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  1. Hey guys. I have some transmogs and I want to share it with you Today I present: my transmogs with warrior. CAPTAIN TRANSMOG Dressing Room link: click here. EARTH WARRIOR TRANSMOG Dressing Room link: click here. IRON LORD TRANSMOG Dressing Room link: click here, That's it. Cya!
  2. Greetings ladies, gentlemen and genderless sacks of flesh, bone and various kinds of mucus. One of my names is Alexander D. Smythe, and I play a Restoration Druid on T'Z'. My time spent pointlessly smacking kiddies with egos as inflated as the Venezuelan bolivar has exposed me to the worst of the worst in terms of rude and despicable immature brats who can't take a loss without making a scene more embarrassing than that of the 21.12.12 preachers on the 22nd of 'sed year, has left me numb, and to some extent, in a state of zen condescending arseholery. I gradually started to drift away from WoW due to my gradually declining interest in putting up with the kinds of people who take the game and themselves way too seriously. (I'm looking at you weeaboo /y burstmacro spammers.) Eventually, I thought it was all over for me and this life-drain of a game, but I recently rekindled my addiction to the sweet sweet majestic AF goddamn WoW crack when I discovered the following: HOLY BALLS!!! THERE'S MORE TO WoW THAN JUST THE BG AND ARENA MAPS! (mmm, look at that, it's a gif I used to advertise how clever I am at writing posts.) Anyway, I've been on the lookout for people brave shameless with enough cojones to rebel against the system and admit that there's more to WoW than just sitting in that raid party, wasting your life away waiting for the MT to come back from walking his dog, or the healer to finish eating his packet of hash brownies, or that dumarse you invited to fill the last slot to learn the tactics even though they are next to impossible to misunderstand since the introduction of the Dungeon Journal. Then, when you DO enter, the hunter forgot to turn off pet taunt, Tank lost aggro, raid wiped. One healer got a lagspike, Tank dies, raid wiped. Fifty tries and a large portion of your blood, sweat and tears later, the only items that dropped from the now finished raid are for people who already have better, or people who don't deserve them. So you curl up in a ball and tell yourself "at least I got that 200 Valor... worth it, right?" And then you lie down and cry yourself to sleep, because it's 3AM and you have actual real world things to get up early for. Now let's talk PvP... oh boy... Step into my shoes for a moment. I play a goddamn restoration druid for the giggles, so you can imagine the horrors you'd go through when you try to do a BG, and are greeted with a team half-composed of people in their 408 green pajamas, or worse... oh, and the other half that's actually geared goes AFK, or just leaves because of seeing what was just described. So you're stuck there, tossing that imaginary coin and wondering if you should just follow their example. Yet at the back of your mind, there's that nibbling doubt. "I bet the other team sucks even more!" you tell yourself... ...only to be relentlessly farmed by a premade team of people in top tier gear. Yeh. It's like going to the doctor for a shot, convinced it won't sting, and then he jabs a fishing hook through your back and hangs you from the ceiling. So you leave the BG, pissed off and likely exhaling slightly harder through your nostrils as you insist that it's always your team that drags you down, and go LFM arenas. You loooooove that arena rating you've got. It's a nice 4 digit number you love to flaunt and hope people inspect you to look at and be in awe of, even though in the back of your own mind, you know no one really gives a s@#t. You and your disgruntled buddy queue up, wait for 30 minutes to be paired with some scrubs in your MMR range, and win a few rounds and amass another 5-9 rating per win... and then it happens. On that "cmon, one more :D" game, you or your partner DCs/Lags/Messes up, you lose the match to someone 300+ lower MMR than you and you watch in abject horror as a significant chunk your precious rating gets stuffed down the toilet. So you curl up in a ball and tell yourself "it's okay... we'll get it all back, right?" And then you lie down and cry yourself to sleep, because it's 3AM and you have actual real world things to get up early for. If you read this all the way to this point, I commend you on your persistence. So let's get down to the nitty-gritty. If you'd like to join me in hosting events with prizes such as a pet battle event, a transmog event, a scripted scenario replay event and other such, or just mess around and goof off till our sides begin to hurt, call me: actually nevermind, Text me. My IGN is Symaro.