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  1. So, you want a specific elite? You have been looking for it and cannot find it? This guide is for you. I will show you the exact spawn spots so you can go there and just wait for them to spawn. I will focus on the elites that drop mounts and add more elites in the future. Alani It drops http://www.wowhead.c...y-cloud-serpent. The spawn time is 4h. Open the Vale of Eternal Blossoms map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: Alani is tricky. You would have to stand on the sword there to be able to pull it down and dps it. When you pull it down, just stand there and dps. Do not move at all. If you fall, it resets. Huolon It drops http://www.wowhead.c...x-cloud-serpent. The spawn time is 10m. Open the Timeless Isle map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: Note that there are plenty of mobs and an elite with high HP that you need to kill before pulling Huolon, or you die fast. Aeonaxx It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ent-stone-drake. The spawn time is 5h. Open the Deepholm map and head to the spot marked by the blue square (exact coords 44.9, 49): Note that Aeonaxx stands on the highest rock at that location in the sky. It does not move and just stands there on the rock. Fly up into the sky until you find the highest and largest rock that does not have any rock above it. Dormus the Camel-Hoarder It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ey-riding-camel(the only Camel currently acquirable) and also gives you the Camel-Hoarder title. The spawn time is 2h. Open the Feralas map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: This elite is quite tricky. It is bugged. So, the boss will show as dead always even when it is alive. How do you know if its alive? Simply, see if its standing or laying on its back. If it is standing then its alive. The loot on this boss is bugged. So, here is how you will deal with it. Before pulling the boss head to its left and keep moving on the shore until you find the only crab mob there. After that move Dormus near the mob. You will not be able to go all the way (mostly). Though, you can meet it half way. Kill Dormus then move to the crab mob and taunt it. I repeat taunt it with any of your spells that do not do damage. Keep running until the crab becomes near Dormus for AoE loot. Kill it then loot it. You will be able to loot the mount from Dormus now. Make sure you read this segment more than one time before you start. Poseidus It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ins-of-poseidus, the most wanted mount ingame. Few people know the spot for this elite and since it is BoE. People camp it always. It took me a while to find the spot since it is in a custom location (cannot be found on wowhead or other official databases). The spawn time is 24h. Open the Abyssal Depths map and head to the spot marked by the blue square (the exacts coords are 41.9, 75.8). When you go there you will find those elites named Devious Great-Eel near you with 223k HP. That is how you know you are in the right spot if you are not using a coords addon. Here is a photo to show you the exact spot where it stands: Like I said earlier, this is the most camped elite there is. Zandalari Warbringer It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ordial-direhorn. Spawn time from 5-10m. You can find the elites at the spots provided by this link: http://www.wowhead.c...lari-warbringer Note that the elites have high HP so you probably cannot solo this unless you are kiting which is not easy and takes a long time for you to kill the elite. Kael'thas Sunstrider It drops the http://www.wowhead.c...8/ashes-of-alar. You can find this boss inside the Tempest Keep raid. Though, there is an issue with it like the Dormus boss. The boss goes into the sky and it does not come down. So, go ahead and kill it when it is in air. After that, run as fast as you can to the nearest mob then taunt it. Do not kill it. Just aggro it and run back to the boss. Then, stand on the boss and kill the mob and loot the mob to see if the mount dropped or not. Notes: 1. The spawn times provided has 1-15m margin. So, add 1-15m to them. 2. If you see someone camping a spot for an elite especially the ones that drop items that can be farmed, just stand with them. They might know the exact time it will spawn. 3. The spawn locations I provided are the exact spawn locations and there are no alternatives to them. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I have tested every single one of them. 4. Use the SimpleCoords v2.1 addon for coords provided. It is the best coords addon out there: http://www.wowinterf...=7816&aid=80881 I will be updating the guide adding new elites in the future and hence the unique items in the title. If you like the guide let me know.
  2. Greetings! We hope you are having a nice summer! We made some changes to the shop, with some tweaking and additions. While this mostly concerns BFA, every expansion's shop got at least a little something! Let's start off with the BFA exclusive changes: All items in the shop that were still sold as 340 ilvl got updated to 395 ilvl. Some loots from World Bosses & PVP gear that were missing from the shop got added! Lootboxes prices have gone down by 10 Points per lootbox (Mythic dungeon ones at 20, Uldir ones at 30 / piece). New BFA Mounts have been added! They'll be present under the shop category "BFA Mounts". A new category has been added on the BFA shop as well: Upgrader items. Inside, you will find several different 'Upgraders': Tertiary Stat Upgrader (Leech, Speed or Avoidance): Allows you to add a tertiary stat of your choice on an item. Prismatic Socket Upgrader: Adds a prismatic socket on an item. Azerite Booster: Puts your Heart of Azeroth to level 35, unlocking every traits threshold for 8.0.1 content. ilvl Boosters (available in 2 versions: +5 & +15): increases the ilvl of the item you use it on. Only the +15 can be used on Azerite Gear, and none of them can be used on the Heart of Azeroth. You are still limited by the realm ilvl cap. We also heard your complaints that nothing really worth it is available in loyalty points outside of character changes (rename, race / faction change) right now. So we decided to include in this update some new loyalty points purchase options, on 3 specific things: Mythic Dungeon lootboxes (ilvl 365+) Tertiary Stat Upgrader (all 3 different ones) ilvl Booster +5 We hope that with those additions, retrieving your loyalty points daily feels more rewarding. As for the changes regarding all expansions, we reviewed Mounts pricing and downscaled them (a mount that costed between 300 & 350 points before now costs 180 points for example). On top of that, now all mounts in the shop can be part of the weekly promotion (roughly 25% discount). You can check the Firestorm shop through this link. We hope you'll enjoy those changes, and wish you a nice summer end! The Firestorm Team
  3. Since I purchased a Blue WInd Rider mount with my Blood Elf Death Knight Allied Races characters I create all have a Blue Wind Rider in the mount collection tab (which is mountable but doesn't fly). But it says there should be exactly two mounts in my mount collection. I assume they should all have a Apprentice Rider class race mount, and it says there should be another mount besides the Blue Wind Rider. But it doesn't show, no matter how I try to look for it. Does anyone have the same problem? Or perhaps have a sollution?
  4. neither the grand wyvern or the grand armored wyvern are obtainable ingame and now the grand armored wyvern just disappears from the cash shop will it make a return?
  5. I have a Question about heirlooms and mounts are they not account wide? Like for example if I get a Heirloom/Mount on my pvp char I saw it didn't transfer to me pve chars is this supposed to happen or is it glitched?
  6. so i found the panda that sells the tome(http://www.wowhead.com/npc=100661/pan-the-kind-hand) but she doesnt offer me anny item but pet leash can someone hep me out with how i get the tome?
  7. I'm wondering which mounts still drop and hunter pets that still can be tamed, that previously were working on the WoD server. - Huo'lon, the thundering onyx flying serpent doesn't seem to drop a mount anymore in Timeless Island - Sky Golem recipe must be extremely rare or does it still drop from the bigger mobs in Pandaria's Vale? - So the 10 shards to make a big one to debuff the thundering red serpent cloud are also rare to get? - I can't tame a thunder worgen in the Vale - I can't start the quest to get Gaara in Draenor's Valley - Zandalari doesn't spawn anymore on his winged mount and thus doesn't drop the the direhorn mount - I can get Garn Nighthowl drop in Draenor and LW can make the Dustmane Direwolf. - ICC LK is bugged and you fall through the floor if you can't burst kill him earlier. Hence the Invincible mount is difficult to get
  8. Will you please add more Mounts for these Loaylty Points and I mean Flying Mounts. Please?
  9. I wanted to ask if I buy a BOE mount from the store I would receive it in mail? So I can sell it for gold or trade to someone?
  10. Can anyone tell me how to get Stormcrow Mount in tho WoD servers?
  11. I see several guys get life-binders-handmaiden and they say drop rate of mounts in 25H dragon soul is 100%,just like 25H ICC. But when we come to 25 normal madness of deathwing, we find the two arm tentacle sink quickly in deep water. so we managed to kill these two tentacle by two hunter's auto attack(it is visual long distance).However when we kill 4 tentacles, it doesnt begin part 2,we can only wait and be killed by cataclysm. we tried several times and still stuck at it, is it bugged? and how can they defeat 25H deathwing?
  12. So, I'm wondering if I can get mounts from raids on Firestorm server, because not all quests and things work. I found this video: And I wanna know if anyone has gotten any of these, and can I also go and try to get these cool mounts. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello Everyone. I want to know which mounts I can obtain through achievments. Can anyone please help me out? I also want to know if it's possible to obtain the Green Proto-Drake Thanks in advance
  14. Hello there!Recently purchased the felsteel anihilator and some other mounts and some plate mogs for my character but im using 3 plate characters and 1st the mounts are not on the other characters and 2nd the mogs are not either can you fix this pls???i spend money on this server like many of us did and all that should be account wide not on a character only...i want a refund or make it account wide...I think eveyrone who read this will agree with me its not fair please respond!!Thank you
  15. So i recently got ashes of al ar in the first run , i was so excited due to the 1.9% drop chance , but then some people told me that they are 100% drop chance , can someone clarify this please?
  16. Hello am playing here since pandashan start and i had pause from the games for few months.Yesterday i started to play on tournament realm beacuse I saw that there is a possiblity to buy few nice mounts.I had in mind that they are going to split to my other characters on other realms on WoD.They dont....So if you could tell me whats the point of farming mounts on tournament if they dont split to other characters? My idea is to make them split then there would be any sense of playing on this realm.
  17. this is regarding the grove warden mount how is it FIXED* when its not obtainable well it is appearantly cuz abut 3 weeks ago i met a sombraluna dude with in skirmishes is there a wa to get it? when its not even on the shop
  18. Hello firestorm community, i come here (even though i'm pretty sure this is the wrong place to do it) to report a bug on poundfist loot. And i'm reporting a bug HERE cause if i do it on the bugtracker i won't get help. Today(an hour ago, aproximately) I was in a group and i participated in the kill of poundfist, the rare gronnling on gorgrond. However, i got no mount and when we talked to several gms, they all said that we will NOT get anything, even though we participated in the kill. I'm just here to ask if this is really intended to be like this, or if the dev is going to do something about it. PS: i got several SS of me and the group when we killed poundfist. PS2: " Poundfist has a chance of 100% to drop the Mount Sunhide Gronnling for everyone who attacks him. "- Wowhead. PS3: bugtracker thread:https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/14143 If i'm wrong about any information here, let me know it. Thanks everyone for reading and replying. Good night all.
  19. I just started farming the rare spawn mounts in Draenor with a couple of friends. I read that all players who attacked the monsters would get the mount (is this true in this server?) but that did't happened. Fortunately It was me who got both Bloodhoof Bull. and Mottled Meadowstomper. . Don't know if it's something to do with loot configuration,or the party must be set to a raid or it's just the server. Does anybody have information about this?
  20. Hello, ive got a question: is there flying in draenor on this server ? If so,how can i get it?
  21. Hello why this are on action house ?
  22. can anyone tell me where is poundfist and pathrunner spwan? i got other 5 mounts and had already waited these two for many days. And what is the respwan timegap of pandaria world boss??i have saw some body killed Nalak,after almost a hour the corpse disappers,and next day it wont respwan,so maybe it's respwan time is 48 hour or longer?