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Found 5 results

  1. The mission Start your Training: Master Cheng who would be to fight Master Cheng does not appear the option.
  2. Hi, all There has been an issue, long been puzzling me. Right after i start my classhall missions, success rates decrease greatly and this occurs for every classhall mission i start. I mean rates or rewards decrease or change not after a disconnect and server restart or anything else, success rates change just after i start them. I asked if other ppl. have this too but they claim they don't have such an issue. Attached below there are screen shots and solutions i tried to fix this for myself. Could you give me any suggestions to fix this or let me know if you also experience this sort of problem? For appearently i am the only one having this bug. Can't loot any bonus from classhall mission Solutions i tried: -removed game cache -used Ccleaner for cleaning and fixes -always start game as administrator -redownload the game from the tracker website offers and run game directly without any change/addition - format pc
  3. The screen is clear- as druid my followers are druids. So any item for DH is like agility trinkets for mages. Guys is it possible to make these awards account bound? We can use the wrong rewards on alts till you find a solution! I appreciate what your intentions are regarding the 71 patch but you must agree with me that you cannot abandon comunity to itself with only what was done until 71 goes live. Thanks for reading. Cheers PS: Dear moderator this post is not a thing for bug tracker because is already known. It is more irony in front of the ill fate of the followers of Cenarius .... horns up druds!
  4. Title says it all. Need more of 'em to do my bidding Btw I heard I could get some with the class hall quests in retail, but since those aren't fully implemented in fs yet, I was wondering if there were other ways I could get some
  5. Hello, I have a problem; when starting with a pandaren character, the 1st mission has an important bug. You have to pick up a staff from the Weapon Rack, and also a Trainee's Handwrap. The problem is that the Weapon Rack only gives me the staff, not the handwrap, and I need it to complete the 1st mission, it's necessary because you have to follow the storyline with the pandaren, you can't just level them up to carry them to Azeroth. So basically, I can't do anything with the pandaren. Please help! Can this bug be fixed anyhow?