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  1. Hey guys. I wanted to play WoW now,but after I wrote my password It said both Realms are offline, It says same on page,anyways,what is happening? update or bug? Thanks
  2. ===============Introduction=============== Prophecy, one of the leading PvE guilds on the realm, with a notoriously long-standing reputation of consistent, successful raids, is opening it's doors for new members! Do you have the determination, the need, the unrelenting desire burning inside, to be at the very top of every DPS/HPS meter addon anyone can find, no matter what? Do you want to be so far ahead of the curve, that all of your friends come fawning at you, to join their raid, the instant they /inspect and /drool over how decked out your character(s) are with phat epix?! Are you tired of the hassle, of always seeing raids falling apart after 1 wipe, everyone starting off with wide smiles on their faces but leaving the very next moment with a frown? Do you wish to be a part of the most well organized raids, a healthy, positive community and an outstandingly knowledgable and sophisticated officer team? Then look no further, <Prophecy> wants YOU to be part of our core raiding team! ===============Main activities=============== [PvE] Regular Guild raids will be hosted for the following instances with descending priority. Hellfire Citadel - [N] / [H] || Progression - 1/10 NM (TBD) Blackrock Foundry - [N] / [H] || Progression - 10/10 Highmaul - [N ]/ [H] || Progression - 7/7 Raiding schedule: Raids take place on mostly Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays but regardless, we are just for fun trying to raid any day. All raids take place on 8 PM ST (Server Time) ===============Recruitment=============== Guild recruitments will be done in-game or on the forums. You reply to this topic, or as a DM to me, or any of our current officers. Officers list: No officers. Guild Master: Friend ===============Joining Requirements=============== - A level 100 character with at least 670 iLvl or higher - DBM/BigWigs - Excellent understanding of raid mechanics - Friendly, non-toxic attitude - Commitment to the guild, it's guildies and the server - Good knowledge and understanding of the English language ===============Additional Info=============== Guild hierarchy and rankups will work as follows: each member has a certain number of ranks they need to achieve and conquer before/if they are to become an Officer. Each guildie is free to approach the ranking system in their own way or at the pace of their choosing. Best way to rank up would be to make sure you are always helpful to other guildies when/if it's needed of course. Be active in our guild raids and in guild chat discussions. Do not break any Guild rules or Server rules. Being in a guild means something more than just sharing the same line of text under our names. Keeping that in mind is key to how your rankup will go. Help us continue to offer the best, most well-organized and successful raids to this server's community and maintain the image and friendly environment our guild has had since its inception (back during patch 6.0.3 in June 24, 2015.) ========================= EDIT: Date: 24/06 Hey, if you are still looking for a high-skilled, dedicated PvE guild on Gul'dan, then look further! We are still growing big and strong. We are recruiting mostly skilled ranged DPS and skilled healers to keep us alive and help us take Blackhand Heroic down! We are looking for motivated, dedicated players, those which enjoy WoD raids and content! If you have any interests to join our guild simply either private message me, reply to this thread, whisper me in game. Looking forward! - Friend. ↓ Blackhand Heroic down.
  3. Hi, I am player who stopped playing wow (firestorm) at 2016-10-12 05:45 AM (account logs function is epic) on realm called now Gul'dan. I am curious how is changed realm from DLC Warlords of Dreanor. Shall you answer on my questions? Are begining quests exists on Dreanor? If yes, how many lands? (while I was playing, u had to farm monsters to lvl up from 90 to 100 xd) Garrison works 100% (buildings, resources, quests)? All talents works? Battle pets works 100%? Campaign working 100%? And last questions.... Realm Garrosh is Pandaria? Sylvanas and Greymane are Legion? Right? I hoping for wise answers.
  4. So, here is a guide on how to fix the 114 Error that the players are getting on the WoD realm, recently. This error means there is a problem relating to the auth server. It either means that the auth server itself is having issues or that you are missing some files (or something happened to those files) that are needed for the auth server. This guide focuses on the second issue which is the case, currently. If you are having this issue that means something happened to your bnet auth files or that you just downloaded the torrent only without using the launcher. Here is how you fix this. It is really simple. Download and use the latest version of the launcher and launch it, then login using your details. When you go into the main screen, close the launcher. That is it. You do not need the launcher, anymore. You can launch using wow exe files. Why does this work? It is because the launcher downloads the required bnet auth files. If something happens to your bnet auth files, the launcher grabs them for you. Still cannot connect? Do the following: Go to this folder: C:\Users\All Users Find the folder named Blizzard Entertainment within the above folder. Delete the Blizzard Entertainment folder. Launch the Firestorm Launcher and log in with your details. Wait until you see the main screen, then quit the launcher (if you want) You can now log in without issues. You can backup this Blizzard Entertainment folder in case something happens to it in the future, so you can restore it without using the launcher. I do not know what happened to my bnet auth files, personally. Though, I assume they have changed in some way. Maybe, updated??? Who knows. Anyway, using this solution I was able to log back into the game. If any moderator want to merge this guide into the main connection guide, feel free to do it. P.S. If anyone is still having issues even after using my guide. Please let me know here. Though, please do not skip any of the steps.
  5. Alan a forum moderator posted this elsewhere describing how to install the game such that it runs and connects to Firestorm. Step1 is to use the Firestorm DL link to acquire the full game. Please delete the following files, if you don't have them skip to the next one (they should all be in your main wow folder). Delete .build info .parch result .product.db blizzarderror.exe dbghelp.dll launcher.db todownloadbase.db world of warcraft launcher.exe wtf folder Once you have done that please download the following zip file and extract it to your wow folder and launch the game using the wow.exe (provided in the zip).!jUMxkTzR!gx_Mmffue9zNWvTmqDGlUDBbHZL5QbyKABhxPHoTUCg As I write this I see the Firestorm DL page is different than when last I looked. So maybe this isn't necessary anymore? I haven't tried
  6. So I see it's not hugely populated but its the only wod server around so before I start leveling here I just wanna know how good is the pvp? Mainly I just mean population wise. Can I regularly find groups for 3s in the premade, do 2s queues pop regularly? Are there ANY RBGs going on? And also, are pve runs decently abundant?
  7. Hello, I would like to know if realm guldan is offline because my status shows that it is offline?
  8. will it ever be online ? bc i rarely play wow and its (again) or still as for me , Offline..