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Found 6 results

  1. Hello i have question i want to buy t20 and few more items from shop but thay are now 940 item lvl and ToS still need more boss After opening all boss and mythic mode items in shop will have ilvl more than 940?
  2. Hey guys, i have few questions about Greymane PVP realm, if you can help me i would be very grateful to you. 1. question: How do you obtain better gear on this server? 2. question: How do you obtain transmog sets on this server? That would be it, if you can answer these questions, please, feel free to reply. Thanks !
  3. Hello i wanted to ask does anyone know how works mythic plus item drop works? Because im getting 865 items from 10+ mythics
  4. problem

    I play with fury warrior and my artifact weapon (Warswords of the Valarjar) is ilvl 754, but i put 15 point traits, 2 relics, one fire and one storm but my ilvl is still 754. What i need to do to get higher ilvl on my artifact weapon?
  5. Hi community, this is more of an question than any topic. I'd like to ask you, is there any possibility to upgrade my legendaries ilvls? Because i got 3 legendaries and all of them unluckily are 910ilvl and when i took a look at anyone else's legendaries, they are all ilvls 940. So i mean, yeah, there could be some RNG getting only 910 instead of 940, but 3 times in a row?
  6. Like the title says I have just reached level 100 but I cant do any of the dungeons in the dungeon finder because my ilvl is too low, and a majority of the quests are broken. Does anyone know where I can mob farm for gear to get me to at least 510 so I can start doing dungeon finder or something? Any advice is much appreciated because my guild wants to start raiding soon and I want get geared for that asap. Thanks in advance. (: