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  1. Hello, for some reason when my character is in combat, he does not assume his combat stance, but rather just stands there and takes hits. Can I please get some help on this issue? Thanks in Advance - Spjungen
  2. Hi I'm really short on gold and have been struggling to get more. I want to know if anyone knows which location is the most efficient for farming gold solo.
  3. Hey guys, It's a long time since fstorm started legion realm and increased the number of supporting expansions to 5. It means that they have the scripts for all raids, and dungeons of pre legion (wod dungs used to be bugged for 50% of their number). When will u implement those contents to legion? Those who pay money for mount will always do and those who never pay for them decide not to have them rather than purchasing them from your online shop. You can implement them but you decide to do bulshits for instance running vanilla realm, or TBC realm or this recent disaster which is called pvp realm of greymane, people want to have old contents, other servers had implemented them such that freak shit hole which had only the scripts of mop and now added wod contents completly P.S: those who want to comment one these two: 1) Go play there if you wanna complain. 2) Go play retail. You are fucking jerks and idiots, because nobody pays money in a private server with low population, the thing that we are playing here means that we are helping the server by keeping it crowded for those assholes who want to pay some money on loot boxes and increase their iLVL to 895 and fuck up all raids with their noobish activity. So the point that we are here means we are supporting the server and it's server's turn to implement the old contents for us.
  4. Hey fellas! Starting to play firestorm today and just downloaded Garrosh! Yay! Anyway, really looking forward to this and started to create a dwarf warrior while im doing MOP minimal, but unfortunately i got logged out straight after creating my character and now I cannot come back to the character page! It keeps disconnecting me. Any suggestions to why this may be?
  5. Class information: Stalwart protector who uses a shield to safeguard him self and his allies Type: Tank/Dps Gems: Meta: Reverberating Primal Diamond +216 Strenght and +3% Increased critical effect Red: Bold Primodial Ruby or Bold Serpent's Eye if you got Jewelcrafting +160 Strenght or +320 Strength Yellow: Inscribed Vermilion Onyx or Smooth Serpent's Eye if you got Jewelcrafting +80 Strenght and +160 Critical Strike or +480 Critical Strike Blue: Radiant Wild Jade +160 Critical Strike and +80 PvP Power Prismatic: Blood Primodial Ruby or Bold Serpent's Eye +160 Strenght or +320 Strength Enchants: Head: N/A Neck: N/A Shoulder: Greater Tiger Fang Inscription +200 Strenght and +100 Critical Strike Cloak: Superior Critical Strike +180 Critical Strike Chest: Super Resilience +200 PvP Resilience Bracer: Mastery +170 Mastery Weapon: Dancing Steel +1650 Strenght around 10 seconds Shield: Greater Stamina +300 Stamina Gloves: Super Strenght +170 Strenght Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle +1 Extra gem socket for belt Legs: Angerhide Leg Armor +285 Strenght and +165 Critical Strike Boots: Pandaren Step +140 Mastery and increased move speed Rings: N/A Reforging: Expertise-->Critical Strike Expertise-->Mastery Haste-->Mastery Hit-->Mastery and Critical Strike --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Macros: Burst macro: /cast Blood Fury /cast Recklessness /cast Berserker Rage /cast Avatar /use 13 Demoralizing,Skull and Mocking Banner macro: #showtooltip Skull Banner /cast Skull Banner #showtooltip Mocking Banner /cast Mocking Banner #showtooltip Demoralizing Banner /cast Demoralizing Banner Medallion of Cruelty Macro: #showtooltip Grievous Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty /use 14 /cast Grieovus Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty PvP guide made by r1 protection warrior Jazeera cheers.
  6. Salam Doostan. man taze mikham To realm Garrosh MOP ply konam ama Hichja Launchersh vase dl nis. kasi launcheresho dare ? Mamnon misham komak konin.
  7. Is it possible to get and does it work? On Sylvanas.
  8. Hello! We are gathering people from MoP server to participate in project 60! If you dont know what it is ill explain it in a simple way! Project 60 is a vanilla type playstyle where people join together and do vanilla raids as lvl 60! Yes lvl 60 raids as a lvl 60 in mop, sounds crazy but its fun! Rules are simple! lvl cap is 60; no heirlooms allowed(even loom weps); 1x xp rate; mount at lvl 40; NO monks and death knights; all raced exept pandas are allowed! After finishing vanilla we will continue to the next expansions and fo forth! Lets make it just like vanilla, more grindy and fun! If you have the guts to do it then Reply for further info!
  9. So, you want a specific elite? You have been looking for it and cannot find it? This guide is for you. I will show you the exact spawn spots so you can go there and just wait for them to spawn. I will focus on the elites that drop mounts and add more elites in the future. Alani It drops http://www.wowhead.c...y-cloud-serpent. The spawn time is 4h. Open the Vale of Eternal Blossoms map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: Alani is tricky. You would have to stand on the sword there to be able to pull it down and dps it. When you pull it down, just stand there and dps. Do not move at all. If you fall, it resets. Huolon It drops http://www.wowhead.c...x-cloud-serpent. The spawn time is 10m. Open the Timeless Isle map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: Note that there are plenty of mobs and an elite with high HP that you need to kill before pulling Huolon, or you die fast. Aeonaxx It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ent-stone-drake. The spawn time is 5h. Open the Deepholm map and head to the spot marked by the blue square (exact coords 44.9, 49): Note that Aeonaxx stands on the highest rock at that location in the sky. It does not move and just stands there on the rock. Fly up into the sky until you find the highest and largest rock that does not have any rock above it. Dormus the Camel-Hoarder It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ey-riding-camel(the only Camel currently acquirable) and also gives you the Camel-Hoarder title. The spawn time is 2h. Open the Feralas map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: This elite is quite tricky. It is bugged. So, the boss will show as dead always even when it is alive. How do you know if its alive? Simply, see if its standing or laying on its back. If it is standing then its alive. The loot on this boss is bugged. So, here is how you will deal with it. Before pulling the boss head to its left and keep moving on the shore until you find the only crab mob there. After that move Dormus near the mob. You will not be able to go all the way (mostly). Though, you can meet it half way. Kill Dormus then move to the crab mob and taunt it. I repeat taunt it with any of your spells that do not do damage. Keep running until the crab becomes near Dormus for AoE loot. Kill it then loot it. You will be able to loot the mount from Dormus now. Make sure you read this segment more than one time before you start. Poseidus It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ins-of-poseidus, the most wanted mount ingame. Few people know the spot for this elite and since it is BoE. People camp it always. It took me a while to find the spot since it is in a custom location (cannot be found on wowhead or other official databases). The spawn time is 24h. Open the Abyssal Depths map and head to the spot marked by the blue square (the exacts coords are 41.9, 75.8). When you go there you will find those elites named Devious Great-Eel near you with 223k HP. That is how you know you are in the right spot if you are not using a coords addon. Here is a photo to show you the exact spot where it stands: Like I said earlier, this is the most camped elite there is. Zandalari Warbringer It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ordial-direhorn. Spawn time from 5-10m. You can find the elites at the spots provided by this link: http://www.wowhead.c...lari-warbringer Note that the elites have high HP so you probably cannot solo this unless you are kiting which is not easy and takes a long time for you to kill the elite. Kael'thas Sunstrider It drops the http://www.wowhead.c...8/ashes-of-alar. You can find this boss inside the Tempest Keep raid. Though, there is an issue with it like the Dormus boss. The boss goes into the sky and it does not come down. So, go ahead and kill it when it is in air. After that, run as fast as you can to the nearest mob then taunt it. Do not kill it. Just aggro it and run back to the boss. Then, stand on the boss and kill the mob and loot the mob to see if the mount dropped or not. Notes: 1. The spawn times provided has 1-15m margin. So, add 1-15m to them. 2. If you see someone camping a spot for an elite especially the ones that drop items that can be farmed, just stand with them. They might know the exact time it will spawn. 3. The spawn locations I provided are the exact spawn locations and there are no alternatives to them. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I have tested every single one of them. 4. Use the SimpleCoords v2.1 addon for coords provided. It is the best coords addon out there: http://www.wowinterf...=7816&aid=80881 I will be updating the guide adding new elites in the future and hence the unique items in the title. If you like the guide let me know.
  10. Hi! Server Administrators! I wish to know if you have the copy right to produce the game. Can you get me that doubt? Are you a Copyright or not?
  11. May I ask why did you guys removed the Greatsword of the inferno? and if yes, where can I acquire it?
  12. soooo when are you fucktards going to fix the hunter damage bugg abusing in pvp on the MOP server ? just got hit for 119k kill shot in plate while in D stance and shield wall up. this has been going on for over 6 months bites, chimera shot, kill command are all waaay out of wack in pvp fix it before everyone goes to warmane
  13. Hola Necesito que me den el realmlist de WoW ya que n me deja instalarlo desde la aplicación lo necesito rapido descargue el wow de una pagina diferente y ahora quiero cambiar el realmlist porfa
  14. Hi, I was playing on test realm in the expansion Mists of Pandaria, and some characters I've made are bugging and falling on nothing, I can't play with them because they unstuck. This problem affects almost every character I make, soo, i wanna know what to do about this. Thanks, Lyanna.
  15. Why I can't enter MoP Raids as Solo ?? I got item lvl 770+
  16. Hi Guys, Have u tried any mop raids in Sylvanas realm? How many of them completely work?
  17. So, you just hit level 90 and you want to gear up fast. This guide is for you. First of all, see if you can spare 5k gold. If you can, buy the Conteders set. The Contenders set is a gear set that is equal to 8 items that you can use while gearing up. You can get the whole set for 5k gold. Depending on your armor type you get the set for you. Mail contenders for mail, plate for plate and so on. Just write this in world then wait: WTB Conteders set 5k - armorstype < replace armortype with plate,mail,leather, or cloth. After that you need go and try to find a weapon. You can get the Bind on Account weapons from Pandaria maps depending on the class/spec you are using. Here is a list of BoA weapons: http://www.wowhead.c...d-found-preview Scroll down to BoA Weapon Models and check the weapons out. Click the object to the bottom of each weapon page and find it on the map then head there. If you cannot find it, it is probably cause someone looted it before you. So, try at different times. As for hunters there is a weapon that drops for you from one of the elites on Jade Forest. Try finding the elite and kill it. If you cannot find a weapon, do not worry you will eventually get one from world drop. If you cannot wait try finding one in AH. You can get a nice ring without doing any effort at all by autocompleting this quest: Shadow of the Empire The above link will show you where the quest giver resides (Dread Wastes map). After that, you will begin your Justice Points farm journey. Before you start, make sure you are on a level 25 guild to get the JP bonus. After that continue to queue in the Dungeon Finder for Gate of the Setting Sun. When you join the dungeon you do just the first boss and get around 100 Justice Points. After you kill the boss you leave then queue again and repeat. I will share some useful macros that will help you queue, accept and leave fast. They will be available to the bottom of this topic. One thing you need to focus on is spending your points before hitting the Justice Points cap which is 4k. In order to monitor your Justice Points you can simply press C then go to your Currency tab then click the currency and show on bag. After that you can just open your bags and see the JP count. After you get enough JP you can go ahead and visit the Commander Oxheart npc at Nizao Temple (Townlong Steppes map west of Pandaria): Commander Oxheart You want to get all ilvl489 items with the exception of 4 items which are back, neck, feet, and waist (will get to that later). Main set items will cost 2250 JP each while everything else costs from 1250-1750JP each. After you get all the ilvl489 items mentioned. Go ahead and farm 1250JP more then head to Isle of Thunder and find this NPC (when you teleport it will be to your right): Hiren Loresong Then buy your ilvl496 back. If you do not know how to get into Isle of Thunder. You will find a portal that takes you there from Townlong Steppes map. This link will show you where the portals are for horde and alliance: http://wow.gamepedia...Isle_of_Thunder After that, you can go ahead and farm ToT(Throne of Thunder) trash for neck, waist and feet. The mobs drop ilvl522 items. That will help you up your average ilvl. ToT is a raid in Isle of Thunder. By now you already know how to get there. Do the 10n raid difficulty killing the mobs up to (and including) the snakes then go out and reset. You can easily reset by changing raid difficulty to 25 then back to 10 and telling everyone to go inside. It takes a while for your items to drop and you wont always win the roll but you get the idea. It is ilvl522 so it is worth it. Keep in mind that you can do 10 runs within 1 hour. After that you will not be able to go inside for a while. After that you can do some raids without any issues at all like HoF(Halls of Fear)10n and ToES(Terrace of Endless Spring)10n. Those raids drop nice items for you and also they give you your most valuable currency which is Valor Points. You can get Valor Points doing several activities. Killing bosses in raids, doing daily quests all around Pandaria. You can also go to Timeless Isle (east of pandaria) then do the weeklies there for Timeless Coins and VP too. The coins can be used to purchage a nice trinket but it takes a while to farm enough coins. If you are in a raiding guild that does 25 man raids, save your locks for when you raid with them. If you are not, join the Raid Finder. Then do both Nightmare(HoF) and ToES(Terrace of Endless Spring). You will get VP and sometimes items. They are not that much but you could get a weapon. Here are the macros that will help you farm JP faster. Dungeon Queue Macro: /run LeaveParty() /click LFDQueueFrameTypeDropDownButton /click DropDownList1Button1 /click LFDQueueFrameFindGroupButton /click QueueStatusMinimapButton /click DropDownList1Button2 Dungeon Accept Macro: /click LFDRoleCheckPopupAcceptButton /click LFGDungeonReadyDialogEnterDungeonButton /run StaticPopupSpecial_Hide(LFGDungeonReadyPopup) Here is how you use the macros. First of all click the Dungeon Finder then hit specific and choose Gate of the Setting Sun. Then, select your role(s) and close it: You only need to do this step once after you login into your character. Do not repeat. Just hit the Dungeon Queue Macro macro and you are queued for the DF. That is it. When you see the Dungeon Finder ready message hit the Dungeon Accept Macro. Not only the Dungeon Accept Macro accepts everything. It also hides the bugged role confirm menu so you do not have to close it anymore. After you are done with the dungeon simply hit the Dungeon Queue Macro again and you are out. Hit it again to queue for another dungeon and repeat. If for some reason you hear that you entered the dungeon (joining group sound) but you are not teleported, simply hit the Dungeon Queue Macro once and wait. I wanted to combine the macros but the problem was that the combined macro would not fit and then I would ask you to download an extra addon which I did not want to force to download. Instead I decided to simplify the process by creating an extra macro that will interact with left and right moust clicks. Here it is: /click [button:2] MultiBarRightButton12 /click [nobutton:2] MultiBarRightButton11 The above macro will hit two other buttons(macros in our case) based on left and right mouse clicks. Since nobody would chooose the same place for their macros, I decided to show you how to find the specific actionbar names which you will place your macros on. Go to your chat then hit Enter and type /fstack then hit Enter again. You will see some box on your screen that shows messages. Now move your cursor to the designated actionbars that you placed your Dungeon Queue and Dungeon Accept macros on. Write down the first line on top. Then move to the other actionbar and do the same (they are case sensitive so B for example is B not b ). Modify the above macro like this: /click [button:2] NameOfTheActionBarButtonThatHasDungeonAcceptMacro /click [nobutton:2] NameOfTheActionBarButtonThatHasDungeonQueueMacro Then place the new macro anywhere you want. Just do not change where the two other macros located or you would have to repeat the steps from /fstack. This is how you use the new macro. Left click it to queue and leave dungeons (and teleport in if the dungeon bugs) and right click it to accept the ready queue. That is it. If you are confused and do not want to do the /fstack steps then simply use this macro: /click [button:2] MultiBarRightButton12 /click [nobutton:2] MultiBarRightButton11 Then, enable the Right Action Bars and place the Dungeon Accept macro to the bottom and the Dungeon Queue macro right above it like this: If you like the guide or have any questions let me know. Please do not repost the macros or guide anywhere without my permission.
  18. Hallo, Ich habe in Mists of Pandaria eine deutsche Gilde errichtet: Walhallas Erben. Wir sind noch sehr frisch und suchen unbedingt neue Mitspieler ! Von daher sind wir leider erst Level zwei. Aber ich will mit euch ein großes Ziel erreichen ! Wir legen sehr großen Wert auf gegenseitiges helfen. Welches Level ist egal, einfach sich bei einem Mitglied von der Gilde "Walhallas Erben" melden (am besten bei dem Gildenmeister Jaxxon) und man wird eingeladen ! Alles ist auf deine Ankunft vorbereitet. Natürlich besitzen wir auch ein Teamspeak. Unser Hauptziel ist es eine große Community zu erreichen und vieles zusammen erleben ! Wir werden dementsprechend wöchentliche Raids machen, BG's / Arenas wann immer man lust hat und man wird geholfen wo es nur geht.
  19. DIES IRAE is an Italian progressive PvE guild looking for italian speaking raiders. We assure a relaxed atmosphere, great Raid times and a united group. For italian version look@
  20. I think that Healer are too Strong on Taranzhu. I'm in bg and there is a full geared healer takes the flag on then come to 3-10 people to stop him but The healer does not dies. Some of these people are full geared with 1,7k + raiting That can not be the Healer the Survived sry for my bad English my English is not the yellow from the egg
  21. First, allow me to say that if this is the wrong place for this, I'm sorry. Direct me where I need to go and I will take it there. I'm on Mist Of Pandaria Taran'Zhu and I am having some troubles with the auction house. I just wonder if anyone else is too? I move an item from my bag to sell in the auction house, put in the price and how long I would like for it to stay. I usually put things in for the longest amount allowed, click the button to create the auction the chat screen it comes up as if I have put my item in to sell, however, the item does not leave my bag and it does not show up in the auction house inventory list. Any information, suggestions I can get on this would be much appreciated.
  22. Hi there! I was checking legacy dungeons and raids and I noticed most of them are bugged. Vanilla and WoTLK seem to work fine, but Cataclysm-MoP-WoD raids are all bugged, and most dungeons from MoP to WoD are bugged too. I know it's not a high priority bug, but it's annoying we can't get transmog items, achievements, mounts, pets, toys... Considering this server has realms for those expansions (and I assume PVE works fine there), would it be hard to copy the scripts from there and use them in this realm too? Maybe you have to change a thing or two but I think it wouldn't be a hard work, but it would be a big improvement to this realm. Would love to hear back from you. Thanks for your nice work.
  23. mop

    Hi everyone, Many of you asked for a debug of, this is now done! Please note the fix is only available on our PTR for now, we wish this item to fully work until its release on our live realms, along with the update on July 4th. If you encounter any bug with Burden of Eternity, please let me know. Knows bugs: -Item description on use disappeared (won't fix).
  24. Hi everybody, I'm pleased to announce the release of the 14th and last boss from Siege of Orgrimmar on our Public Test Realm 5.4.8. I must say this boss is still in development, many things should be done or improved. Anyway, you can report problems you'll find during the encounter so we can fix it while the development goes on. Have a good game !
  25. Hi everybody, I'm pleased to announce the release of the 12th boss from Siege of Orgrimmar, Siegecrafter Blackfuse, on our Public Test Realm 5.4.8. Feel free to report any bug you'll find on this boss, to let us fix it before the upcoming release. Have a good game !