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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings, I was just muted for 30 minutes with the reason of "Drama in public channel". Well... i assume the GM was spanish? See for yourself.. and yes, that was everything I said.
  2. Hey everyone. Today I wanted to send some items I farmed to my other two characters, in order to sell them (I sell items from specific characters so I can keep track of my money). However, after I sent few mails I got this message saying that I have sent too many mails in short period of time. I understand where this is coming from. For those who don't remember, there were mail spamers at some point in time on Firestorm, and they were very annoying. So, I pretty much like this feature, and I'm supporting it's existence. However, I was wondering if a GM or Developer could explain how exactly does this work, so that I can avoid being mail-muted in the future. Mainly: 1) How much mails/time do I need to send to trigger this? 2) How long does mute last? 3) Is there any way for me to avoid this, and yet send items to my characters. P.S.: Not all my characters are on the same account.
  3. auto mute system on world/global channels at spamming attempts would be really cool
  4. Hey!I was playing on taran zhu just chillin making a raid i asked for ppl in World chat like 4 times and i got a mute for 1 hour and now i cant make a raid. it would take it if they warned me or something but like that? can you do something with that?