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  1. Add S.E.L.F.I.E Camera to shop Add S.E.L.F.I.E Camera to shop Add S.E.L.F.I.E Camera to shopAdd S.E.L.F.I.E Camera to shopAdd S.E.L.F.I.E Camera to shop
  2. So, I've started this topic last two days and I got a reply from a moderator, saying that it was fixed. The Nether Disruptor was destroyed that time, today, it was rebuilt and I was able to get the quest "Boon of the Nether Disruptor" again, hoping that the item "Armorcrafter's Commendation" wouldn't vanish from my bags again, unfortunately, it did. It still did. I wonder if I am the only one experiencing this, anyone else? Blacksmiths? Tailors? Leatherworkers?.
  3. i have played in firestrom for 787 hours and got 1 legendary item ! i did a lot of dongons , raids, pvps and emissary quests and still just one ! my main essue here is the drop rate is soo random is infair to some payers because some new players who made thier caractair with boris have more legendaries than others who played fo so long so plz if you can fix this problem witch is making some players feeling like the game is not rewarding them enough for investing such time in it and make them stop playing it .
  4. Ok ,,,my dad got 2 ilvl910 items ,,he got it in normal EoA Dungeon at the end. that was his 2nd he ever got, his 1st one was 3rd time completing 4 quests for CoF. I checked other players. i checked about 20 of them,,, all that had at least 1 item ilvl910 were DHs. I don't get it rly... I never get a legendary nor I know how to get it,,help please?
  5. Basically, I've created a report on the bugtracker about this Shadow Priest Legendary(Zeks Exterminatus) not working. Would apreciate if you could upvote it. Bugtracker link: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/48288 Best regards, Agronnak
  6. Character: Elnara, Expansion: Legion. I was rewarded a 840 ilvl ring with 700+ Haste and 1000+ Versatility from a random battleground. A few hours later after finishing a random battleground the ring disappeared from the equipped items. Just vanished. Not even in the bags.
  7. I come to Auction House to sell item: Teebu's Blazing Longsword (http://www.wowhead.com/item=1728/teebus-blazing-longsword) When I put item, and click on "Create Auction" - I get the RED message on mid of screen: "The item was not found.", and you can see it in my bag.. I try to relog, to resend item to other character etc - but nothing help. What's going on?
  8. Good day! Yesterday after restart my BG Shoulders is gone! I spent my time to get them again. BUT! Today then i login to game again, my Chest from BG and Legs from BG is gone too!!! Please fix that!!! After dissapearing no one's from GM or DEVS dont want restoring items! Fix pls that problem!!!! Its not normal!!!
  9. Hello , i tried to farm for transmog items in dungeons and raids , but the bosses dont drop any loot. For example , i just ran Sulfuron Spire and killed all the bosses and nothing dropped , only 1 silver per boss. The same thing in Black Temple and other raids and dungeons. Am i bugged or this is something that is normal in this realm?
  10. Title: Old dungeon items drop Type: In-game Description: Realm: Sylvanas The problem is that old dungeon/raid bosses drop only 1 item like Legion ones, I would suggest to revert it like it was before for old dungeons, because is impossibile to farm transmog or mounts now, the probabilities that one slot will contain the mount or piece you're eager to get for your transmog is infinitesimal. Is not fair for new people that haven't a char to copy from other servers. Thanks in advance.
  11. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. Please could you add items to the shop that aren't part of a set? For example in the transmog section I really wanted to get http://www.wowhead.com/item=14554/cloudkeeper-legplates but I can't because they're not in the shop and you only have item sets I know that's quite a lot of items but even if you just add all the transmog gear from dungeons/raids that would be great. I'm sure a lot more people would be transmogging if this was implemented.
  12. So, after I tried several locations on timeless isle, darkmoon isle and kunlai summit... according to wowhead and I did not fish any crates... Could anyone be so kind to give an exact locations where [Darkmoon Firewater] can be fished on Taranzhu?
  13. The Holy Paladin heirloom chestpiece (Pristine Lightforge Breastplate) is not sold at the vendor it is supposed to be sold at, Krom Stoutarm <Heirloom Curator>. I'd appreciate if you put this into the correct forum, if this isn't it.