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  1. lag

    I have big lag on Sethraliss realm ....
  2. Greetings to everyone, I recently came to this server and downloaded your mini client. Since i did that and started playing i have 150 ms (not more or less) im playing on many other servers with different server locations and countries but my MS was always fine. Since this isn't playable , can some1 give me an answer or way how to fix this? It's been like 1 week since im here and my ms doesn't fall down. My game is fully downloaded but my MS doesn't disappear. Thank you
  3. Probably this topic is so Frequent But I really Want to know If this is normal. Hi EveryOne.. Im new In the server and I would like to ask about the lag.. I have a good conection and Fiber optic but I Constantly I have Lag... 290 or 400 and word 400 or 390. Is this normal or not? I life In Costa Rica,LatinAmerica ,Im really exicted For playing Legion If anyone have the resolution or think that lag is normaly for playing confrotable let me Know Below. thnks for your attention. ( sorry my english is not so good)
  4. Hey Guys! I Just started playing today. I am level 5 right now, and I've noticed my lag is around 195ms. I connected to the USA servers, and I live in the USA, but I don't know why it feels so laggy. Do you guys have any tips on reducing latency? Thank You!
  5. Hello, Does anyone have an estimate as to when the server may be stable to play? As of now after updating fully I am only able to play for 5 minutes before getting disconnected, at which time I have to restart my computer to open Firestorm again. How long has it taken on other patches? Is there any way to get notifications for stability (e.g., an thread about the server update by Firestorm themselves)? Thanks
  6. So, you have upgraded to 7.3.5 and you are experiencing this horrible FPS. Here is what you need to do: 1. Download the full torrent from the website. Do not attempt to update (7.1.5 to 7.3.5) or download the client from blizzard. Just get the torrent. There is no way around it. 2. Check your graphics settings ingame. Press Esc->System->Graphics and lower your graphics settings if you have a low end computer. 3. Update all your addons to 7.3.5. This is important. Note: I have tried the 7.1.5 to 7.3.5 update method. I could not move around the map at all. I was at 2-3 fps. The blizzard client does not allow you to download the full game. You would download around 40-42GB only, and you would have to download the rest ingame, which would lag you.
  7. Character name : Genei Realm : Sylvanas So when I'm playing I usually have between 50 and 70 ping but the moment I enter a battle ground or a raid my ping in game goes up to around 1300, I use the ping command to test it and it's 52 so it's not a problem from my internet connection, and when I leave it goes back to normal. Also I noticed that this problem only occurs on this character, my other reroll don't have this issue.
  8. Hello, well the topic its simple, irrrational lag, since one week ago, i'm i pretty annoying lag problem while my intenet connection its perfect, it is NOT fps problems and o already tryed that tool on the page about enable proxy, and i got just slightly better but still impossible to make anything, and i am pretty sure i am not the only one who have this problem, so i'm looking for solutions
  9. The problem is I have an issue about my latency in specific location. 1. When in town (Orgrimmar, Dalaran), sometime my latency get 3-15k ms sometime it between 100-200 ms. 2. When playing on random battleground my latency is normal before meet enemy, when there's an enemy even one I can't even use my skill. It's very lag. 3. What happen in battleground also happen when I'm doing RDF. 4. My latency is normal if outside the area mention above. This happen when I'm reach 110, before that I'm level up my character with no issue and no one using my internet connection. I'm downloading the full client through torrent. I'm living in Indonesia, someone said it's because the distance of server and my location. But I think my internet is good enough. I have 3 mb/s download speed. Please help me. Thank you.
  10. Hello im new to this server and recently lelveled up to 110 and started noticing that my latency is not going below 150 ms. Is this normal? My internet speed is 50 mps with 1 ping and im from Bulgaria is the problem from me and is there a way to lower my latency?
  11. Is anyone else having issues with signing into Sylvanas? It's telling me it is incompatible and Disconnects me before I can even get in. Just wondering if the server is down currently or if it's just me.
  12. Hello guys I am new here. I just want to ask what ping do you usually play with, cuz im not used to playing with 100+ ping.
  13. Just wants to express my feeling towards the admin among the community. WE love what the staffs are working with but it's seems that the staffs, not all of them, are sometimes abusing their powers over silly matter. for example,Global chatters banned for the normal chat spam jokes like thunderfury blessed blade of the windseeker..... and our guild leader was banned for saying "Hail Hitler" in the chat, he's a kind a person that Hitler will put in the gas chamber right after the Jews. Reasons for bans are sometimes so absurd
  14. i have a 4meg line a good laptop other wows good ffs but this one i get like 20 to 40 game freezes alot really putting me off and ive tried tricks to better it but still bad any help or advice??
  15. Hello, firestorm! Sorry if I'm in a wrong category. I'm new here starting with my friend in the Legion server, and I have a question about this ping problem. My account is delayed with +100~500 ping rather than my friend's. It's pretty weird because we've tested on the same computer, same condition and everything, except his account is quite old and mine is not. Would it make difference? Plz help! I wanna play here
  16. First i thought it is my installed wow the problem, but no it isn't...It is something with my character...On my pc and my wow i tried to play with my current Main Anvenya but it would lag and kick me out and "crush server"...My friends from other countries told me server crushed excatly after i joined with my main...did any kills,trying to ride mount...For my dad much quests are available in Legion parts, but for me no, i have done only 2 quests in Azsuna and 3rd didn't want to work...When i join with any other character It works fine, With my main which had problems playing after transfer from Garrosh/WOD to Sylvanas/Legion...I found out by others my character makes server crushes,...I tried to go to Unstuck but it was same, after i deleted data,but it was same,It always shows it is "Loading" parts, i need to wait about 3minutes to enter Legion parts,and my dad needs to wait 15 seconds or less, I found out there is nothing else I can do about it so i need staff's help as soon as possible cause my character is not playable..Thank you
  17. As the title states, i've noticed that ever since changelog #31 was released, i've been bombarded with massive latency while in battlegrounds and in raids. It first began with the tentacles from the helya encounter and ever since then ive been getting enormous amounts of latency. Its very noticeable while raiding as it skyrockets to from 2k to 7.5k. I've attempted to restart my router, renew my IP, switch from wifi to ethernet cord. Nothing seems to fix this issue. I've seen some other players having latency issues as well, others told me in a snarky manner that it's my crappy net. Anyone else experiencing this?
  18. Hello guys. When i started playing on the Sylvanas-Legion server, i noticed that my ms has increased a lot. It is not normal because on other servers I played with 200/300 ms, but here, without player near i play with 600/700 ms, in Battlegrounds my ms increase to 20k +. This does not just happen to me, it happens to almost everyone on the server. I want complete Battlegrounds, but with this lag is impossible. We need of a better host!
  19. Stop bugs Destr.Warlock room every 3sec, And Same Frost DK Stop bugs damage DH and Arcane Mage! Stop lag skill and server Where fix WQ? nothing fix Stop stay only need FIX ADDONS! JUST ALL NEED FIX AND STOP VERY LONG NOTHING FIX!
  20. It's all morning the server is constantly lagging like crazy, it's unplayable just restart it damn, Gms as clueless as always...
  21. Read title. I can live with content being bugged and not working but the lag ruins the immersion and experience on the server. The server is presented in such a way to make it look top quality, but logging in and playing on the server proves otherwise. What are the specs of the server? Where is it hosted? We've got a decent community here so maybe we can all chip in a dollar/euro/zimbabwe currency or whatever to upgrade it so it performs better.
  22. Guys what's going on. I'm not the only one complaining of huge lag spikes today and yesterday too. Are you aware of this? Does anyone reads this shit happening? Let us know that you are aware of... that at least you try to do something!
  23. Hi How much you lag in Dalaran? I can barely move on lowest settings when the server load is at maximum. When is a normal load I'm ok. Isn't it possible to do something? NOTE: This post is not intended as a FLAME seed and flamers are not welcome. In fact I'll report every attempt.
  24. im long time user and just started to play Legion, normally i got 60fps on setting 10, but in dungeons tho even i set it to to recommended and even tried setting 1, it shows 3fps, why it happens i have no clue, maybe any of you have seen it too, becuz i dont see point why i shall set to setting 5 outside dungs, if i got rly strong computer for which i gave 1000£ its rly strong computer 2GB vram and 16GB Ram, it shall not be like that for any reason my internet is 100MB/s strongest internet in UK "Virgin media", so i search for clues why it happens, its just horrible FPS in dungs, cant play like that at all, it didn't happened like that be4 ever nethere on cata, nethere on draenor server...
  25. Hello, I have been experiencing a big problem in RBG: when I log its fine until a combat with lots of enemies starts. I am Blood Elf Disco Priest and every time i am close to +- 5 people and more, the gameplay starts to lag, the lags are so huge that I cant cast spells, one spellcast is 30 seconds long and its impossible to play. Insustainable lags. Once I resurrect, if the lags allow me to do so, its fine, because I am not near combating people. When I come closer to heal them or just fight, it starts again. I am playing on the Grommash realm. The lags do not appear when I am out of battleground, no matter where I can be and how many people there can be. What can be the solution please? Any ideas?