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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there. I am completely new to this community (regardless of realms and expansions I am going to play) and just wanted to shoot you all a quick hello as I've just registered about 10 to 15 minutes ago, not even sure. My name is Milan and I am from Serbia, currently about to start playing on Warlords of Draenor expansion. On another hand, I have to admit that I am impressed with the ways things are done here. For example my first impression was the "Post a patch" section on the forums, where developers actually work alongside the community to improve overall quality of game-play and experience. Another impression came from the removal of voting sites, a topic which I also read with a smile on my face. A lot of things seem to be fair and well done on the outside, but yeah, as I'm about to hop into the server I suppose more interesting shockers are on the way. Anyhow, hello everyone! :3
  2. New guy here, impressions from starter zones are fantastic so far, I like old content so here`s to hoping quality stays as I progress, Cheers all and cya in game Kudos to devs, amazing work!
  3. Hello hello! i might not be the newest player around here but i just thought to myself when i saw this introduction thingie: DO IT! JUST, DO IT! and here i am now so i'm a norwegian gamer, spending most of my time dying in bgs and insulting people in stormwind, well, of course when i ain't bot-raging on hots. as you might already have noticed by looking at my account, i'm a human unholy death knight, co-gm of the guild "Legacy" i'm also the guy that got bugged and ended up with a giant skeleton even tho i'm using glyph of the geist of course, it just had to end up laying on the side... fucking phone photos... anyway so this is my setup and my character wearing the custom mog i made... btw the name of my main is Akromyx, i used to main a rogue called Placeholder but i got bored of him, even tho he's ilvl 662 but i guess that's it for me... -Akromyx