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Found 10 results

  1. Vártam 1 napot és elég sok órát, de még mindig nem volt jó, az npc nem szerepel a mappában, és nem lehet fejleszteni. Kérjük, tedd meg előbb, így lehetetlen játszani.
  2. Hello today I ran my mission for a reward in Suramar. I went to where I had to leave and get my reward, but the NPC I was supposed to leave was not there. Her name is first Arcanist Thalyssra. Where can I find it or how to leave the mission?
  3. I started a draenei character and in the starting are at Proenitus (gives you quest) there is 2 grulkors standing and if i go near theam they instantly kill me. This is not normal, and if you start a draenei, you cant even do the first quest because of this. Any help would appreciated.
  4. Greetings all, I am curious as to if the spirit fox Lightning Paw has been added yet I am grateful for any replies providing information on this topic. Thank you.
  5. I downloaded the full game (legion) via torrent and started to play the other day then i log last night and could not see any npc or flighmaster and a players in game also when ever i try to log my setting are set to default and i cant contact any GM in game. I really dont know what this is and its so frustrating, if anyone has or had the same problem pls respond or if any admin or GM can help me ASAP.
  6. Ola would like to know when they will receive the npc Mile Raitheborne <Head Archivist> from the wizard's hall architect. Please, all other classes can earn the% artifact minus warlorck power bonus. It is difficult to cultivate the points !!!
  7. Hello its a realy nice Server but where is the xp rate NPC pls add a changer NPC like WOD
  8. Arrumaram o NPC Veridis Fallon, mas não conseguimos ganhar reputação com o mesmo para obter exalted!!!!
  9. Hey guys, im relatively new to FireStorm, seems like a great community, however as I begin playing, Why does everything around me, Textures,npcs,items, quests, etc take to long to load properly and show up? I created two characters, and both of them took quite a while I waited for everything to load up?? How can I fix this??? can Anyone help??
  10. hey I wanted to ask how do I get a garrison? from the quest by boat doing nothing more the npc spawn not and I'm not there perhaps another way?