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Found 6 results

  1. will there be any way to obtain this drake? i mean srsly half of achiev doesnt even work i have seen ppl riding it and all of them say its from pve event that was long ago will there be another event like that or smthn? same with iron bound proto drake i tried to do ulduar with all achievs needed but half of them doesnt work do something about it asap pls .-.
  2. Since we have no items now lets make a naked party in Goldshire , WHO IS IN BOIISSSS wtf is going on btw ?
  3. Seeing that warlock CM is purposely choosing not to seeing the problem, I'm adressing all the pvp community that's extremely upset like me of these months of affliction totally mayhem in bg and arenas with op damage and healing. For warlocks on the bugtracker and the CM damage is fine and 100% blizzlike, so here are the facts to clear some minds: As seen in this video (arena 7.0.3 of September (so no pre-patch) warlocks dots don't seem to be so juicy like Firestorm ones!!!!!! HOWWWW but what a surprise! They weren't blizzlike?? Not a single dot is ticking for 30-40k damage, save for stacked up Unstable Affliction, whereas here only corruption can crit for 57k Now please go on the bugtracker and put a thump up at this report so we can have that scr*bs that play that bugged class the well deserved fix after weeks and weeks of supremacy. Corruption isn't the only thing bugged but is a start. Thank you friends for helping putting this plague (no pun intended) down finally.
  4. Hello Firestorm Community! I've been here for 2 months now in MoP and the experience is great! Nice people, nice server, and fun pvp. My name is Steven, 15 years of age, and enjoyed wow since I've been 10. Cant wait to stick around for more fun and excitement Firestorm brings us!
  5. I have been banned for 3 days and no reply from any GM for my ban appeal. Inveric has read my message and did not reply it literally says "read" in the messages. Just goes to show how corrupt they are. The reason they banned me is even more stupid but i can't "publicly discuss decisions made by staff" which in itself shows how controlling they are. I have been on pandashan since early 2013 and this is how they treat me. Pathetic.