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  1. Hello, Somebody know why i can't apply transmog? Sometimes i can to some items, but sometimes not. Is this a known issue? I have all my transmogs selected, but when I Apply the transmog sound plays but nothing happens. (I have the required levels and gold and all that) relogging also doesn't work Thank you in advance!
  2. Quest bugged : bubbling totem testing/court of zak'rajan disrupted . Location : voldun I've been trying everything to do this quest and it isnt working i found other players and they're saying the same thing,i really need that trinket what should i do? Thanks
  3. Hi ı am 120 lvl ( Felaketler ) . I did Uniting Kul Tiras and Nation Divided mission. I want to start Nazjatar questline for essence etc. But this mission does not pop up. I relog several times but nothing changed. Help me please.
  4. Hallo, ich wollte mal fragen, wie Ihr Eure Lag-Probleme in Raids oder in Gebieten, wo die AOE-Party steigt, in den Griff bekommt? Hier mal meine Einstellungen, mit denen ich recht gut zocken kann. Ja es gibt hier und da mal ein oder zwei Lags, aber es sind keine dauernden Standbilder. Vielleicht habt ihr ja schon Erfahrungen gesammelt bzgl. einiger Einstellungsoptionen und ob diese hier auf dem Server funktionieren. Hier mal meine Einstellungen: Meine Standardeinstellungen: Meine Einstellungen im System unter Erweitert Meine "Raid"-Einstellungen: Hier bin ich mir NICHT sicher, ob FS diese überhaupt übernimmt. Da ich keine großen grafischen Änderungen/Abweichungen feststellen konnte, im Vergleich zu meinen Standardeinstellungen. Es würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ihr der deutschen Community auf dem Server mitteilen könnt, welche Regler/Einstellungen bei euch eine Minderung von Lags bewirkt haben. LG Neo
  5. Hi there, my name is Waaghrocka, I am playing on Sylvanas and learned enchanting. Now I'd need a copper rod. But I am too poor, to buy one in the auction house. So is there anyone with a heart for low level players who is able to send me a copper rod? I'd be very grateful. I excuse me, if this post is in a wrong topic. I did not find a better one.
  6. hellow , i have big problem on story quest val ' sharah i left 2 story http://www.wowhead.com/quest=38691/jarods-mission and http://www.wowhead.com/quest=38721/lieutenant-of-the-tower but i cant find a quest for complate this , waht to do ? video -
  7. So after completing all the quests in Mardum, I'm left with this one, "The Keystone", and we have to kill the Brood Queen Tyranna, but she has 111K and I'm just one, so how am I suppost to progress?
  8. Hi guys , i finished the quests as i saw in youtube videos to gain the abillity to buy the "netherwing" drake , i couldn't buy them and the orcs weren't neutral with me. can someone help me with it?
  9. Hello everyone ! Straight to the point , I wanted to get the Disc of the Red Flying Cloud , to do that I went to Pandaria and started collecting all the scrolls needed to get my Lorewalker's reputation to exalted . At some point my inventory was full so when I got one achievement I didn't get the item that gives the quest to get my reputation . Normally in that situation I believe I should be getting it in the mail but I didn't so now I'm stuck at 18900/21000 reputation even tho I have all the achivements needed to get it exalted . I tried to create a ticket in game but i couldn't it says 'error creating a gm ticket' when I try it . so please can i get some help from a gm ? Otherwise what should I do . Thank you
  10. Hey guys, I've just started playing BfA here and wanted to download ElvUI, I've tried different versions but none worked. Couldn't find any version archive either. Anyone of you found or is using an ElvUI version that works?
  11. So, I recently started leveling a DK on here. All the quests were normal until one quest, where you needed to get into a mine cart and kill 100 crusade members. I got into the mine cart and I wasn't dragged along with the dwarf that was supposed to drag it. I am stuck, is there anyway I can still level my Dk? I see other people with 110 DKs, so what do I do?
  12. Hello another topic about discord unban im very sorry for this but one moderator say i must talk to Otacon on discord but when i send him few messages he stop talk with me and i dont know now what can i do.
  13. I get ban for toxic nice cuz i want to get in 8.2 ptr seems nice can i get unban please?
  14. Hello, I picked zuldazar as a start zone from scouting map, I've done every single quest that can be done so far. I get friendly status. Literally I travelled everywhere in zuldazar and seek quests. There is no quests left. I can still see exclamation marks on my map but when I head them, there is no one who gives quests. Besides I had to be friendly with Nazmir for proceed world quests. That leads us another problem, scouting map doesnt give the quest that starts other quests on that region. Help please. #Elantrialeth (Horde)
  15. Hello there, Well, not only I have this problem in game. When I did a 30-70 dungeons I que as heal/dps. Im almost always as healer and my heal isnt enough. I thought that maybe I'm bad with healer or my eq isnt good but I see priests, druids, shamans. Even peoples with heirlooms etc. they are doing what they can as healer, but its not enough. I dont know how its on top levels, but Im already on Lich King dungeons 70lv. (as monk healer). Btw not only on dungeons. It seems like mobs on WHOLE server deals incredible damage.
  16. Hello, i boosted a character of mine to 110, after that i startet the first Q for BFA.After a few Q i was inside the Q "Out like Flynn" for the warkampagne. I realised that i am 110 but i have no gear. So i abadoned the q and get some gear. After i had noe some gear i cant find the q anymore and i cant start other q...... i need serious help here
  17. Help me
  18. Hello everyone, Im pretty fresh to the game, as soon as i started i just become obsessed with demon hunter class. (i started wow with firestorm, never played before) My question is : Can i drop Blades of Azzinoth with my 107 lvl Demon Hunter? I've tried portal from blasted lands to outlands since i can't enter the dungeon because of my lvl. I Tried Orgrimmar portal to Outlands in order to get to the dungeon. But it appearently didn't work.
  19. For full disclosure I downloaded the full client... I don't get past the language selection prompt. Also, something pops up asking me to choose a program with which to start the application? Since there is no such program I can only click on look in store and I can't just close that window at all.
  20. Me and my friend were playing and both got thrown out of the game, we were able then log in but upon choosing the server, we got thrown out again. Don't think the problem is on our side, since we're in different locations and on different networks and both got thrown out simultaneously. 9.6.2019
  21. We need subsections for the rest of the classes here, I can only see Demon hunter section.
  22. transfer

    Hello I started playing Wow arround a week ago with a friend. We started in Legion because we though BFA would be very buggy as it is a beta yet. Now, we want to transfer our legion characters to BFA bc there is more people active than in legion. I read in the firestorm forum that character copy will be implemented soon in the latest expansion. Is there a stimated date for character copy to be implemented in bfa? We dont really want to keep playing in legion if we wont be able to transfer our char to bfa anytime soon.
  23. Where is my God? aka Boris. Boris is a really holy cow and dont disrespect Boris, because he is gonna curse you!!!!
  24. I'm on the Fun server known as Greymane, as it seems to lack both it's own forum for questions, and other such things I wanted to ask how does one aquire the Might of Grizzlemaw skin? I've looked on the Shop (Hopefully I didn't miss it.) and didn't see it, also the Mage Temple is 100% empty so I can't do the Highlord's Return as I was planning, I'd just like to know as it is my favorite skin, and if anyone knows a method to please post it here.
  25. Everytime I try to launch Wow BFA off the launcher a black box would appear and then crash saying "Wow Not Responding!" This has been a constant error, and if it does launch it won't let me log into the server a box pops up saying something like Wow51900319. I followed all the steps to play BFA on this private server correctly and it still happens. I've reinstalled numerous times and restarted my pc countless other times. Help!