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  1. i just bought a mistweaver monk from the store. i have a problem that when i am partied and near the person in game, and i switch to tiger stance, I CAN'T SWITCH BACK TO SERPENT STANCE. it wont let me change back unless i mount up and fly some distance away from that player, OR unless i leave the dungeon or relog. this is a big problem. am i missing something? i spent 30.00 on this character and i can't change stances to play it..
  2. Can't use Rising Sun Kick at all. So far, I've tried: 1. Changing spec to both Brewmaster and Mistweaver, and back. 2. Reloging. Even while repeating step 1 in various forms (Ex. change > relog > change back > relog). 3. Unstucking. 4. Clearing Cache. So far nothing seems to have worked and I'm out of ideas. Help?
  3. Talent choices/Glyphs Reforging, Gearing and Gems Races Tips and Tricks Comps Macros Final Notes
  4. Talent choices/Glyphs Reforging, Gearing and Gems Races Tips and Tricks Comps Macros Final Notes
  5. Talent choices/Glyphs Reforging, Gearing and Gems Races Tips and Tricks Comps Macros Final Notes
  6. I cant use my skill , i try to change spec , reload game , enter a bg , nothing works , hulp me
  7. Hi there, I have found that my Rising Sun Kick spell is not working at all, be it in pvp or pve. I have relogged several amounts of times, changed spec and specced back, deleted cache folder and still nothing. I hope there is a simple fix to this as it would suck playing a WW monk without RSK. Thanks.
  8. So for the past 2 days or so I've been trying to figure out what to do about starting my Class Hall Campaign Questline. As a monk I have no Idea where to begin since a lot of the questlines I guess are not working? But I have seen Monks who have completed it and gotten the achievement so I know there's a way to do it. Is there any Monk players out there that could help? It's really frustrating not being able to have that 3rd slot for my artifact weapon. Thanks.
  9. Hey, so i recently started a monk on this server. Unfortonaly, i got "froze" on this quest, cause the rocket launchers dont seem to work... Went and check on youtube, and it doesnt do what was suppose to.. I hope u can help me as fast as possible, cause im really looking forward to play on this server (: Thank you, Vir0kumata
  10. So the quest wants me to loot and equip a staff and a handwrap ... but this "handwrap" doesnt even exists. Is that bug just for me? Or is it for all pandaren monks?
  11. original story

    So this is the story of my character Saungyu. I don't think it's fitting for a biography during roleplay but i want to share it here anyway, maybe someone will get a kick out of it. I am looking for criticisms, but please... keep it constructive so that i can improve. Chapter I: The Curious Cub The Jadestorm family is a family of skilled brewmasters and herbalists serving directly under the pandaren emperors of Pandaria. In one fateful battle to repel the mantid, the head of the family fell sacrificing himself to save his comrades. To honor this noble sacrifice, the emperor of that time ordered that a large tomb be constructed as a resting place of the most heroic and wise members of the Jadestorm family. Generations passed and eventually the last of the Jadestorm on Pandaria died out. However, there is a branch of the family that has followed the great explorer Liu Lang on to the Wandering Isle and made their home there. From this family, was born Saung Yu Jadestorm. Saung Yu was a very active child, often caused mischief around the isle. So her family sent her to be trained as a monk while also teaching her in the Jadestorm secret brews and medicine formulae in hopes to calm her energy, or at least try to redirect it towards something more constructive. Years gone by, Saung Yu has grown into a fine monk and herbalist. Then the peace was broken as the Alliance and Horde crashed onto the Wandering Isle. Compelled by her curious nature and captivated by the morals and ideals of the Horde, Saung Yu followed Ji Firepaw and the Houjin monks to join the Horde. After arriving at Orgrimmar and meeting the warchief Garrosh Hellscream, the orc values strength very much and he is very stern. Saung disliked the conflicts between the Horde and Alliance so she stays as far away from them as possible. Chapter II: The Spirit of Adventure Saung Yu was eventually sent to aid the Horde in their campaign in Pandaria. Reluctant to go to the front lines, but her explorer's spirit pushed her to go into this mysterious land where her people are said to have originated. Soon after arriving, Saung and several others were ordered to escort Vol'jin, a powerful Shadow Hunter and leader to the trolls of the Horde, and help him uncover the secret dark magic that the Mogu wields. They entered a dark cave, where the ancient tablets and scrolls that describe the magic of the mogu are. Vol'jin read and saw the terrifying dark arts, he strongly disagreed with the use of this magic, and the Kor'kron captain accused him of treason and swiftly stabbed a dagger into Vol'jin's throat. A massive battle broke out between the Kor'kron and those who were loyal to Vol'jin. Horrified, Saung fled the scene, deserting the Horde. Needing shelter, Saung Yu made her way north to Kun-Lai and settled in a small village where she stayed for many weeks, helping out the locals and earning her keep with her knowledge of brew and medicine. She heard from the villagers about the Shado-Pan monks and Xuen, the White Tiger celestial, occupying the peaks of Kun-Lai in their monasteries. Once again compelled by curiosity, Saung packed up and prepare to climb the mountains to meet and see the legendary Shado-Pan. Saung arrived at the monastery, she watched the trainees practiced and even sparred with many of them. One of the trainees took Saung to an overseeing adept and asked for her to meet the great White Tiger, and so they head off to the temple where Xuen the Shado-Pan elites were meditating. They arrived before Xuen, he instantly recognized her family name, Jadestorm. The two conversed for a while and Xuen told Saung about the tomb of her ancestors and about the family's heirloom armaments resting inside. After exchanging farewells, Saung Yu set off once again, to find the resting place of her ancestors and claim her birthright. Chapter III: The Lost Child After a long journey, Saung Yu arrived at the ancient tomb. She carefully set foot into the dust-filled halls, paying respects to each tombstone she passes. Finally, Saung is at the center of the tomb and she sees the fabled armor and spear of the Jadestorm family. She steadily approached them, she reached out her hand seeking to claim the pieces, and then suddenly, an unseen force pushed Saung backwards, unbalancing her. Then, a shroud of jade mist started forming around the chamber, and from them, the ancient spirits of the Jadestorm family appeared. They told Saung to be gone and that only a true Jadestorm will be able to claim these heirlooms, she tried to explain that she is their descendant but they simply request that she brings proof. Not knowing what else to do, Saung Yu exited the tomb and set up camp outside. It is impossible to just return to the Wandering Isle and ask her family for some proof, and she doesn't carry any important items with her. Saung thought and pondered, and then she realized that there is a special brew that only her family knows, so she started gathering ingredients and started brewing. Few days passed and the brew is finally ready, she took the jug and entered the tomb once more. Saung present the brew before the ancestors' spirits. Instead of being impressed like she thought they'd be, the spirits called her a thief and lashed out at her. She barely managed to fight off the enraged spirits and escaped the tomb. Now, outraged, she devised a plan to take advantage of the Saurok as a distraction while she takes the armaments while the spirits are busy repelling the saurok. Saung Yu laid out the lures and set her plans into motion. The saurok has arrived at the tomb as started frantically looting anything shiny, and Saung was discreetly following right behind them. She carefully approach the room where the armor and weapon was held, Saung was nearly there when suddenly she heard screams, children screams, echoing through the halls, little did she knew that a pair of children has wandered into the tomb and they are now found by the saurok raiders. The two children ran with all their might through the winding maze-like halls trying to flee from the pursuing saurok. Hearing their distress, Saung instantly forget about her objective and started sprinting towards the direction of the screams. She found the children and lead them running out to the exit, Saung told them to run back to their homes while she stay and take out as many saurok as she can to buy them time. She watched as they ran off to the distance, and then as she turned around, a squad of saurok was rushing towards her, weapons in hand. Chapter IV: The Growing Branch Saung assumed her stance and prepared for battle. The saurok charged at her and one by one, she dodged their attacks, knocked them down and dispatched them. The commotion has not gone unheard, the rest of the saurok raid was alerted, all of them ran to Saung's location and engaged her. Blows after blows, she returns each one that was thrown at her, but their numbers were too great and they eventually overwhelmed her. Try as she might, Saung cannot avoid every one of their attacks, a crude saurok spear impaled her back straight through her chest, before she gives in, Saung turned around, delivering a powerful kick to the saurok's head, breaking its neck. Now bleeding heavily, Saung fell to her knees and collapsed onto the tomb's floor. Feeling her end nearing, Saung closed her eyes and smiled as she knew that the children fled safely. Just then, a shroud of jade mist enveloped Saung Yu's body, mending her wounds and bringing back her consciousness. Tired, she slowly stood up and from the thick mists, the ancestor's spirits stepped out. They explained that all the things she's been through were tests to prove that she has the Jadestorm blood. The first was to test her brewing skills, the second was to test her fervor in battle, and the third, though unexpected, was to test her heart. If Saung had chosen to take the armaments over saving the children, the spirits has surely ended her life; however, she showed that she has the heart of a true Jadestorm when she chosen to sacrificed herself to ensure the safety of others. The spirit of the former head of the family took Saung’s hand and leads her to the chamber where the ancient armor and weapon was kept. When they arrived, each spirit bowed to her, one by one, and disappears, Saung Yu Jadestorm stepped forward and claimed the legendary armaments of the family and she stepped out of the tomb now, as a true Jadestorm, carrying with her the valuable lessons she has been taught on her journey so far, and she begin a new journey across Azeroth and beyond. I hope you all enjoyed! ~Huy~
  12. some buggs for brewmaster monks The spell Expel Harm don't work at all. when you get healing orbs you can't use Expel Harm to get the healing orbs. you have to walk over them. The Talent Blackout Combo it takes away the proc from blackout combo when you use Rushing Jade Wind or any spell that don't have the empower.
  13. Do you have this bug too? http://prnt.sc/e3m29j Whenever I put the leg sweep into the action bar, it changes to this "Disabling Technique" spell, I don't know why... Do you guys know how to fix it?
  14. monk

    pls try to fix monk honor talents all skils dosnt work ...also my health in arena dosnt went up
  15. Hello guys! I wanna know if monks viable in pvp in WoD? I ask this because I have heard bad reviews about ww monk pvp. I'm new to this server so I haven't tried it myself. I don't want to lvl a class only to find it unplayable at lvl 100 pvp. I'm comming from a MoP server and monks were op over there. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello all! I think some of you may realize that there is no pvp class set on tournament realm for every class at horde side(and there is some missing on alliance side either). Please check this report and bump this, for the sooner fix. https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/see_report/6174 Also, it would be nice if a buddy check this on other WoD realms, to help the developers' job. Thank you!