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  1. Hello guys, I am starting to work on some patches for Val'Sharah and Aszuna. I wondered how I am able to add the currency http://www.wowhead.com/currency=1220/order-resources to gameobjects as the currency isn't a item overall. Is this based on smart_scripts table, but however, there is no way to add a currency to the player? Regards
  2. Hi, I am wondering if the legendary droprate has been nerfed after the release of lootboxes availble at the shop? This is the first week where I havnt seen any legendary drops, and the same goes for the entire guild news tab, nothing has dropped since the release. Anyone else seen a decrease in legendary drops?
  3. Hello, Firestorm. First of all, sorry for my English. I'm Russian. I want to introduce you my experience of weekly class hall chest loot. I've been searching for a long time for weekly chest loot according to patch 7.2.5 (as devs said server is using 7.2.5 myth+ loot system) and found no info about it, cause every single thread is about patch 7.3.5. So I decided to use Wayback Machine internet service that can allow you to view web sites with a specific date. So I've opened same thread but with date according to patch 7.2.5 when Tomb of Sargeras released. According to that threads loot system, that installed on Sylvanas matches the one in the topic. From my experience it works great, but when it comes to 14+ keys system's work is kinda bugged. (all screenshots are below) For those people that are lazy enough to open the links here is the screenshot of the retail 7.2.5 loot table.(and yes, dungeon loot from +10 and higher is broken on Sylvanas too, because it drops 890 loot only) And this is the list of sreenshots with my weekly loot. (sreenshots are clickable) Some of the loot I got matches info from the loot table. And when it comes to +14 and higher loot is kinda broken as I said already. You can do your own research on this bug. Devs, Its all up to you now... English WebArchive link Russian WebArchive link
  4. Over the past few days I have been doing a few dungeons in an attempt to get better gear for my main legion char who has an ilvl of 812.... noob I know. However, I have never had any loot drop from mobs, apart from 1 or 2 occasions where a non elite drops a grey tier item. I am also not the only one- nobody in my party while I do dungeons gets any loot. Bosses drop AP items and maybe a blood of sargeras or two. This is extremely fustrating as I cannot seem to gear my character up, and the route to go down for obliterum seems to be very long and tedious, being either a money sinkhole or a time sinkhole I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this too, as this is a definite issue.
  5. Sup, I'm returning to the server after some time out and I'm not getting order resources or any loot from the rares in Azsuna (like Daggerbeak, etc) anymore. Did Firestorm change their loot? Or am I bugged?
  6. Hello. I've a question. I was watching a video about mythic+ and the guy said that in the order hall, there is a chest that gives you a weekly piece of gear. When i come to my order hall, it said i already got the loot. I dont understand.. Should i do mythic+ after i went to the chest? Is it a bug or something or am i missing something? 2:39 min
  7. Why isn't the AoE loot working? did the developers disabled it on purpose?
  8. On Blizzard, just for the facts, this item can be won by only THRE classes and the DRUID is not one of them see here http://www.wowhead.com/item=134278/nightborne-defenders-badge&bonus=1826 Instead Firestorm invented a rule pretending is official like this and gives itemslike this to other classes. Where is your logic?
  9. Hi Everyone wrote in different posts, from staff to players that the items we get from world Quests scale with our character itemlevel- the generic one not of each item. I believed so and I am 100% sure this is the official way of things. And is scaling 100% of the times. I am here to tell you that this is just NOT true See the screenshot. The demon hunter ILVL is 816 Doing the world quest the item to get was 815+ where + means it will scale upwards to a limit accoding to the item level In the bag windows you can see that cape is 815!!!! lower than my itemlevel despite the + meaning scalability!!! So, this is only one of numerous situations where, besides bein given ridiculous relic statuses like intellect on warrior or demon huntert relics, agility on mages loots, now we don't even get the scalability. So, because this is not a BUG but a BAD implementation I would like that the devs or who works on this issue pays a bit more attention to the issues arisen by World Quests. As player I like to believe it'll be fixed.
  10. Ok, so after doing 10 mythics, 1 save apart, I got about 6-7 items, one being an upgrade, the rest were items that I already had. My World Quest also don't help at all, I only get gold, Order Hall Resources, Artifact Power, and rarely a 830+ item (my average ilvl is 840), which is kinda bad. Now, I know this just sounds like a simple crying post, but I think there is surely a problem here, I don't get it how other people get 2-4 items in their WQ all being 840+ and I dont even have one that is atleast 840. Also on mythics I just get the AP reward from bosses, that is if I even get it, sometimes it just drops 50 gold.. Just saying this cannot be normal and I'm just having bad luck, because having bad luck in 2 dungeons is something, not getting any upgrade whatsoever in 10 mythics cannot be bad luck. Would appreciate if Mods saw this post and clarify me if this indeed normal or not, because doing mythics and world quests while having this item drop rate is just complete shit...
  11. I have killed the world boss calamir 10 times but havn't got any loot. Am i unlucky? or the loot is not working yet ?
  12. Hi After running Aszuna up and down and killing all type of world mob I must say that, compared to the loot tables on blizz Firestorm is wrong. And I speak of loot in the same expansion version not updates or shit. Most of the mob in the broken drops NOTHING. between a low drop rate for valuable greens and superior items and ZERO is a difference. Mob drops things even grey and with some frequency drops valuables. But in Firestorm this is not happening, most of the mob droping nothing. I am sure you know about this and you keep this situation as it is for a purpose. I wonder why you are: not implementing world loot normal, not fixing broken islands gathering professions, not fixing the increasing buget number of chests in Aszuna By leaving all these things and pushing on opening new zones that will be same buged as hell with some dungeons but without the thrill of the hunt for drops in world, gathering and seling... What more to say... time runs and the plan is frail... Sylvanas seems have lost direction and development is a lot chaotic and less user oriented. I am so sorry... I thought different about you for years when wod have been developed ... Now I feel betrayed and deluded. Is this Firestorm? Or Titan/Valhala/Athisa and other chaos generated shards?
  13. https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/23608 I think this bug is important vote!!!
  14. Hello firestorm community, i come here (even though i'm pretty sure this is the wrong place to do it) to report a bug on poundfist loot. And i'm reporting a bug HERE cause if i do it on the bugtracker i won't get help. Today(an hour ago, aproximately) I was in a group and i participated in the kill of poundfist, the rare gronnling on gorgrond. However, i got no mount and when we talked to several gms, they all said that we will NOT get anything, even though we participated in the kill. I'm just here to ask if this is really intended to be like this, or if the dev is going to do something about it. PS: i got several SS of me and the group when we killed poundfist. PS2: " Poundfist has a chance of 100% to drop the Mount Sunhide Gronnling for everyone who attacks him. "- Wowhead. PS3: bugtracker thread:https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/14143 If i'm wrong about any information here, let me know it. Thanks everyone for reading and replying. Good night all.
  15. The Group Loot doesn't work in Timeless Isle. Also , when try to open the chests which gives Burden of Eternity or the one along the way to Huojing Landing sometimes open , sometimes don't. Yesterday the chests was working just fine.
  16. Hey guys I am fairly new to Firestorm and I am trying to play but When I go to loot things it shows nothing, and It also shows 0 People on the server yet it says im connected to Grommash with my xp times 5 so I know im connected. Is anyone else having this issue and can anyone help me fix this so I can fix my Wow Addiction?? HELP
  17. Good afternoon, a few moments ago I run Firelands normal 25 and everything works fine, every boss is fightable. Thing is, Ragnaros doesnt drop loot nor the cache of the fire lord is available. Best regards, ~Wickd~
  18. Is anyone else finding there drop on the daily boss is just the same item over and over ? or is this a bug (with panda's ) ? for the passed week every day iv have the same blue trinket drop .. and im finding this to be a bit strange its always the same one ..
  19. Hello guys, I was wondering what happened to Heart of Fear (MoP Raid)... Few months ago the 10 player Normal mode had loot from trash mobs, now it doesn't... Is it a bug or it has been removed intentionally?
  20. Hi, sorry if this topic was discussed earlier in another post, but i was not able to find any answers. Is the AoE-Looting buggy? When i try to loot a group of i.E 3 mobs with the auto-loot feature (which cant be turned off) my character receives the loot from the mob i clicked on and the loot of the other 2 disappears. Is there any solution? (excuse my english, i am not a native )
  21. Hello, i knwo this item drop from rares on Isle of Thunder, but i killed few of them and they dropped only gold, GM answered me they are bugged and to ask. So i am asking, what rares on Isle are not bugged? sry for bad english and thanks for answer
  22. So, I received http://www.wowhead.com/item=104009/timeless-plate-armor-cache from a quest. After using it I got nothing! What to do?