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  1. greetings i wanna ask if you are going to do something with bugged damage of hunter or not ?
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to have Firestorm Developers take a look at state of which hunters are in right now. Marksmanship hunters in particular. There have been plenty of reports about hunters (mostly MM, some BM) not working correctly. The bugs that occur are very crucial and cripple hunter's DPS by a huge ammount. As a non-hunter player even I would think that's an issue. There has been barely any reported fixes in changelog if it comes to hunters. Let me point out few of the bugs and explain how crucial they are for hunter's DPS: ===================================================== MAJOR BUGS ===================================================== 1. Hunter's Mark bug. So there's two parts to it: When you get your Hunter's Mark buff and then you cast either Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot your buff disappears and Hunter's Mark is not applied. This is very crucial for hunter's DPS as if you don't apply Hunter's Mark you can't use Marked Shot which puts Vulnerable debuff onto the target. Aimed shot is hunter's main source of damage. Hunter's Mark buff proc rate is way too low. Not gonna bother to point out everything here as It has been reported by Learntofly on bugtracker with provided math and logs. In general: the proc should be scaling with your haste and there's pretty much guaranteed ammount of procs per minute (based on looking at tons of logs from retail) and on our realm it procs like two times less often. 2. Auto shot bug. Auto shot often stops working during boss fights. It just stops or stutters - works every now and then. Keep in mind that the auto shots have the chance to proc Hunter's Mark buff. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Hunter's Mark is bugged in the first place! Also, because of it you lose DPS slightly as well because even though auto shot doesn't do that much damage it should be doing consistent damage. ===================================================== MINOR BUGS ===================================================== 1. Cyclonic burst bug. While Live Legion Changelog says it has been fixed it actually is not. It barely worked before, it works a little bit now but I'm sure a lot of hunters noticed "evade" during boss fights - yeah that's fixed Cyclonic burst not hitting the boss. Sometimes it deals damage and sometimes bosses just evade it. 2. Disengage bug. You often disengage in wrong direction. Period. ======================================================================================================================= TLDR: Hunters are bugged to the point where people often won't invite you to the group if they find out you're hunter (doesn't matter the gear, talking about 920+ hunter here). Their crucial damage source is bugged. To Firestorm Developers: Please, hear the hunters. I know you're doing your best to fix the bugs and there's tons of them but looking at changelog constantly and finding out you've fixed shaman's Ghost Wolf appearance bug while having such critical bugs regarding class actual gameplay and playstyle is just killing the hope of all hunters. To fellow Hunters: Stay strong, unite and let me hear your voice here. The more of us rant, perhaps the bigger chance of the staff hearing us. If you have something to add - feel free. I'm sure I've missed a lot. Perhaps someone else can provide more in-depth information. Links to the bugtracker reports: - Learntofly's report on disengage. - Learntofly's report on Hunter's Mark proc rate. - Rattoyy's report on auto shot. - Ekono's report on Hunter's Mark applying bug.
  3. Hi everyone, Anyone knows how to complete "(Champions of legionfall) killcredit bunny slain"? thank you
  4. wow good job on the fixes there at fireshit server you did a bug fix for fury warriors on single minded fury... bravo meanwhile you leave the hunter damage bugs alone ? 100k power shots and 100-150k chimera shots #1 2v2 arena is a hunter and there are 4 in the top 10 and NO warriors ... yea sounds like MOP lol this server is complete shit and has a terrible rep online because of the gay owners not fixing hunters this is a very unmop like server for pvp.... hope you lose biz and go offline you shit server
  5. Ok, so we went arenas with friend on MoP... It was all good until we got BM Hunters. Seriously. What the duck. 56k Kill Command w/o crit. 31k Arcane Shot crit. And his burst... At the start of the arena, my friend had 611k hp... Maybe in cca 3 seconds, he was on like 5% HP. (I'd say the hunter was undergeared a little too - he had 580k HP with Priest's stamina buff). His pet is totally overpowered too. I don't think that 33k Claw is ok. (If the pet had lower attack speed, it would be acceptable. Pet's autoattacks have cca 0.5s intervals...) The first - 4 million damage - he did that in 4 minutes. The second - nearly 6 million damage - he did that in 7 minutes. (We ran like crazy). Do something with it, plzs. qq
  6. Will you fix hunters for good finally? This is crazy...I'm sick of being oneshotted by overscaling abilities of that damned class. Like seriously? All devs here are maining an hunter and that's why they have only positive bugs? Barrage leaving you with 50% hp in 3 sec, Bm pets whites doing more damage than mines and now even Murder of Crows critting for 16k per tick! And not to say 60% of players in bg are hunters, always topping damage charts even with no gear. Will a dev please answer me? Are those bugs so difficult to spot and hotfix?? I'm seriously thinking to leave as it's impossible to pvp at the moment with all the kids rerolling to this broken class: the icing on the cake is the infinite root bug, you might as well delete all other classes and leave hunter as the sole available and then rename the server to Hunterstorm.