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Found 6 results

  1. guil

    With the recent server problems I lost my newly founded guild. It was called Bad Wold and the Guild Maser was Shanany. Can anyone help me, please? I would hate to have to get the signatures all over again.
  2. Hey i've bought blood prince appareance i spent 30 firestorm coins but the elexir is not working please help
  3. I've been 1 day off..... I log to my main Character Trelon ( Mage ) And I have now 233 Gold [ I had 30K ]. I've been on different location then before and on different mount. In Mailbox ... In Send Mail there was been name Resabela ( never heard about this guy ). So please someone help..... BTW can't open ticket and my Teleportation Icon was been on different place.
  4. Hello. The other day I logged in on my character and I discovered that one of my equipped bags was missing, and everything inside it as well. Today the same thing happened, even though this time my loss was much greater (considering the items that were inside that bag). Any idea on how did this happen and how can I get my stuff back? I'm 100% sure that I haven't deleted my bags.
  5. I lost my hearthstone when dropping(destroying) items. I accidentaly destroyed it as well. Is there a way to bring it back?
  6. I'm sure most people have logged their characters today and found all their addons have lost their settings. Here's how to get them working again. Step 1: Navigate to this folder on your pc: World of Warcraft Pandarian\WTF\Account In there you will see a folder with the old username you used to log in with. Inside that folder look for SavedVariables. (World of Warcraft Pandarian\WTF\Account\USERNAME\SavedVariables\) Copy all files inside SavedVariables. Step 2: Navigate back to World of Warcraft Pandarian\WTF\Account. Open the folder with the email account name you use to log in with now ie. NAME@EMAIL.COM. And now paste the files you just copied to the SavedVariables folder. (World of Warcraft Pandarian\WTF\Account\NAME@EMAIL.COM\SavedVariables\) if you're not 100% sure. I hope this will help some people ^-^