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  1. Hello, I'm kinda new to this game, and I found out that I can't level up my BFA Tailoring any further than 115, the tailoring trainer and Boralus has a maximum of level 115 tailoring skills, and I can't tell if it's a bug or meant to be, I would appreciate any tips! Thank You
  2. It is a bit too obvious that most mages are Arcane now which is a bit weird compared to retail. It should be the weakest spec out there among the 3 unless we're talking about Burst AOE. now Fire has been fixed and improved but frost mage presents very low numbers whereas it should be the best ST spec for Mages. Something is wrong you should take a look at this spec I am not sure if there is even a Class Master for Mages compared to Warlocks who had one and have been quite active and relied on feedback to try and fix warlock problems. If Anyone else concurs that frost mages need fixes or buff or have any Idea of where these low numbers come from add to this post or to the Bugtracker.
  3. ice lance

    1) Overestimate damage of magicians. Namely: A) the wrong formula for Ice Lance (Ice Spear) Icy Spear Should deal 306-392 damage + 33.5% of Spell Power B) incorrect work of skill - too much increases DPS from the magician as you remember top 40 from player 13 mage like top 14 player 30 % mage please fix Check out the video 1) 2) 3)
  4. Hello everyone It would be my problem that once yet Gul'dan on I was playing and I would like to come back but I forgot my email address mett there are more,I remember my password,polythrone 100 mages were the characters © MorphoLogic 1991-2
  5. I have this problem with my class hall hidden artefact as mage I saw some mages playing with hidden artefact FROSTFIRE REMEMBRANCE so i wanted it too. I looked at some guides how to get and it requires class hall upgrade called Teleportation Nexus After waiting for it to upgrade i walked to see those portals and there weren´t any. If someone know how to get it please message me.
  6. I have reported this on the bugtracker but still got no confirmation. The legendary wrists are the BiS item on st dmg fights for fire mages so far. After the last patch with the introduction of nighthold the bindings got fixed. Since then the procc rate of the wrists went down a lot. So far that they arent even recognizeable. Last time i had 2 procc over the whole fight of Tichondrius in hc mode. Please fix the procc rate of the legendary! Marquee Bindings of the sun king: http://www.wowhead.com/item=132406/marquee-bindings-of-the-sun-king
  7. So I recently started playing mage and a lot of the missions in class hall have to be skipped beacuse I don't have a follower available with the blizzard spell. Is there any way to get one of those? And also a question on the lvl 100 followers: Is there any way to increase their level? Thanks for your help
  8. How to do 400k on single target dummy with 857 ilvl and no legendary? Why frost? 1. Do not depend on legendaries 2. For single target frost > arcane > fire, multi-target frost is not so bad with talent `Splitting Ice` 3. Due to some firestorm bug, `glacial spike` damage is almost doubled compare to retail server, you can easily do 2M+ damage with single hit. (as of Oct 2017) Talent http://www.wowhead.com/talent-calc/mage/frost/c27M 2133232 At level 45, `Rune of Power` can potentially do more damage but I never able to do the perfect rotation, probably because of the firestorm lag (200ms for me). At level 60, since I only do mythic+ I use `Splitting Ice`, `Frozen Touch` can potentially do more damage on single target, however I can never notice the difference on the number of proc with dummy. At level 90, free to choose, `Unstable Magic` do more on single target. At level 100, `Thermal Void` is the best on retail, however on firestorm `Glacial Spike` is bugged due to some unknown bug (probably double dipping) and the crit damage is insane(2M+ at 850 ilvl). The non crit damage is about 1/4 of the crit damage which clearly indicates there is a bug here. And with the help of another bug(Flurry, introduce later), you can make `Glacial Spike` crit 100% of the time. Bugs List the known bugs I found: 1. Brain Freeze `Flurry` increases crit chance at cast instead of hit This bug increases the crit chance of the first hit of `Flurry`, on retail it only effects the last 2 hits. 2. `Glacial Spike` can be effected by `Flurry` with Brain Freeze. On retail you cannot make `Glacial Spike` 100%, but on firestorm you can, this is huge, this means your mastery(icicle) not only can crit, but actually 100% crit. 3. `Thermal Void` do not extends the time of the 20% ice damage buff. `Thermal Void` is useless compare to `Glacial Spike` Rotation One of the basic of frost mage DPS is 1+1+1, which is: When you have `Brain Freeze`, cast `Frost Bolt`(or ebonbolt), followed by `Flurry`(with Brain Freeze), then `Ice Lance`. 1+1+1 gives you `Brain Freeze` buff to all 3 spells which is the foundation of frost mage. This is how the rotation looks like: 1. pre-cast Ebon bolt or Frost Bolt 2. use frozen orb 3. use `icy veins` and `Time Warp` 4. cast frost bolt 1+1+1 5. Cast `Ice Lance` if `Chain Reaction` is bigger than 2 (I do not have exact data here, according to my calculation `Ice Lance` with 0 `Chain Reaction` is not worthy to cast) 6. Cast Ebon bolt if `Glacial Spike` is ready but no `Brain Freeze` (very important, don't cast it on CD) 7. cast frost bolt until `Glacial Spike` and `Brain Freeze` is available 8. If `Glacial Spike` is available but no `Brain Freeze`, cast `Ice Lance` with `Frost Finger` 9. Cast `Glacial Spike` 1 + 1 + 1 NOTE: if your target is not a boss, it will get freeze by `Glacial Spike` for 3 seconds, then you should not use 1+1+1 because you can add a `Frost Bolt` after `Flurry` followed by `Ice Lance`. Casting this way will give a free 100% `Frost Bolt`. And with maximum haste (`Icy Veins` + `Time Warp`) you can actually cast 2 `Frost Bolt` with in this 3 seconds and then followed by `Ice Lance`, makes the rotation 1(Glacial Spike) + 1(Flurry) + 1 or 2(Frost Bolt) + 1(Icy Lance) MOST IMPORTANT: NEVER CAST `Glacial Spike` WITHOUT `Brain Freeze` Stat Stats is really really hard to measure. Since firestorm have its own rules I cannot run it through SIMC. One major difference is that crit do not max at 33.3%(retail) but something between 25% and 26%. I tested with 16% crit on a raid boss dummy, got 81.7% actual crit with `Brain Freeze` and `Frost Finger`, Then I add my crit to 20%, and got 90%, then24% => 98% actual crit. And I can never get a non-crit with 26%. It looks like in firestorm the formula is not x*1.5 +50% but x*2 + 50%. So don't have crit over 25%! The stats after 25% crit is very hard to value without the exact math model, and I cannot calculate if `Glacial Spike` is really double dipping versatility here due to the randomness of `Black Ice`. A perfect test would be from a mage without `Black Ice`, I only have this one mage and do not want to re level or forget my traits. Haste VS Mastery VS Versatility is a myth that I cannot solve, so I always go with the item highest ilvl after 25% crit. So: 25% Crit >> Haste ~= Mastery ~= Versatility Relic From retails experience `Icy Caress`(+3% frost bolt damage) is the best, followed by `Clarity of Thought`(+2% Brain Freeze). Gems and enchants Haste and Versatility gem is the cheapest, I prefer Versatility since it can also reduce your damage taken. Enchants use `Hidden Satyr` for neck, rest use to adjust your 25% crit. Summary Frost Mage is so OP that don't feel bad if you got owned by one (same for Fury Warrior). For more info visit https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/frost-mage-pve-dps-guide, not going to apply to firestorm but could be in the future.
  9. I don`t know what to say before you watching... May be -> no used bugs or cheats. avg MMR: 2.1k++ edited: 1 day record: 1 day
  10. Best regards, everyone, I hope you are enjoying your experience in wow as much as I do. My next report is to give you feedback to improve the gaming experience on this server, with the implementation of the new system mythic + mythic, I believe that additional rules should be put into work, to be able to continue with a healthy experience and without promoting bad intentioned people, improper behavior and whiny babies in the scene of people who dedicate time and wish to complete content provided by the hardworking team of developers from firestorm. First, to shine some light as to to why I'm doing this, I recently had the opportunity to get my first key, level two, eye of azshara, inviting a group of very good players with high levels, including an infamous healer, whom I will not mention, to prevent my feedback from turning into a witch hunt. The healer, after a mistake that every human can do, decided to leave the group after a wipe, the first wipe, leaving the group completely useless and my key ended shit back, all because according to the healer, our group did not have enough dps to kill the first boss, which was being healed by an add that the very fucking healer could do interruption or a stun. But no, it was all the fault of the dps (the lowest dps was 400k). My point is, we need to implement a rule to allow us to punish this kind of behavior that interferes with the growth and enjoyment of the game, by selfish, childish and destructive behaviors coming from people who do not have the slightest regard for others, and do not think Twice in doing this kind of shit or worse, just because there are no rules to penalize them. Regards, Your friendly horde player Pirateria PS. If you ever do this, you are the worse kind of player there is out there and should feel bad.
  11. Now Firestorm is preparing to launch a new expansion realm. Unfortunately many bug still exist in previous expansions. Bugtrackers are still full even after 3 or 4 years of launching Mists of Pandaria. In MoP , we have many bugs that is not fixed and new ones have appeared. * Ridiculous DoT amount of combustion ( 200 max). ** No proc of hot streak (first critical strike) on target having an absorption effect even with an Inferno blast which is always a critical strike.
  12. Hi, my name is Gelanana, and i'm a Frost Mage. I've a big problem with my frost pet, it doesen't work. It say to be silenced/pacified with all but on the other players it work. I've tryed to change race ( buying it ) but it didn't resolved nothing. I've tryed to put some glyph with the hope of a new pet, but nothing happened. Can u help me pls?
  13. Somebody tell me that these Unconfirmed posts have higher priority to get fixed: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/42609 https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/42608 https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/42255 https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/42409 https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/42257 https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/41818 https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/41917 than this piece of shit that get confimed in a day: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/37700 srsly firestorm? those reports has been sittin there for weeks and not even a single comment of a CM or whoever is concerned of checking those for confirming has been posted in the comment section. while that piece of trash that isnt even needed since we get Khadgar servant for the Dalaran Hearthstone gets confirmed within a day.
  14. Fixed Ebonbolt, procs gained while you already have a Brain Freeze active and unused will now be delayed slightly. Got this from the changelog .. ok wtf ... mage dev is actualy retarded ? if we cant use brain freeze proc to shatter ebonbolt that makes ebonbolt basicly useless, spending 3sec to cast an ability that may not crit ? ... thats the main reason blizzard made so ebonbolt gives flurry proc instead of fingers of frost so we can shatter it ... ok fck it in pvp we can shatter ebonbolt with ice nova ... but what in pve ? we have to stack 70%+ crit so we have guarantee ebonbolt crit ? .....when they apply the fixes i was so happy to see that hostile npcs and players get the winter's chill debuff instead of me and i though .. wow they maybe fixed frost mage finaly ... but i was wrong tried to cast ebonbolt and after i cast it i got like 1-1.5 sec delay on the proc that mean the bolt is about to hit the target and there is no way to shatter it with flurry .... This makes no sense .. please fix it .. or dont , i actualy dont expect you to take note from this and we will see the same bullshit for like 2yrs till the new expac comes out and it will start all over again -Firestom We dont care about you or the game , we only care about the money .! P.S In before some kids come here and start complaining about frost mage being op and broken , Please learn how to play your class and how to counter other classes . if you cant do that then you are not viable for pvp .. so go slay some dragons and be a good boy
  15. healing and damage is kinda broken ... did more damage than warr and ret pala combine ..and healing too .. here is a SS
  16. Hey guys! i just wanted to ask, which spell caster class is the best in your opinion (PvP and PvE) ? - on which spec? - and of course: WHY? It would help me out a lot, because im still struggling to find out what class i should make. Thanks!
  17. here are all the bugs i found at frost mages : 1 - Concentrated Coolnes talant makes your frozen orb deal no damage or slow enemys ( seriously ) 2 - Ebonchill talants : shield of alodi its supose to give u 100% more absorb but instead gives u 0% more absorb when u check the ice barier in spell book u see it absorbs 500k but when u use it it absorb only 250k / at rank 3/3 Frozen veins makes frostbolt crits reduse the cooldown of icy veins by 1.5 sec but in spellbook it says that frostbolt crits reduse the cooldown of icy veins by 0.00 % yeah.......... / Ice nine dont work / Black ice dont work / Chilled to the bone talant dont work / Ray of frost stop channeling when your target change is form ( druid use shapeshift ) or when someone use moving ability like charge or blink ( it stops channel when target is in range ) and am sure there is a lot of other bugs but i havent found them yet o FIX THIS CRAP
  18. My water elements Waterbolt ability is no longer a passive. Does anyone else have this issue?
  19. I play on Grommash server and I want the achievement Higher learning. I was wondering if the achievement works properly and do the books spawn in Dalaran or not? I have found the Abjuration book and thaats it. I heard the book changes after 3 Hours and it is not happening within that time. Only one or two books have changed. Most of them are same withing the period of 24 hours. Can any one just confirm that the achivement is infact not bugged and I won't be wasting my time .. and that I will recive the reward upon completion and it will be usable. Thank you
  20. I have made the Armor sets for my Mage and Paladin in the garrison . The Plate chest for paladin and the Cloth Gloves on the mage Give me a error message when I try to Equip Them. The message says I already have the Maximum Gems in that Slot. I tried taking off all the Armor I have Equipped doing the turn off all the add-ons and did not see a change.
  21. hello, im just new here in forum and idk where to post this. i have a mage in grommash named "Magusa". I love arcane spec and a year ago when ashran started i'm using arcane but when i returned a year later i dont do damage as arcane now. i tried to duel with other players and i literally do "zero" damage as arcane spec even in training dummies and in bg. and when i let other mage attack me in their arcane spec they do damage. can u fix my character? please fix it as soon as possible. thank u.
  22. Hello all! I think some of you may realize that there is no pvp class set on tournament realm for every class at horde side(and there is some missing on alliance side either). Please check this report and bump this, for the sooner fix. https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/see_report/6174 Also, it would be nice if a buddy check this on other WoD realms, to help the developers' job. Thank you!