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Found 10 results

  1. So I just downloaded Legion and can't seem to log in. I'm coming from Garrosh, never had any problems logging in, and all my log in info is correct. I'm getting the BLZ51901001 error every single time, after following all the fixes I could find on the forum. Am I missing something? Is the log in process somehow different on this server than it was on past servers, which worked pretty much perfectly? Like I said, my log in info is correct. And there is definitely nothing wrong with any of my network settings or OS problems (I'm on mac, if that means anything)... since all that was suggested as a fix for this on the support forum. Hope I can find out how to actually get in game from someone here... thanks!
  2. Hey, I have found that Affliction warlocks have some issues. First off the active spell for the Affliction Artifact is not working at all. Also the Legendary Ring that I got does not give a second talent that it promises. Also whenever I respawn in battlegrounds, my pet dies and becomes a guardian that i cannot control. I have to re summon it. Also in duels I have found that soul shards sometimes do not regenerate. I found this out when I dueled a paladin who went into an arena mid way through the duel and then we redueled and my soul shards would not regen or even reset from 0. I had to relog to fix it. Please help.
  3. I have downloaded the latest version of the Firestorm launcher from the website https://firestorm-servers.com/en/welcome/play But when I launch it it says "Téléchargement de la mise à jour." (why French?! why?!) and stays at about 10% loading forever... At least I presume so, as I have googled the issue and found a topic on a French forum which said that there is a bug with the launcher with the latest version, and the guy recommended downloading a Mists of Pandaria launcher... I understood that what he meant was "download an older version of the launcher which should work fine". In any case, unfortunate for me, I have a MacBook Pro, which, I know, is not for gaming, but it has the specs for WOW Legion, so... googling for a solution leads you in 99% of the cases to a Windows-related solution, but not Mac. I would very much like to download the full game for Mac and then just change the WOW server, but, alas, every torrent out there is for Windows. So, no torrent, no launcher = no game. And I would very much like to understand whether: 1) there is no full WOW Legion client for Mac?! only download as you play? 2) is anyone else having an issue with the launcher? will this be fixed? are there workarounds? 3) is there any way to download the game in background, and not as you play? (even with highspeed internet playin the game is a nightmare when it is loading content all of the time) Thank you!
  4. After the login menu, I got this blackscreen issue.
  5. I appear to have 5-7 minute load screens on everything past the character list/create screen. I haven't play on this server at all, but I could only imagine how that would affect instanced scenarios like dungeons or arenas and battlegrounds. Has anyone discovered a fix to this issue yet? Looked all over the forums for a response, but all threads I saw have been closed without direct staff answers. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Why has Sylvanas offline I am just curious and Hope it isn't blizz
  7. Hi, when I installed Warlords, I thought that when I torrented and installed that I would not have to worry about any background downloads while I play because I downloaded the full game torrent, is there by any chance a way to do a preload so I don't have to suffer background content downloads?
  8. Just got a surface pro 4 and downloaded 2.4.3 client but the cursor doesn't follow my mouse! The touch screen and pen sort of work but it pans and rotates my screen wildly. Would really rather just use a mouse lol Any help is appreciated!
  9. Greeting Firestorm Believe or not I`ve lost 5 pets in my Hunter. Any ideas why ? and how can it be solved? Everytime u log in your pet automatically stays next to you, and when you relog this pet wont stay next to the character any more, it disapears. Like I abandoned him. Long story - short, when this problem will be solved and should I keep playing for hunter or wait for next update? Thanks.
  10. There's been a post on the bugtracker site for over a month now, regarding the fact that only one profession item can be made at a time. This is quite frustrating, especially when creating large volumes of cloth for instance. Is there any way to fix this? If you give the option to 'just drop the profession and start over', I require that you reinstate the level I am currently on (600) and all the items I have learned to make. It concerns my main character Xycaryn on Taran'Zhu, with the tailoring profession.