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  1. Launcher.exe in wod folder, that have firestorm custom icon on it have few malicious flags on virustotal. It is not crucial just unpleasant. Can it be taken care of? https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/cdccfd50806c1095d313fac5154e1ea267365c31a1c8ff462d9ea99af384fbd4/detection
  2. Guide to fixing Launcher error: The CAS System was unable to initialize: ClientHandler: initialization error: failed to create storage component. After downloading the client uTorrent makes the folder and files readonly (to protect the integrity of the torrent contents...). As a result when you start the client you get the infamous CAS System error: Further keywords to aid finding this guide: failed fetching the CDN configuration file tact::ClientHandler::Create failed: E_NOT_AVAILABLE To FIX this remove the readonly flag from the folder and it's contents: Rightclick the folder, find the checkbox for the read-only flag, untick (make it empty), then press Ok / Apply.
  3. Greetings people ! So as a Mac user I encountered many many problems while trying to install a working Legion client with a working Launcher, but I finally achieved it so I wanted to share my solution for my fellow mac users. There are 2 ways to install Legion on a mac via Firestorm, both require a working Launcher. How to install the Launcher [MAC] Download the said Launcher on website. If the Launcher works normally from here, do not go to next step. For some people, this will appear and stay indefinitely, Launcher will never open : In this case : Right click on FirestormLauncher.app Click "Show Package Content" Go to Contents > MacOS > FirestormLauncher. This file is a Unix executable, just open it, and it will open the Launcher without problem using Terminal. This is normal, do not close Terminal. When you close the Launcher, you can then close Terminal. For information, you can put the Terminal path directly in your dock, it will open Terminal and Launcher as usual. From this point, you have a working Launcher. You can now install WoW Legion for Mac, and you have 2 ways to do so : How to install WoW Legion [MAC - Launcher required for both solutions] Launcher download : just ask the Launcher to install the Legion game. You'll be able to play while the Launcher downloads the game, it will be long and painful until you have a complete game, but you just have to play. Problem is, you'll often encounter situations when you'll have to wait for the game to download specific zone / spells / textures / actions / ... before being able to do anything. Gotta be patient, but you don't have to worry about anything. Torrent download : this is the tricky part but when done correctly everything work like a charm (I recommend this way) Download the Firestorm torrent from website (yes, it's for PC, but we don't care, and we won't use Wine or other fucking emulator) Download this Mac Client (English). When your downloads are done, open the Mac client folder you just downloaded. You'll find 3 files inside : just drag them in your Firestorm WoW Folder (the torrent). You're gonna be asked if you want to replace the already existing files in your torrent folder : simply accept it. Now if you try to launch the World of Warcraft.app, normally this will appear : This message basically says "the installed mac client is damaged and you should delete it". DO NOT DELETE THE CLIENT, just cancel the message. Open your Launcher (the way I described earlier), go to Legion, and click on "Already installed" just below the big Download button. Select your WoW Folder (the torrent folder with the mac client) : from this point, the Launcher will do his launching stuff and tada, Legion 7.1.5 opens and is 100% working. As I said, I really recommend you to use the torrent download to install the game. Launcher download can be appealing, but is a pain in the ass to complete. Always use your FirestormLauncher Terminal path to open the Launcher, and always open the game client from the Launcher. I know it's a weird solution, but well, it's a working one. Enjoy !
  4. Hello! I just installed the Firestorm Launcher and downloaded the Legion expansion. When I press the play button after a short time an error appears on the screen and I can't get into the game. I've seen a similar topic and the solution didn't work for me. I am currently using Windows 7 Ultimate.
  5. Am I the only one having troubles with the launcher and/or connecting to anything firestorm right now?
  6. Is there a way that I can get the full game client? I can't use torrents anymore because I got caught so now, I have to get software like this from any other means. While the launcher does work the issue is obvious. The game takes forever to download while playing, and the gameplay suffers greatly from it. Any help?
  7. I have downloaded the latest version of the Firestorm launcher from the website https://firestorm-servers.com/en/welcome/play But when I launch it it says "Téléchargement de la mise à jour." (why French?! why?!) and stays at about 10% loading forever... At least I presume so, as I have googled the issue and found a topic on a French forum which said that there is a bug with the launcher with the latest version, and the guy recommended downloading a Mists of Pandaria launcher... I understood that what he meant was "download an older version of the launcher which should work fine". In any case, unfortunate for me, I have a MacBook Pro, which, I know, is not for gaming, but it has the specs for WOW Legion, so... googling for a solution leads you in 99% of the cases to a Windows-related solution, but not Mac. I would very much like to download the full game for Mac and then just change the WOW server, but, alas, every torrent out there is for Windows. So, no torrent, no launcher = no game. And I would very much like to understand whether: 1) there is no full WOW Legion client for Mac?! only download as you play? 2) is anyone else having an issue with the launcher? will this be fixed? are there workarounds? 3) is there any way to download the game in background, and not as you play? (even with highspeed internet playin the game is a nightmare when it is loading content all of the time) Thank you!
  8. Hey guys, So I'm having an issue here. I've just downloaded 40.5 gb Legion torrent, and I've also downloaded the Firestorm Launcher and I've been able to open the launcher and been able to go to the Legion tab and click the 'Already installed' option which lets me choose the Legion Torrent folder that contains my game client. When I click 'play' the client launches but it is stuck at Connecting. So I put my launcher files into my Legion Torrent folder but whenever I attempt to open the launcher, it downloads the base game files again and I'm unable to click the 'Already Installed' option. So I've patiently waited for the base game to download so I can uninstall it again. It worked, the "already installed?" option shows up and I click it but it will not launch the game. Hope someone is able to help me.
  9. the past two days since the server hiccup on sylvanas I have not been able to get launcher past download I have checked everything but it says downloading but the bar never moves so I cant get onto any of the servers at all please help someone I've tried restarting everything including my comp. I know there has been an insane amount of people on sylvanas but its not that as I cannot even go to main sign in
  10. So when I m trying ro start firestorm launcher it stops in that little window and still showing looking for update, it is like that probably 10 minutes and still nothing. What should I do ???
  11. Hello Firstorm Support! I hope you are having a good day. So my issue is that I am currently unable to access the launcher because all that comes up is a small window in the center of my screen with a loading bar that won't progress, above which it says "Looking for an update..." Is there any way you can help me with this? Thanks in advance! Best, Vincent
  12. Hi, I know that launcher isn't supported now, but does anyone have a link for launcher for Mac? I've found some for Windows, but I need one for Mac. TY
  13. Hey there I have this working on my desktop computer, but can't get it working on my laptop. It's giving me the infamous #2 error. Yes I've made sure it's all not read-only, yes I'm running as administrator, yes it's been allowed through firewall... so what gives? WoW.exe gives me the #2 error The launcher wants to completely redownload the game from Firestorm even when aimed in the right place. What're we to do? The server needs more people playing and if it's this hard for me, I feel most people will give up quickly.
  14. What happened to Firestorm Launcher? Will it be back? Why was it removed from the site? Some people prefer to download the game while playing, what is the reason for the launcher to be removed? Perhaps developers refuse to continue working on it? I tried to download it from the site, but it was gone, had a friend to give it to me, and it's still working. Should i stop using it? All we need is answers.
  15. Hi guys I writing here because I have problem. So I downloaded the legion and at logon I get different errors. So I claimed that he needed Launcher. And I do not know how to download it can somebody help me with this problem. Because I like the wow and I used to play the pandashan now I do not what to do and where to download Firestorm Launcher help? Can someone give me a link?
  16. I cant download the LAUNCHER, and When I try to enter the game, this error appears, please help me
  17. Hi! I was playing firestorm long time ago so i don't have launcher any more and in download section i can't see it ! Is there any way how to download it ... i already have game client , but without launcher don't now how to play on firestorm servers !
  18. Hello,whenever i click play it wont open i downloaded the launcher and i dont have legion on my pc,when i first clicked play it said game might lag bcs its downloading in the background,and now wheneveri click play it shows the loading on my mouse cursor but it doesnt acctually open the game,thanks in advance
  19. Character : Nazarin Expansion : Legion Hello, i wanted to ask if i can use the Blizzard launcher for the Firestorm server? In the first place, i can't use addons...the button doesn't show to me, neather at the start page or the menu...
  20. Yeah so theres this thing thats happening right now. just look
  21. Not everyone likes waiting, right? I've been playing MoP on another server and they've got the solution. A minimalistic launcher for WoW is constantly downloading game content as You need it. Is there a similar thing here for Legion? Or is it possible for content creators to make one? I'm sure lots of people would love this solution.
  22. Hello there, As I am new on this realm, I am trying to download a game through Firestorm launcher, but it seems its stuck on 68% for some good amount of time. Is this some kind of bug and if it is, is there any workaround? Thx for help.
  23. Hello, I have problems opening launcher. It is stuck always at Looking for update part. Here is screenshot. Is there anyone with similar problem or does someone know how to solve this?
  24. So I downloaded the entire game client and then went on to download the launcher. After opening the launcher it started updating and got to about 80 percent of the update. However, after that it just stopped and has been stuck like that ever since. I have tried restarting the launcher and re-installing it, but in all cases, it just starts from the beginning and then gets to a certain point and stops. It still shows it's "downloading" but the bar does not progress. Could someone please offer some assistance.
  25. Hi I downloaded a Launcher and my base files has been downloaded. And my question is when does the game is being downloaded? 1. When i start wow.exe and stop on a logon screen (i want to left it for a day or two so it can be fully downloaded) or 2. Should i just left the launcher opened and this will download full game? I can't download full game through torrent, don't ask why.