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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, when i'm starting my legion server, it isn't connecting, i have full downloaded game, Can somone help me?
  2. I get logged in but i cannot do anything. it logs me out after like 30 seconds every time. the update is for tomorrow so i dont know whats going on.
  3. Anyone know why I cant buy the classic pvp set for warriors in the Area 52 item shop? Or in spanish : Alguien sabe por qué no puedo comprar el juego de pvp clásico para los guerreros en la tienda de artículos de Área 52?
  4. Hi, I started to play 2-3 months ago just to relax from College. My pc is bad and old (the game runs at 8 fps on Legion) so I only do low level quests and avoid PvP and Raids. While playing I have been founding a lot, and I mean A LOT, of quests that are bugged or simply don't work for one reason or the other. I have been keeping some kind of lists of these missions but before sitting down and writting them in the bugtracker I want to know if I'm not going to be ignored. I know this server is "end-game oriented" and most of the players don't care for low level areas, so it's understandable if you (the mods) aren't going to take your time from fixing high-level dungeons to fix one of the Worgen's starter missions. I just want to know if I should spend my time on it. Lots of love and keep the good work <3
  5. the past two days since the server hiccup on sylvanas I have not been able to get launcher past download I have checked everything but it says downloading but the bar never moves so I cant get onto any of the servers at all please help someone I've tried restarting everything including my comp. I know there has been an insane amount of people on sylvanas but its not that as I cannot even go to main sign in
  6. So when I m trying ro start firestorm launcher it stops in that little window and still showing looking for update, it is like that probably 10 minutes and still nothing. What should I do ???
  7. Hello i have a problem with RDF and LFR, when i que for normal RDF i always see the roles ( 0/1 tank, 1/1 healer, 3/3 dps) and when i que for heroic i dont see that and it says "unknown" or does not show the role i choose (THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN I QUE SOLO), and about LFR, when i que for it, it always says "unknown" and i dont have any of these problems with any of my chars PLEASE HELP
  8. First i thought it is my installed wow the problem, but no it isn't...It is something with my character...On my pc and my wow i tried to play with my current Main Anvenya but it would lag and kick me out and "crush server"...My friends from other countries told me server crushed excatly after i joined with my main...did any kills,trying to ride mount...For my dad much quests are available in Legion parts, but for me no, i have done only 2 quests in Azsuna and 3rd didn't want to work...When i join with any other character It works fine, With my main which had problems playing after transfer from Garrosh/WOD to Sylvanas/Legion...I found out by others my character makes server crushes,...I tried to go to Unstuck but it was same, after i deleted data,but it was same,It always shows it is "Loading" parts, i need to wait about 3minutes to enter Legion parts,and my dad needs to wait 15 seconds or less, I found out there is nothing else I can do about it so i need staff's help as soon as possible cause my character is not playable..Thank you
  9. My Character Elindur on the Grommash server is having a weird bug that the ability Judgement isn't working at all. I was in Icecrown citadel fighting the green dragon and my computer shut down then when I came back on I was still in ICC but judgement wouldn't work. I tried deleting cache and WTF folders and restarting but nothing works.