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Found 6 results

  1. I'm trying to do the Adventuring Anxieties quest. I have to talk to the npc Mei Francis in Dalaran, but when I click her it opens the vendor tab and nothing else. How can I advance in this quest? I've seen people selling the item this quest teaches so there must be a way. I need to go forward in the leatherworking quests. Also the quest Shoulder the Burden seems to be bugged, since we can't click in the item to loot. Sent a ticket but I'm asking here too just in case. Thanks
  2. Considering that in 703 patch we are still waiting the world quests that migfht send us skinners to get some felhides, here are the places where the Gargantuan spawns and should drop felhide if skinned TomTom:/way Azsuna 29.86, 58.26 Felhide Gargantuan/way Highmountain 42.48, 42.08 Felhide Gargantuan patting/way Val'Sharah 46.43, 42.86 Felhide Gargantuan/way Suramar 73.65, 47.46 Felhide Gargantuan/way Stormheim 62.14, 74.95 Cave entrance Felhide Gargantuan/way Stormheim 58.07, 20.47 Felhide Gargantuan Places have been selected on official an in patch 703. Can anyone of the devs here tell us if they are implemented or not so that we can start farming them? Thanks What we need to know is this guy here http://www.wowhead.com/npc=103675/felhide-gargantuan Thanks
  3. 1. If you unleared a profession to free a slot for LW relog character. 2. Go to dalaran and get the Skin Deep quest 3. Do all Aszuna and Highmountain LW quests that work Suramar recipes should not be available.
  4. I am baffled - does the recipe ever drop?! I have farmed it for over 2 weeks killing "Manifestation of Pride" (ghost-like mobs big version) down outside the shrine near SoO. A real genocide! Yet zero joy. So I wonder. Firestorm... have you not exaggerated just a tad on the old low drop rate? Surely yes some items require sweating blood for - but this is outright bleeding murder. Just give it a go yourselves using a representative sample of players and see for how silly rare they are. What am I saying "see how nonexistent" they are. I am not bitter though - love what you're doing here, keep it up! Cheers Myriandore
  5. well...the title describe the problem, after creating a magnificent hide im not gettin a new pattern..for the 3rd consecutive day, while im learning with my bs.
  6. Has anyone gotten the pattern for the kodo hide bag? Either the npc isn't handing out yet or it's bugged. Anyone know anything about it?