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  1. Hey, I started the "A beastly Expedition" questline, did all the stages for the scenario of "Stolen Thunder". In the final stage I used the teleportation pad to Ulduar, but cannot deliver the quest to Mimiron since the quest doesn't get the completed mark, like it shows in the pic. Tried reloging, abandoning the quest, clearing cache, disabling add-ons but no changes. Is it happening to any other Hunter with the BM mastery or is there any way to finish it?
  2. Trying to do the rouge class quests and finding myself stumped. There seems to be no NPC's. I searched the bug tracker using multitudes of keywords to no avail. Any help, ideas, suggestions? Thank you in advance
  3. Greetings people ! So as a Mac user I encountered many many problems while trying to install a working Legion client with a working Launcher, but I finally achieved it so I wanted to share my solution for my fellow mac users. There are 2 ways to install Legion on a mac via Firestorm, both require a working Launcher. How to install the Launcher [MAC] Download the said Launcher on website. If the Launcher works normally from here, do not go to next step. For some people, this will appear and stay indefinitely, Launcher will never open : In this case : Right click on Click "Show Package Content" Go to Contents > MacOS > FirestormLauncher. This file is a Unix executable, just open it, and it will open the Launcher without problem using Terminal. This is normal, do not close Terminal. When you close the Launcher, you can then close Terminal. For information, you can put the Terminal path directly in your dock, it will open Terminal and Launcher as usual. From this point, you have a working Launcher. You can now install WoW Legion for Mac, and you have 2 ways to do so : How to install WoW Legion [MAC - Launcher required for both solutions] Launcher download : just ask the Launcher to install the Legion game. You'll be able to play while the Launcher downloads the game, it will be long and painful until you have a complete game, but you just have to play. Problem is, you'll often encounter situations when you'll have to wait for the game to download specific zone / spells / textures / actions / ... before being able to do anything. Gotta be patient, but you don't have to worry about anything. Torrent download : this is the tricky part but when done correctly everything work like a charm (I recommend this way) Download the Firestorm torrent from website (yes, it's for PC, but we don't care, and we won't use Wine or other fucking emulator) Download this Mac Client (English). When your downloads are done, open the Mac client folder you just downloaded. You'll find 3 files inside : just drag them in your Firestorm WoW Folder (the torrent). You're gonna be asked if you want to replace the already existing files in your torrent folder : simply accept it. Now if you try to launch the World of, normally this will appear : This message basically says "the installed mac client is damaged and you should delete it". DO NOT DELETE THE CLIENT, just cancel the message. Open your Launcher (the way I described earlier), go to Legion, and click on "Already installed" just below the big Download button. Select your WoW Folder (the torrent folder with the mac client) : from this point, the Launcher will do his launching stuff and tada, Legion 7.1.5 opens and is 100% working. As I said, I really recommend you to use the torrent download to install the game. Launcher download can be appealing, but is a pain in the ass to complete. Always use your FirestormLauncher Terminal path to open the Launcher, and always open the game client from the Launcher. I know it's a weird solution, but well, it's a working one. Enjoy !
  4. Greetings all, so I have not written a guide in a while, now. I recently came back to Firestorm after I stopped playing for long time. This guide will focus on frequently asked questions that are asked between now and then. I hope I get edit permission on this thread, because this guide will be work in progress. So, let us start. 1. I cannot trade or send items gold to anyone even between my characters. What do I do? You probably got the legion torrent. So, you need to delete some files off it, to be able to trade or send items items. Here is what you need to do Quit your World of Warcraft legion client, and make sure it is closed. Go to your World of Warcraft Legion folder. Browse to the Interface folder. Delete everything that is inside the Interface folder with the exception of two folders named Addons and FrameXML. Read carefully. You need to keep both Addons and FrameXML folders. Go inside the FrameXML folder and delete everything, and keep only the two files named HelpFrame.lua and HelpFrame.xml. That is it. Start the game and enjoy. 2. I have downloaded the game from the torrent and every time I start the game, it says CAS Error. What to do? You need to do the following Go to your World of Warcraft folder and right click it. Uncheck the Read Only option then confirm. Start the game and enjoy. 3. My legion client does not keep the settings that I have selected after quitting the game. I do not have any sound ingame. What do? Apply the settings you want ingame. Quit your WoW client completely. Browse to your World of Warcraft folder. Browse to the WTF. Copy the file. Go back to the World of Warcraft main folder and paste the file there overwriting the file there, if there is one there already. Start the client and enjoy. Keep in mind that each time you change the settings, you need to repeat those steps all over again. 4. Legion has slow loading screens. Please no more. Browse to your World of Warcraft folder and find the file. Open the file using notepad. Scroll to the last line. Move to the last letter of the last line and hit enter. Add the following line and then save the file and start the game and enjoy. SET worldPreloadNonCritical "0" 5. I no longer see the NPCs in Dalaran. Help me, please. Press L to open your quests log. Find the quest you just took that is marked Suramar. Drop that quest. Enjoy. 6. I cannot get credit for this world quest, Please halp me. First of all, log out and back in. That fixes most of the issues with world quests. If that does not help, go to your quest log by pressing L, then drop the quests you do not need especially the battleground quests. If that does not help, keep an eye on the quest displayed on the tracking. There is one boss that spawns in one spot but the quest does not give you credit unless you move the boss to another spot. If you keep an eye on the tracking, you will see that the quest becomes activated when you move the boss to a different area. if that does not help, you need to YouTube the quest and watch how it is done. There are some bosses that require you to click an NPC nearby to activate them. 7. I have a profession quest and it is not working for me. Though, I see that people who got the reward spell associated with it. How? Are they hackers? There are some quests that require you to kill bosses or mobs for some item(s). The drop rate for those quest items are pretty low. So, you need to keep killing those mobs over and over until the item drops for you. If that is not it, you should know that there are mobs and dungeon bosses that drop recipes with higher ranks. Feel free to kill mobs while doing world quests and do dungeons. If that does not help, then ask on world 8. How do I unlock my third relic on my artifact weapon. You need 25 traits to unlock the third relic. If you still did not unlock by 25 traits, simply log out and back it. That solves it. 9. I cannot do the "Save Yourself" quest at all. Is my NPC possessed or something? I have written a mini guide on how to do that quest with the current combat bug. Find the guide on this same section. Follow the steps. Enjoy. 10. How do unlock my Tier 3 garrison. The tier 3 garrison is currently disabled because it is not scripted. People copying their characters from WoD would notice they got tier 3 garrison, though its actually empty with nothing to do. If you are copying a character from WoD make sure it is at tier 2. 11. I just reached level 110. How do I get gear now. Go to your class hall. If you do not know what that is, google *yourclass* class hall. Then, find out how to reach it. After going to your class hall, explore it until you find the NPC that sells gear. Buy the gear from there and start doing world quests. 12. I do not have much gold. Where do I farm gold please. There are some old raids that you can use to farm gold. You can go to Heart of Fear 10 and kill all trash mobs and loot them then sell the gear and items that drop from there. You can go to Firelands raid and do the same. Make sure you do not kill any bosses or you will be saved. After reaching the first boss, simply go out reset and redo the raid, killing trash over and over. 13. I want to make gold but I do not want to just farm trash. I want moar gold. What do? Get some gathering professions and start farming stuff then sell it on the auction house. Get some crafting professions and make stuff and sell it on auction house. Farm low level dungeons and find some cool looking gear items and sell them at a high price at auction house 14. Halp me please, Some people are whispering me with "gold please" and gold scams. What do I do? Sometimes ignoring those people would help. Though, we all know that they can create other characters and start all over again. The only way I know to combat those "gold plis" and "gold sell" people is by a means of an addon.This addon is called BadBoy, Get the main addon from here: Get this extra addon from here: Quit your WoW client completely. Install both of the addons into your World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns folder. Start the client and log in. Type this command at your chat: /badboy Hit enter and you will see the addon menu popping up. Feel free to modify the levels of which the people are allowed to whisper you. You can specify the levels for all classes, demon hunters, and death knights. I have personally put 100 on all three. I no longer get any gold spam at all since those gold beggars are mostly under level 100. Whenever they whisper you, they receive a message that they must be at level x to be able to whisper you. Enjoy. 15. I cannot ress my corpse. What do I do. I have tried everything. You can use the website to unstuck yourself. You can try using the .st command ingame, too. Sometimes traveling to the next map allows you to use the healer there to ress with sickness, too. 16. This spell is not available to you. How do I fix that. A simple relog fixes that. This happens when you switch to another spec. 17. Sometimes when I switch to a different spec I lose my actionbar setup or some of the actions. Why? WHY? Fear no more. You do not have to worry about this issue anymore. Get this WoW addon named ProfilesActionBars: Install the addon check your new minimap icon. Use it to save the actionbars for the spec. Go to the second spec and save the actionbars again for that spec. Whenever you lose some actions simply use the addon to restore the actionbar setup. Well done. 18. An addon X is not working for me. What do I do? You need to get the version that supports our current client which is currenlty 7.1.5. Sometimes even the 7.2 addons work, though start with 7.1.5. On Curse you can click the "Other Files" tab to find old versions. 19. I have a problem X that I cannot solve. What to do. Log out and back in. If that does not help, quit the client completely then go to your WoW folder and delete the Cache folder in there. Then start the WoW client. If that does not help, make a ticket to ask a game master for help. 20. How can I level crafting professions fast? There is an NPC in Ashran for every crafting profession that sells a WoD book for 100g. Buy the book from that NPC and learn it. Start leveling your profession with WoD mats at 10+ 5+ 3+. 21. I cannot loot the chest in this dungeon. Why? Most of the time this happens when you are in combat. Go pull some mobs and die. Have someone ress you. Open the chest(s). Well done. More questions coming later.
  5. I have downloaded the full client via torrent from the website for legion. i'm unable to run the game later. i clicked on "play firestorm" and then a couple of files popped up in the file directory such as "data","logs", "wtf" . it then asked me for the language.i chose english and then clicked next. nothing happens after that. the "World of warcraft" process does run in the background (checked on file manager). any help would be appretiated. really looking forward to play legion. Thank You
  6. With Beta starting and going up this Tuesday (2 PM PST), I'll be starting to take requests from both Firestorm Players, as well as Firestorm Devs, for any kind of Content you want to see from the Legion Test Servers. While there surely are a lot of Videos from Alpha, already out there on the Internet, I thought this would be a good time to ask all of you guys, what you want to see first-hand and deliver that info to you in a quick and informative way. So - If you want to see something that might've not been recorded yet, want a different angle or point of view for Content you'd like to see, feel free to post a request here in this Thread and I'll get right to it, once the Beta Servers are coming back up.
  7. When is Boris coming back in Legion? My Friend told me it was soon. Is that true? (Boris is the free boost plus basic Gear Guy)
  8. i post this yesterday and i did get ignored so here i am again: 1st thing i play here since patch 5.0.4, since 7.0.1 started i felt this bullying so i did never get an Legendre while ppl who dont even play as half i do have like 5, so i made a ticket a gm responded and told me that my chances was buged and that i am now bad luch protected i open a box boom i got a legendary cool. months passes by still didnt get any other last week or so i made a new ticket a gm responded tell me same thing about my chances and being bad luck protected but still no legendaire i play from day 1 here still only have 1 so all that time was a waste i was i actualy doing nothing so i stoped for couple of days that i came back. now i have gone to farm the hidden artifact appearance for my silver hand(holly paladin artifact) i farmed for 3 days finaly a got it, i clicked it boom gone i got no apparence no nothing but linked it on world before so i made a ticket an gm responded tell me whats your proof i said its on world_fr he said nah i dont think so i think you are lying just to get a free artifacte apparence i said go tcheck there should be a log for that but no he said "no artifact just go to bug tracker and refarm it good bye" i farmed for 3 days even i dont always have that much time . so for how long now gonna firestorm gonna treat me like that i am raging now i think i will never go back to this server unless someone make it right to me i had enough then i got this as a respond :" Hello Elcero, If you have any proof at at all, even a guild log will do. A game master will then be able to refund your items. Unfortunately without any proof at all since they can't check logs you have to understand we can't take peoples word for it as it would then be abused." all i have to say to that if u won't give me that appearance back plz ban me forever cuz i can take anymore injustice from this server. proof u say i liked in world and the gm was there when i linked and then acused me of lying. plz ban me for life or give me my appearance bak or i will not stop posting i will go play some where else and gl omg i faremed legendaries for 18 moths then the gm says my chances was set to 0% and i said its ok i will farm more and now i am acused to be dishonest i played for 3+ years on this server i have 7 characters 110 on 7.3 and 5 on 6.2 and ijn the end i am a lyer plz ban me forever this is injustice u r abusing me here and i will keep posting tell i get whats mine or get ban for live there no other option
  9. i really need some help on where to level to 100 at on my rogue, the last time i leveled i had done it on ashran and then i just transferred my character over. However the last time i leveled it was just killing a bunch of swamp flies to get to 100. I currently have no clue where to level at cause all the quests for me seemed to be bugged in shadowmoon.
  10. Hey Guys! I Just started playing today. I am level 5 right now, and I've noticed my lag is around 195ms. I connected to the USA servers, and I live in the USA, but I don't know why it feels so laggy. Do you guys have any tips on reducing latency? Thank You!
  11. Hi i'd like to know who are the top PvP players of each class I'd love for everyone who views this thread to make their own list. BUT THIS IS MY LIST- Warrior: Celtricthorns/omegazero Paladin: jhason/Times Hunter: Arthanis/extralolz Rogue: Ikea/chino Priest: Bewbie/Qangel Shaman: Sunrising Mage: ??? Warlock: ??? Monk: Est/shinjae/cirago Druid: Dirtydancer/zhan Demon Hunter: Drkilljoyz/staiky Death Knight: kumigodx/mawofsouls
  12. Hi ! Ok so since everything doesn't work as intended, for you my fellow mac users, here's how you can play here on Legion 7.3.5 : Download the whole game via Blizzard Launcher. The current game patch on retail is 7.3.5, so just let the Launcher do the job. The whole game is around 42GB. Open the game once, play the Blizzard Legion movie, until you reach the login page, then close it. This step allows the game to download the few missing required files to launch correctly. Download the Firestorm Launcher from the website : and put it in your Applications. Inside the Firestorm Launcher archive you'll see the "Firestorm". If you can open it directly, go to Step 6. If you can't, go to Step 5. The Launcher might not work at first. You can have an error message saying the the file is fucked up and should be deleted (which is wrong, don't delete it), or you can also have a Launcher that tries to open but get stuck at "Download update". In both these situation, do as follow : Right click on "Firestorm" Show package content > Contents > MacOS > Firestorm Launcher (terminal file) This file is a Terminal script command. Open it, Terminal will start and read the comment, and the Firestorm Launcher will open without problem. You must always open your Firestorm Launcher this way. Thankfully, you can put the Terminal command directly in your dock, it'll work as a normal app, but you really have to use Terminal in order to open the Launcher. I don't know why, but hey, as long as it works... Now you have a full game from Blizzard, and a working Firestorm Launcher. Open the Firestorm Launcher, go to Legion, and under the giant blue button "Install" there's a little white link called "Already installed ?". Click it, select the folder where your game is installed, and let the Firestorm Launcher do his job. It'll set your game so that it can connect to Firestorm realms and everything working with it, and you can play. So remember : • Always use the Terminal command to open the Launcher. • Always use the Launcher to open the game. And of course, update your addons to 7.3.5 and all the shit Firestorm staff members already told you a million times. Have fun !
  13. Here's a post that will guide you to download the proper version of addons for the 7.1.5 client. Community -> Addons page: Be aware that you find addons for 7.0.3 also here. Popular websites for downloading addons: - you will find most of the addons here. You can download the version for 7.1.5 easily: in the "Files" section you find the dropdown "Game Version:" on the right side, select 7.1.5 here. In the list of files look for the most recent release version (the one that has the most downloads, generally) Eg. DBM (DeadlyBossMods) - And. GTFO - - you will find ca. 50% of the addons here (those using the Ace libraries), and uses the same interface as curseforge. Eg. Bazooka for 7.1.0 - - you find ca. 99% of the addons here ( ElvUI being the 1% :-D ), but the download has a 3 sec delay, aminor annoyance. Twitch also downloads from here. Eg. Bazooka for 7.1.0 - - on this site it's hard to find the version you need, because the game version is not communicated. it seems only developers use this site now. Eg. GTFO - If you don't find a 7.1 or 7.1.5 version of an addon, then enable "Load outdated addons" in the Addons window. 7.0.0 addons have a 90% chance to work. 6.0.0 addons 60%. 5.0.0. addons 30%, but development and debugging addons still work pretty well (these are not really updated). Good luck making your dream UI ;-)
  14. Hey there, I'm relatively new to wow and to this server and I'm looking for an efficient way to level from 1-110. I was browsing the forums a few minutes ago, looking for a leveling guide but didn't find anything. I'm not looking for a long and extensive guide, as that would probably take too much time, but just a quick rundown on the most important points to keep in mind so that the leveling becomes fast and efficient (maybe which zones to pick, which ones to skip, dungeon or questing, etc). I have only leveled up to 90 in the mop expansion previously when I played on retail wow and also on various other private servers, so I do have some experience with the leveling aspect in the game, but I'm sure you could give me some tips to make it more efficient. I will be playing an orc warrior, starting from level 1 and with no gear granting bonus experience. I would really appreciate if someone would take their time and help me out. Thanks in Advance
  15. Currently the Recruit a Friend system works really weird. It only work with the FIRST character your recruit makes. After that it does not work if they are to delete it if they find themselves not liking it and wanna roll something else. Horrible design choice in my personal opinion. I'm going to suggest a better way to have this system working instead of the way it currently works because it is really flawed. No matter what it should work on any char we make. There needs to be rules in place to prevent abuse. For example. Let the recruit a friend work on any character we make and level with our recruit. After the first time 1-110s. The second leveling process only gives certain bonuses since you have already completed it once. Take away the legendary bonus (SHARE YOUR LUCK) from RAF for second time levelers that have completed 1 round of 1-110 withing their 90 day grace period. This will ensure there isn't abuse with people just pushing as many chars to 110 with RAF and trying to get legendary s on all of them. Yea, sure we could remove other bonuses and streamline it for second timers but this is the biggest one. This really needs to be considered because my son and I decided to level something different and now we can't because of how the system works now which makes no sense at all.
  16. I think we had enough about this "random crashes" aka "lets crash the server to implement this fix" thing. Players are getting just mad and leaving because you don't want to let them know if you're fixing stuff
  17. I started the game via launcher and successfully logged in. As Always I had to wait on the loading screen of Legion(when it loads the map,...) It didn't load and it kicked me out till Log in screen. When I tried to login again I had to choose between 2 realms, I choose Sylvanas and it said Incompatible. I restarted game twice, but still says incompatible. I restarted PC, but still same. I tried to search on forums ,but I had no luck. Please Help.
  18. Introduction This is a mini-guide to help people get the reputation that is required, to fly in legion maps, the easy way. Original Factions You are required to reach "revered" with: Court of Farondis Highmountain Tribe The Nightfallen The Dreamweavers The Valarjar The Wardens In order to get the reputation. You have to farm world quests. Though, we all get lazy since there are many quests and the terrain in legion is horrible. First of all you need to discover the maps which is part of the pathfinder requirement and in doing so, discover the flight path points, too. That will allow you to reach the world quests easier. You need to do the emissary quests whenever they become available to you. In order to do them, you need to complete 4 world quests in the map they are on. Those emissary quests give you 4500 reputation with the faction on the map. That is where you will get most of the reputation required. The second thing you need to do is check the maps for any blue bubbles (quests). Make those your top priority since most of them give you 750 reputation (as opposed to the red normal quests which give you 225 only). You do not even have to do the normal quests (if you are lazy). Just keep doing the emissaries and blue bubbled quests. New Faction You will also need the Armies of Legionfall reputation for the pathfinder 2 achievement which is also required for flying. Do the emissaries for the legionfall rep always. Also, there are a lot of hidden quests on the legion map if you want to farm the reputation. A lot of the quests in the Broken Shore map (legionfall reputation) give you Legionfall War Supplies. You can use the supplies at the Deliverance Point (south of the Broken Shore map) on the construction table to participate in the construction of three things. Just place any amount in any of those three options. Each 100 supplies grant you an Artifact Power item plus around 450 reputation. You can get revered with the legionfall really fast doing so. Also, if you have a friend who already has flying plus a flying mount, you can ask him to tag along when he is doing the quests. This will go faster.
  19. 7.3.5

    Hey everyone. ever since the patch dropped and im having low fps problems, to be exact 20 fps in graphical setting 1 while just sitting not doing anything in dalaran. im using Win10-64bit _ Intel Core i7 6700HQ @ 2.60GHz _ 16.0GB Ram and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M while i did everything from disabling all addons to updating my drivers, Sadly fps increased only to 30. if anyone is having the same problem and found a solution please kindly post it ASAP the game is pretty much unplayable to me.
  20. where can i download legion full client, the torrent links don't work also i found these links but but they're from an older version i don't know if they work:
  21. This mod will only work with the 64bit client. Instruction: Download the rar file down bellow then extract it on your WoW game folder. Once you login and are at the character creation screen, you will see new skin color and a few other character customization options like these: Disclaimer: I did not made this mod nor do i have any ownership over it. I did not found any server rules that prohibit this. DBFilesClient.rar
  22. 7.3.5

    I use Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) and Legion is working with 0-3 FPS after the update to 7.3.5 ??? Can anyone help me
  23. Hey guys, It's a long time since fstorm started legion realm and increased the number of supporting expansions to 5. It means that they have the scripts for all raids, and dungeons of pre legion (wod dungs used to be bugged for 50% of their number). When will u implement those contents to legion? Those who pay money for mount will always do and those who never pay for them decide not to have them rather than purchasing them from your online shop. You can implement them but you decide to do bulshits for instance running vanilla realm, or TBC realm or this recent disaster which is called pvp realm of greymane, people want to have old contents, other servers had implemented them such that freak shit hole which had only the scripts of mop and now added wod contents completly P.S: those who want to comment one these two: 1) Go play there if you wanna complain. 2) Go play retail. You are fucking jerks and idiots, because nobody pays money in a private server with low population, the thing that we are playing here means that we are helping the server by keeping it crowded for those assholes who want to pay some money on loot boxes and increase their iLVL to 895 and fuck up all raids with their noobish activity. So the point that we are here means we are supporting the server and it's server's turn to implement the old contents for us.
  24. Hi everyone, I am new to this server, and new to WOW. When I start playing this server, one-thing that I notice is lots of players are choosing the Sylvanas realms with the legion expansion. I am curious to know why so many players choosing this realm, and what makes it so special. Because it seems like no one like the latest expansion, and they all like to stick with the oldest version of WOW. I hope everyone can help to solve my curiosity. Thank you for you help