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Found 26 results

  1. Hello, I am new here, I wish to play WoW Mists of Pandaria on realm Garrosh. I created a Firestorm account, but I can not login in game and create my character. I downloaded minimal client from this site. Please could you help me? Thanks a lot. The password is correct, when I am typing it in game login, account name too. I try to change password, but it did not help.
  2. Hi, i can't connect to Legion(Sylvanas), it still writing ,,No realms are currently available'' you know where is problem?
  3. hi , when i try to login i have this error. what can i do?
  4. bug

    So whenever i try to play on a server (Sylvanas 7.3.5) i get disconnected imediatly. Can somebody help?
  5. So i logged into my account yesterday and played for a fair while, but today when i first opened the app, i was shown a screen of languages before it launched (this has never happened) i chose english and proceeded to get taken to the login menu, this time there was no news on the left like there usually was and funnily enough now i'm unable to login and get back into sylvanas or greymane... it's telling me that my credentials are wrong, unable to login in problems persist blah blah blah Blizz50901001 error.. Can someone please explain why things have suddenly changed and why i can't login? is there a new patch? do i need to redownload the full client? please help! (i'm on patch 7.1.5) as far as i knew 7.3.5 was still in dev and this was the latest client and according to the site there's thousands in sylvanas right now so why wont it let me login?
  6. Hi all,every time i try to login i get BLZ51914001 error and i tryed every fix but still remain.I tryed google dns srver reinstall the game from firestorm launcher,download full client and the firestorm tutorial with renweal and flushing dns nothing work...If someone know how to fix it pls tell me because i tryed retail client too and worked fine.
  7. Hello, i have written so much but i just need to do it again because you are not solving the problem.. I spent money on my account and i cant login. I am experiencing problem that only few players are. I cannot login to my account. But other accounts work fine. I click connect it says: "Connecting", "Retrieving realm list or something" and then brings me back to login screen, i cant even get to character selection. I saw @Savagery thread and @Friend replied to him that only thing he needs to do is wait for server restart/crash. But how long am i supossed to wait? You dont have scheduled restarts and server didnt crash yet, i am experiencing it 12 hours+. I advise you to have scheduled restarts every 12 hours so (midnight 00:00 and 12:00 afternoon) so people who experience this problem can have it fixed everyday. Just please read this because this is too much, there is not many threads and you cant read our problems... Just please...
  8. Hey there Im experiencing wow51900328 error when i try to log in they say it is because the server is offline or server is down but i thought its not so I created a new Firestorm account and tried logging in to check if the server is really down BUT SURPRISE ! the new account logged in and everything is fine. SO....Is there any way to solve this problem? I dont want to start everything from the beginning. I want to play my old account( real account ) and also BTW Are addons not permitted here? My account cannot logged in up since i downloaded some addons.
  9. Right so i downloaded the Full WOD client from the website and launched it. I repeadly get this error no matter if I put in my account info or whatever I feel like typing soo....... Idk what to do about this so ima just put this here and see what happens
  10. Is there a way to resolve the error nr 2 when trying to log in? Nothing seems to work. Also I have tried changing language from French to English but it keeps staying French regardless for some reason, even when applying, okay and restarting the client.
  11. I've been trying all morning to log in to Blackrock. Is it down? Why is there no updates from any of the admins about it? -Crow
  12. Everytime i login my account after the loading section, it says "no realms are available" i can't play .... please help
  13. It keeps "trying to connect..." and then fails. Someone else ?
  14. Legion:I am unable to launch the game, i tried the launcher and the exe, without response from the game.
  15. It started about 1 Day ago , and since that time every time i log in i get this error PLs can Tell me how to fix this ? Thanks
  16. I get error ''WOW51900328'' does anyone else get it too?
  17. hello i used to play at shylvanas realm but today i couldnt login... the message says:we couldnt log you in with what you just entered(wow51900314)
  18. hi i am user who want to try the warlords expansion but when i try to log in i am stuck at black screen and the game would not respond after showing connected and retrieving character list please help
  19. Hello, I have problem with my login into the game. I have new updated launcher and still cant login in.
  20. login

    Anyone had this trouble?
  21. So since there were some problems for many people like 2 days ago with loging in via the launcher, I have a problem now... Usually, since I put my credentials in the launcher, it loggs me in automatically... now it just starts WoW and i got to put my username and password there myself. Thats not the main issue though... starting like that has reset all my addons, like it did before, when I logged into the game without the launcher only by starting the .exe. So I set all my addons up when I started the game via launcher back then. when I started it wihtout launcher, those settings were not loaded- then when I used launcher they were back again... Now since I put in effort to rescale my ui and many other stuff, like 5 hours of work or even more, I would like to find out, how I get the launcher to autologin again. All my credentials in the launcher, all setting in launcher unchanged and still to "autolog"... but it wont do it. Someone please help me, thank you in advance!
  22. Is the mop server back up yet because since the server went off all i get is a wierd login screen (evidance attached)
  23. Hello, I have been around since the early pandashan days.. but have transferred one of my mop to Wod and played their since release. Today i felt like playing some mop for a change however upon logging in on both accounts i own it would seen all my toons i didn't transfer or delete have vanished. Anyway u can help / look into this ?
  24. This is a simple method used to fix logon Error #114 1. Completely exit all Blizzard and Firestorm applications and make sure there aren't any running processes in Task Manager 2. Press Windows Button + R and type %ProgramData% 3. Create a backup of folder called "Blizzard Entertainment" using your favorite archive tool (winrar, winzip) 4. Once the backup is complete, delete/rename the folder called "Blizzard Entertainment" 5. Save everything you're working on 6. Press Windows Button + R and type shutdown -r -t 1 -f 7. After computer successfully reboots you'll be able to logon without the annoying Error #114
  25. I'm having troubles with login into the game, it happends almost at the same time during weekend. Everytime around 6-7pm i get disconnected and then can't log back for some time. I thought it's on my side but i checked the connection, reseted my router and nothing helped, althou your site shows more than 1000 players online so it's not a mass dc or smth, thanks for the help. WoD - realm Grommash