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Found 153 results

  1. I have a lvl 84 alliance character and i'd like to travel to pandaria and start questing there. How can i get there? Is there a ship or a portal that i have to use?
  2. Hello . Im Mamincicek. I had account Mamincicek but now when i want play wow and i get my email and password it wrote Your username/password incorrect... I dont know why ... im sure mail and password is right but... please admins people help me with that . My account was my live ... On this account i had Mamincicek warlock demonology and scondary spec was demonology and it was my mine . next was DK Strykomorbid worgen and shaman troll Strykojano. PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE. AND SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH . I get here images from leveling and gearing.
  3. I have tried downloading both the minimal and full client for slyvannas and greymane but every time i try to start the game, both firestorm and firestorm_64 i get this error message and nothing happens. Does anyone know of a fix?
  4. hello, I would like to ask how to get the 800 points in BS without the required recipes. And without the dark moon island? Any ideas? I did not get the second rank recipes for the damoincsteal craftsmanship. br Neosilver
  5. Currently the Recruit a Friend system works really weird. It only work with the FIRST character your recruit makes. After that it does not work if they are to delete it if they find themselves not liking it and wanna roll something else. Horrible design choice in my personal opinion. I'm going to suggest a better way to have this system working instead of the way it currently works because it is really flawed. No matter what it should work on any char we make. There needs to be rules in place to prevent abuse. For example. Let the recruit a friend work on any character we make and level with our recruit. After the first time 1-110s. The second leveling process only gives certain bonuses since you have already completed it once. Take away the legendary bonus (SHARE YOUR LUCK) from RAF for second time levelers that have completed 1 round of 1-110 withing their 90 day grace period. This will ensure there isn't abuse with people just pushing as many chars to 110 with RAF and trying to get legendary s on all of them. Yea, sure we could remove other bonuses and streamline it for second timers but this is the biggest one. This really needs to be considered because my son and I decided to level something different and now we can't because of how the system works now which makes no sense at all.
  6. hellow , i have big problem on story quest val ' sharah i left 2 story and but i cant find a quest for complate this , waht to do ? video -
  7. Hello guys, I was doing the shadowmourne questline, to be exact i just had collected 50 Shadowfrost Shards for, so when i gave in the quest i was reading the RP part of the quest and then i got disconected i guess server crashed... so i log back on and i haven't got the new quest and my 50 Shadowfrost shards and i can't accept a new quest because it's not there help me please.
  8. My chat is broken, i got a game crash, and when i logged back in i can still see world_en chat everyone else types, but i cannot type anything, i type /1 /2 /3 /4 /5 whatever channel before the message and nothing happens, it doesn't convert to the chat channel like it's supposed to do anymore. i've tried /leave 1-5 and relogging nothing has worked so far.
  9. Hello i have problem with my garrison, there are no NPCs but i need them to obtain some items, please fix my garrison, it happened when i transfered from Gul'dan to Sylvanas and from Alliance to Horde, but now i need garrison so i beg you to sort this bug out, thanks Nick - Skinnypimp
  10. So i loged today and this poped out :
  11. Hi I'm really short on gold and have been struggling to get more. I want to know if anyone knows which location is the most efficient for farming gold solo.
  12. Hi, my Ulduar is completely empty, there is nothing interactive inside. Both 10 and 25 man version. I did manage to get in once and kill some bosses. Next time I tried it, it was completely empty. Waiting for lock reset did not help. Did anyone else encounter this? Any ideas how to repair it? First three images are from 10man, remaining two are from 25man. Notice shadows of 'towers' in picture 3. But no towers visible.... Thanks
  13. I was trying to follow the quest line to get my garisson upgraded in draenor and it was not working. But that is not the biggest problem. I logged out and when I tried to log back in, the app crashed with a critical error. The worst part is that this happened in two different freaking computers so I know it's not my laptop's problem. Can anybody help me please!
  14. Hi, I'm looking for a warlock. My Ulduar instance is bugged(no NPCs inside), so I thought I'd try this - have people go inside their instance of Ulduar(with NPCs) and try to summon me inside via ritual of summoning(and hopefully fix the damn Ulduar with this). Anyone up for it? I'm willing to give something small from engineering(maybe a thermal anvil?) to everyone participating if this works.
  15. what should I do when I can not push things through the mailbox?
  16. A quest named "Let sleeping giants lie" in aszuna shipwreck arena is bugged and i am asking for help. The chest required to open to complete the quest in always flagged as busy no matter what i do. Please help me
  17. Hi guys, i'have a big problem, in legion in the DK's enclave the teleport for upstair doesn't go and i can't upgrade my artifact....ideas? IGN: Canepazzo
  18. We need subsections for the rest of the classes here, I can only see Demon hunter section.
  19. I cant place a battle pet in a slot because i ''Logged in too many times'' Can someone help me fix this plaz love u
  20. Stuck in connecting, stuck in looking for an update. Any tips ?
  21. Ok ,,,my dad got 2 ilvl910 items ,,he got it in normal EoA Dungeon at the end. that was his 2nd he ever got, his 1st one was 3rd time completing 4 quests for CoF. I checked other players. i checked about 20 of them,,, all that had at least 1 item ilvl910 were DHs. I don't get it rly... I never get a legendary nor I know how to get it,,help please?
  22. Help me please i try everything and still this error only in legion other wow version no problem
  23. So i put an artifact research note and when it got rdy i couldnt take it from its spot i try relog,reload and i even restart the game but nothing happend...Im stuck at lvl 17 of artifact knowledge can someone help me unbug it somehow ????
  24. Is there a way that I can get the full game client? I can't use torrents anymore because I got caught so now, I have to get software like this from any other means. While the launcher does work the issue is obvious. The game takes forever to download while playing, and the gameplay suffers greatly from it. Any help?
  25. greetings to all of you im having an idk problem my connection is alright im not lagging but the npcs here in the blood elf starting zone are unknown and there are no quests anywhere