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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, there is currently an issue on your WoD server where it says "There is no connection to the cross-server" whenever anybody tries to queue 2v2,3v3,bg,rbg or anything. We cannot even send tickets to GMs. I see nobody has reported this issue but funnily enough players have enough time to report players, sad times we live in. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I've been farming whole day tons of herbs on my warlock with Herbalism and Inscription to make 500 Rogue Decks to farm Darkmoon reputation.. When I use the item it works well, quest window pops up and then i can summon the npc and complete the quest... HOWEVER, on my priest, where i need the reputation, I cannot use the item for some reason.. Just cannot click it.. Item should require only lvl 10, but SHOULD NOT require inscription, but seems it does.. On my inscription char i can use it, but on my priest ( tailoring / enchanting ) I cannot.. It's the last thing to do for me to get Insane in the Membrane.. and I dont wanna get rid of neither of my proffesions for five minutes for inscription since i have a lot of recipes taught on my tailoring and enchanting.. Please fix it (y) Thanks