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  1. Hello all, wonder if I could get some advice. I am new to this server (icecrown realm) and I am trying to get estelle gendry to sell me heirloom items but all she wants to do is talk. Trying to buy enough heirlooms to get the chopper chauffeur reward. So far been trying everything I can think of to solve this on my own... created an undead character so faction should not be a problem... my toon is currently level 7. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Why sethraliss doesn't have heirlooms in the firestorm shop? It'll be added or not?
  3. Any one know what happen to the heirloom vendor that just took gold? The only way i can find to get heirloom gear is spend cash in the server shop, pvp or guild rep.
  4. I have a Question about heirlooms and mounts are they not account wide? Like for example if I get a Heirloom/Mount on my pvp char I saw it didn't transfer to me pve chars is this supposed to happen or is it glitched?
  5. Dear Players, I enhance some heirlooms to 110, log out & and then log in and than the heirlooms was only enhanced to 100. I lost golds... Why? Sincerely Niofa
  6. So my issue on this topic is that after grinding up a fair bit of gold i bought heirlooms to start my new character, once switching to my other character all the heirlooms i bought were gone, after switching back still gone. Any clues on why that might have happened, and any way to get them back?
  7. Can you guys explain me how this can be done?
  8. Hello, I started playing on the new Legion server couple of days ago and I've seen that many people have heirloom gear, so I decided to hop on my WoD character and buy all the heirlooms so I can use them on my Legion characters. But when I bought them, they did not appear in my Collection's tab, it has been over 24 hours now since the purchase. I bought all the heirlooms from the Ironforge vendor Krom Stoutarm. All of them do appear on my other WoD characters. Anyone has any idea why my heirlooms wont show up on my legion characters? Or do I need to do something else other than just purchasing them?
  9. There is missing heirlooms,in guild vendor. missing legs and helms for druids,rogues,monks,shamans and hunters. Missing Kor`kron anihilator,i do not know if people have report this bug. REputation ,with pandas are impossible to make,tabard of Huojin not works.I do not know,if does it have any point,reporting these bugs in the bug tracker. Thank you.
  10. Today i started levelling with one of mine friend,i have a full main set of heirlooms he just had instance's dropps;in the time of 2 instances he over levelled me of 1 level....soo or he got a buff of exp or my heirlooms are bugged. Pls check this and try to fix because I spend time and gold for them but now it was wasted. P.s. sorry for my English but try to understand
  11. I saw that it is possible to switch Item WoD-on Legion specifically Heirlooms. Can someone explain to me how it works? Thx
  12. So, since there are very few active 85-89 twinks on Taran'Zhu I wanted to transfer a twink to Rassharom and also lvl a new twink there. I thought this shouldnt be a problem, since herilooms are supposed to be BoA and not Bind-to-Server. Which they apparently are. Same goes for the ilvl 471 weapons from archaeology which should be BoA. I cannot send them to another server, which is a bit of a let-down Even when Typing "[name]-Rassharom" It will just ignore the server name and send it to the character with the same name (if already existent) on my current server. Is there any chance this will get changed? I really would be able to communicate more through the realms. In best case even through chat, but if not that maybe at least through the post-system. Not just - even if mainly - for the Acc-Bound items, but also to maybe get a bit of a better interaction between the different server's players. Especially in bg's it's very annoying that everyone is doing his/her own thing and at best people insult each other in different languages. So please, PLEASE make some changes in this area. Thanks for reading.
  13. Hi, I'm just curious about this... on the cataclysm server this worked fine... So I made some alts and sent over some of heirlooms to them. Just because, you know, fun, I was going to transmog my heirlooms to something else so I'm not looking at the original models. BUT for some reason when I try to, nothing happens. Can anyone comment on this? Am I doing something wrong or can you not transmog heirlooms to look like other gear anymore? If that's the case.... well that's sort of lame.
  14. how can we upgrade Heirlooms in Grommash PVP? i need to update to lvl 100.
  15. I'm unaware if this needs to be formatted like other forums are, but here is an entire list of suggestions for this server that would make things very easy for all of us: 1) Add more portals near Alliance and Horde bases, thus making it easier to travel for new players. 1a.) OR, teach each player every flight path upon creation. Something like that. I would say a teleportation stone, but that would need quite a bit of scripting and it would have to be not usable in combat or battlegrounds. Or, make the teleports from the stone have a 20 second cast time? 2) Fix more of the quests for players that are still leveling 2a.) OR, add leveling zones where players can just AoE kill mobs. All of the content that players look forward to is at level 100. I understand that they can donate for level 100 premades (I did myself), but in a sense, it ruins the fun. Leveling zones are at least enjoyable. I also understand it would cut the server short of a lot of money, but even with a leveling zone or zones, it would still take two to three hours or more. 3) Offer starting heirlooms for 1st-time players, that's another solution to the leveling. I've helped at least 10 or 12 players get heirlooms by buying them for them as well as giving them the money to upgrade their heirlooms to level 90. 4) Please add the rest of the heirlooms that are missing from Guild Vendors. Please. I have 64/80, all maxed to 100! I totally wanna collect each and every one! (APPRECIATION): Whatever you guys do, please don't get rid of transmogging the heirlooms (if you weren't already aware of that). It totally sucks having to run around in dungeon set 1 looking gear until level 60 when you can buy the replica warlord gear and transmog it. And even then, the Warlord/Grand Marshal gear is super boring. I appreciate you guys not removing it! Thank you! 5) Buff Feral Druids? They don't do crap for damage. Really, garbage. 6) Add a system where players can farm gold for Epic iLevel 620-640 gear? Or even rares if they just hit level 100 on their first character? It wouldn't cut money losses much since people love to save time. A lot of the garrison quests are too bugged to gather up the materials for the gear, and PvE isn't very commonplace since a majority of the dungeons aren't working. Ever since the merge, it seems as though 85% of the playerbase is now of a foreign language, thus making it impossible to ever do dungeons/raids with them anyways. It takes weeks, if not months on end, to get the Epic conquest gear depending on faction. Alliance tends to win a lot, I've noticed. 6b.) Or, remove the Arena and BG rating requirements of the epic conquest gear and add gold as a secondary currency? Players can't donate for CQ points nor can they donate for that gear itself. So, only the players that are aware of the bugs of each class on this server and take advantage of that end up getting that gear. It sucks so bad. Why even have the rating requirements if certain classes are still bugged? Having that gear is not a demonstration of skill as long as there are bugs to be had. Heart of the Wild for druids is still not working, for example. And their damage is crap. Sorry to sound insulting or disrespectful towards the server, but it's true. Please remove the rating requirements D': 7) Make WoD dungeons Soloable? As I stated before, there are hardly any English or American players left. Attaining gear has become very monotonous especially on Horde, constantly losing and racking up honor 100 points at a time and RARELY getting CQ points. Creating a Premade group is not an option with the lack of American players. I don't even know what to do. Just be happy with the PvP ilevel 690 gear and getting stomped on? It sucks. There definitely NEEDS to be an alternate gear system, especially as long as many of the classes are still bugged. Check the database for classes that nobody plays? I used to be, single-handedly, the best Resto Druid on the server when it was just Ashran. Many people knew my name then, and I had a good reputation for always helping others. Nowadays, my heals are garbage. Why? I don't understand what happened. I appreciate you taking the time to review this post thoroughly and give each of these ideas a consideration. If it ends up declined, I understand, because it's a list of suggestions, not just one. I hope other players see this as well and hopefully we strike common ground on some of these issues. When's the last time you saw anyone in the PvP iLevel 730 Elite Conquest gear? I have not seen any so far. I'm sure there are some, and I guarantee that their class is nerfed, bugged, or they secretly farmed arenas with a few real life friends and managed to not get caught. Please do something, GM's. My resto druid is suffering from gear deprivation ever since 6.2 has been added :'(
  16. So i was told going to the tournament server you could get ur heirlooms and use them on another server to level up however i tried this some people said it worked some it didnt, another forum post also stated that you could buy them and use / send them in mail to another character on another server, was this changed? can you no longer do that? would like to use heirlooms
  17. Although im exalted with my guild i cannot buy the trousers from the guild vendor at any of the cities however i can buy the other heirlooms (head, cape)