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  1. Hey everyone, I'm trying to get the mount reins of invincible from the lich king raid , but after the cinematic arthas body disappears and there is nothing to loot. I thought the mount was account wide, since I have it in a different char, even with all the bugs in that raid at the time. And just sucks not being able to, is this happening to anyone and has anyone been able to counter this from happening?
  2. Hello, Today I finally obtained Invincible on my main after weeks of Lich King bugging out. when I hopped on my alt which is on the same account, I looked for the mount on the mount page but found it as "Not collected" even though I clearly have the achievement which is account wide as should be. So, I made a ticket about it. the GM who replied was very considerate but couldn't do nothing about the situation because he has no permission to act which I understand. He told me that he asked a higher level GM and told him that this mount was specifically made character bound, even though in game it clearly says it's account-wide. It doesn't make sense why this mount specifically would be character bound when the boss that drops it is broken beyond recognition (it'll send you 'inside Frostmourne' and when you teleport back you'll just fall to your death and hope that you can start the fight over again because most of the time Tirion would bug out too and not allow you to initiate the fight again). You either fix the Lich King or just make the mount account-wide as it's intended. This is frustrating because this topic will likely not receive any recognition or will be moved to the suggestions sub-forum to rot. Please just do anything about this situation and don't reply with "We made it character bound" because there's no logical reason behind this.
  3. So i got Netherlord's accursed wrathsteed from Lord Hel'Nurtah on Broken Shore but he didn not appear in my mount collection even tho I can still mount him using command /use. I will put three images one showing drop and other showing me mounted on him using command.
  4. HI, a friend of mine is making me crazy because he saw a player with the Corrupted dreadwing and he keep asking me where he can buy it I don't give a flying **** about the mount but if anyone owns it and knows where it can be bought it would be really sweet. I can't stand this anymore
  5. If is summon my Travelers tundra mammoth the NPC fall off, anyone else experiecne these issues an mabey know how to fix it?
  6. Hello fellow wow players and forum visitors . Just like most of you i play wow ( garosh ) but i now might be facing a problem . I recently bought a mount in the firestorm shop , but it has not bin added to my mount collection . Annybody having the same problem , or maby know a solution that can solvee this problem and give me my mount afterall ?
  7. is Voidtalon of the dark star mount is obtainable? and if it is where do I find the portal to its egg? (map pic and coordinates will be helpful)
  8. I bought mammoth for my hard earned golds, and I'm sad that vendors don't ride with me, and despawns after like 10 sec, if I mount and relogin it works, please fix.
  9. I pay on the warlords server and I recently got a stable in the garrison and I got a quest. Clefthoof training: Great tusk Well the quest help as in where to go is all bugged as usual like every other quest on the server but I searched and found the great tusk and did exactly what the quest said but it won't count my kill wheather I am on the traning clefthoof or not. I would like to know is the quest bugged and when will the garrison quests will be fixed. PS: while I am at the topic of bugged quests. the shipwright quest by varian is also bugged and many other garrison quests, when will it all be fixed? thank you.
  10. This guide helps you in creating your own multiplayer mount, the Sandstone Drake even if you don't have any gold. It is primarily targeted at new players and those who don't have 140k-200k gold in their coin purse to buy the mount on the auction house. This mount carries one passenger seat on its back, although it is not a true multiseat mount: you, the owner is itself transformed into a Dragon! Find out how you can acquire this gorgeous mount to have fun with your friends. Start with a very helpful video with maps: Vial of the Sands Materials Farming Guide Also, Icy Veins has written a super-detailed guide on farming the materials: Gold Making: The Vial of the Sands And there is the wowhead recipe listing: Vial of the Sands Though this guide is not concerned about farming the recipe itself, there is a good video for it: Fastest Way to Farm the Vial of the Sands Recipe! To summarize, you need: 36x Pyrium Bar - this will be the most difficult/expensive to get: bought from auction costs 36k on 2017-07-24, it is made from: 12x Elementium Bar (100-200 gold on auction) + 12x Volatile Earth (Transmuted ONE PER DAY with Alchemy 520 -> 12 days - if you have Alchemy, this is the cheap solution, all the mats cost only 2k on auction. Ideally you will have a Transmutation Master for Truegold) OR 72x Pyrite Ore (Mining 525 to Smelt, from Uldum and Twilight Highlands) 120x Volatile Fire ("fished" in Mount Hyjal or Twilight Highlands and 14% drop from Brimstone Destroyer , Flame Terror in Hyjal, or Enslaved Inferno in Twilight Highlands ) 120x Volatile Water (13% drop from Muddied Water Elemental or 14% from Enslaved Waterspout in Twilight Highlands -- Remember to run with a Potion of Luck when you are farming those Water elementals) 120x Volatile Air (28-36% drop in dungeon The Vortex Pinnacle in south-east Uldum) 128x Volatile Life (Herbalism 1 from Whiptail, some from Azshara's Veil and Cinderbloom) 128x Whiptail (Herbalism 1 in Uldum and Tol Barad) 64x Azshara's Veil (Herbalism 1 in Vashj'ir and Tol Barad Peninsula) 64x Cinderbloom (Herbalism 1 in Deepholm , Twilight Highlands and Mount Hyjal or 46% drop by Fiery Minion in Hyjal ) (Ideally you will have an Elixir Master for both sets of the flasks) 8x Albino Cavefish (26% loot, fished in Deepholm ) Vendor items from Yasmin in Uldum: 1x Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial for 5000g 8x Sands of Time for 8x3000g = 24k 16x Crystal Vial for pennies from any Alchemy / Trade Supplies npc For those, who want to use the mount to occasionally give free rides to low level characters or beginners: I will buy the vendor items for you in exchange of some extra materials, and hook you up with an Alchemist to cook you the Vial of the Sands. To help you with exchanging materials, contact me on the forum or ingame: Dallaryen on Sylvanas (Legion) Yours kindly, Dallaryen
  11. Hey guys, i was buying the "Infinite Timereaver", but.. i bought it not on my Main, because i didnt read its Charbound Mount then. I thought it would be normal Accountbounded. Is there a posibility to get the Mount from my twink to my main ? Greetings
  12. Hello , i have a problem . Yesterday me and my boyfriend , we were in ICC for mount Invincible from Lich king. We droped him , but today when we logged into the game, we can use him only on our character that we droped him with . He should be avaible for all characters on my acc . Thanks for answers and help .
  13. So, okay i had my stormcrow mount on wod server, grommash, and when i transferred on sylvanas, it disappeared... so, can i have it back? Or atleast my points
  14. I bought 37 Heirlooms but didnt get the achievement and the mount
  15. I talked to Boris, got lvl 100 and my spells and all but no mount or any gold, also don't have any kind of riding learned
  16. today i have dropped clutch of ji-kun on tot and what happened i log on my main char and couldnt find the mount clap clap , BRING BACK ACCOUNT-WIDE MOUNTS !
  17. Hey guys, I'm new to forums at all, so forgive me if I put this in the wrong section. I see much people with the chauffeur mount, and I searched about the mount, and it said it is an achievement. But when I search the achievement in-game, it isn't there. Is this a bug or am I the only one having it ? Kind regards.
  18. Im having a problem with the felsaber mount in the demon hunter questline i cant mount it which seems normal but it tells me its in my mount tab but when i look the number of mounts has changed but felsaber isnt there!? has this happened to anyone else? literally sat there clicking it over and over watching everyone else get theirs first time. ive tried new chars alliance and horde but nothing sad times.
  19. Why i cant que for the headless horse man i know i can fly there and kill him but i cant get the mount without que in the dungeon finder and get the crate with the mount drop chance.
  20. If i buy a mount in the firestorm shop that mount being the obsidian nightwing, will it transfer to "ALL" my characters? like if i Redeem it on my Night elf DH will i be able to use it on him and my other characters?
  21. I am level 43, I have journeyman riding skill, but I don't have a mount, since the orgrimmar guy is bugged and wont sell me the mount. I want a GM to spawn me a mount in my inventory and take out the gold that I would usually pay for it. OR OR OR you could fix the bug, that would be nice as well.
  22. Hi, im lvl 33 and i play on WoD, what is the most easy flying mount to get?
  23. Guys does anyone tried to kill luk'hok and it didn't drop nothing as me http://imgur.com/a/3l9nt
  24. I just bought a mount http://www.wowhead.com/item=87791/reins-of-the-crimson-water-strider in the in-game shop, but I cant use it because it needs reputation exalted.However the logic is that if some day(maybe a year) i got that reputaion exalted i can certainly buy it from the npc vendor ,why i need to buy it for vote points?Currently the reputation and vendor are certainly unavaliable.so why the hell you put this mount in in-game shop???and we cant browse the item info like in the website,so we don't know this mount is repuation-need to learn. This post is not aimed to report something, it just disscus some annoying thing. I dont know whether some body like me bought this mount unfortunenately.
  25. Hello guys. I'm new to wow and i'm starting play in the firetorm grommash server. I already reach lvl 90 and i don't know how to go draenor and how can i buy the wisdom of the four winds spell in pandaria. The private server have some... problems. Can someone can help me? my guild never ask my questions and never help me.