall'inizio alla fine di un espansione, tra alti e bassi è facile perdersi per strada. Ci tengo pertanto a ringraziare la mia gilda e i membri che mi hanno sostenuto, i membri fondatori rimasti ,i veteran e chi ha dato davvero un contributo in gilda, aldilà di raid o rank. Vi invitiamo ad entrare nella nostra gilda e ad essere attivi e protagonisti a modo vostro, qui diamo un opportunità a tutti. Questo è l'ultimo messaggio di reclutamento prima della fine dell'espansione. Reclutiamo: Tank,Heal e Dps con off spec. Preferibilmente ogni ruolo con un off spec abbinata, per rendersi più utile e versatile in ogni situazione, per la gilda e per se stessi. Progress: Emerald Nightmare N/HC Full Clear Trial of Valor N/H Fulll Clear The Nighthold N/HC Full Clear Tomb of Sargeras N/HC (hc in conclusione) Antorus, The Burning Throne N/HC (i boss disponibili) Attività generiche : Farm AP. Dungeons Mythic+/ Hc.Premade BG Si richiede: persone che sappiano usare bene la propria classe e disponibilità ad usare Discord che è obbligatorio solo per raid, anche solo in ascolto. Per qualsiasi informazione e/o chiarimento contattate (in game): Spardax o officer/veteran online.
  20. Guten Abend, hiermit suche ich derweil einige Spieler um eine Gilde zusammen zu erstellen. Folgende Ränge sind noch zu vergeben: Offiziere [übernehmen die Aufgaben der Gildenmeister, wenn er nicht anwesend ist] Anwärter [führen Gespräche bei neuen Mitglieder um die dann in die Gilde einzuladen] Schatzmeister [ist für die finanzielle der Gilde sowie der Bank zuständig] Raidleiter [spricht für sich, leitet den Schlachtzug und erstellt die passende Gruppe] Die Gildenvorstellung 1. Allgemeines 2. Engere Beschreibung 3. Aufnahmekriterien 4. Teamspeak³/Homepage 5. Besonderheiten 6. Schlusswort 1. Allgemeines: Die Gilde Exodus ist eine Allianz-Gilde. Ihr Gründungsdatum war der 31. März 2017. 2. Engere Beschreibung: Die Exodus-Gildenbank besitzt 7 Fächer. Wenn man neu in die Gilde kommt, ist man zwei Woche lang auf dem Rang "Probe Mitglied" und der Gildenrat sowie die Member aus der Gilde werden ein Auge auf euch werfen. Falls ihr euch nicht daneben benehmt werdet ihr zum Mitglied. Zudem werden Vorbereitung auf den aktuelle Content sowie mystisch Dungeon gemacht. Aktivitäten: - Vorbereitung für die kommenden Raid's/mystische Dungeon - Im PVP (Schlachtfeld + Arena) trifft man uns auch öfters, meistens auch am Wochenende. 3. Aufnahmekriterien: Um bei uns aufgenommen zu werden, solltet ihr folgende Eigenschaften mitbringen: - Freundlich - Lernfähig (nicht mosern wenn man mal kritisiert wird) - Zuverlässig - Motiviert + ehrgeizig - Disziplin + geistige Reife (am Abend kann das Niveau gerne mal sinken Zusätzlich solltet ihr Folgendes besitzen: - Teamspeak³ - am besten ein funktionierendes Mikrofon , ansonsten ein Headset oder Boxen zum Zuhören 4. Teamspeak³/Homepage Zum Teamspeak³: Wir haben ein eigenes Teamspeak³ Server. 5. Besonderheiten: Was bei uns besonders ist... Zum einen unsere Spontanität - wenn genügend Leute online sind, wird drüber diskutiert, worauf wir Lust haben und dann wird gemeinsam geraidet/PvP gemacht, um den größtmöglichen Spaß für alle Beteiligten rauszuholen. 6. Schlusswort: Und wem diese Gildenvorstellung zusagt, kann sich gerne ingame bei Iynn, "Name der Offiziere" und "Name der Anwärter" melden.
  21. german guild

    Hallo an alle im Garrosh-Server! Unsere Gilde - Lordaerons Garde - ist vor 2 Wochen gegründet worden und soll ein Zuhause für deutschsprachige MoP-Spieler sein, nachdem wir feststellten, dass es nach heutigem Stand anscheinend keine vergleichbare Gilden (mehr) gibt. Wir suchen nach aktiven deutschsprachigen Leuten, die sich insbesondere für Dungeons, Raids und Questen interessieren. Was wir bisher bereits anbieten dürfen: - Gildenlevel 4, natürlich rasch ausbaufähig je mehr wir sind; - Gemeinsames Questen, Raids, Hilfe bei Inis und Leveln; - Gemütliches Beisammensein, lustige Gildenmitglieder und selten leeres Guild-Chat; - Voll eingerichtetes Discord-Server für die bessere Kommunikation; - Vieles mehr, wenn sich viele Gleichgesinnte uns anschließen! Fühlt Ihr Euch angesprochen? Dann jederzeit gerne eine Nachricht an Undtod oder Sepp schicken - wir freuen uns auf Euch!
  22. guild

    Hi I'm looking for an active Italian horde guild to do exp and chat together
  23. whattsup ? i looking a italian guild
  24. guild

    WHO ARE WE? We are <jynx> serious high skilled ALLIANCE pvp guild with several active members online daily. We try to maintain a place where people help others out of good will. We are focused on Battlegrounds and Rated Battlegrounds. We are looking for 2 core groups for rated bg. Helping each other to become even better with specific class. WE ARE JYNX WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR? We are looking for people who whould like to farm horde in bgs and do tons of Rated bgs when groups are ready. Also you need to know your class at max skill. Every player will be tested with classic DUEL way. English must be 3/5 and guild chat english only. You need to have Teamspeak3/Discord + microfon OUR GOAL - Forming a small, strong group of friends and skilled players which will support each other - Making pvp groups in comfortable times, allowing our members to combine real life and in-game activities. - Just having fun and relaxing togheter without DRAMA. - Making 3rd core group for rated bgs / world pvp ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Guild master Cathria Officers Psycaldelic Nâxxør (Naxxnaxx) Liia
  25. english

    Looking for an English speaking guild as a new player on this server.