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Found 4 results

  1. Hello im intrested is it possible to restore my old banned account and transfer all characters to my existing account.i got banned 2y ago or more for tp hacking or speed hacking or something like that,i know i have mistaken but it's not the reason to perma ban me,but it wasnt the main problem gm which banned me was scared when i told im gonna hack firestorm site but i dont even know to use notepad c++ or other hacking software,please respond me soon as possible one of my character was Bibaprincess Orc Hunter MoP but i forgot everything about this acc including my email,username and password for logging in... Kind regrats Jazeera aka Bibaprincess
  2. I had a few characters on Pandashan, 2 of them being a level 90 Deathknight and a level 86 or 87 Paladin. After this whole Pandashan and Firestorm thing, I don't know where they've gone. I haven't played those characters in months, I think they were deleted due to inactivity for large periods of time. I've already played for a little on the Firestorm WoD servers a few months ago too and have a few characters there, the highest being level 49.(Not from pandashan though) Is there anyway I could recover those characters? It would be great if possible.
  3. I believe there should be a way to reset old quests (Levels 1-60, maybe some level 70) that the player turned in, MAINLY the ones that were bugged that have a transmorg that can ONLY be acquired from the specific quest. I bring up this idea cause there are a couple quests that have transmorgs I want...but I can't get now cause the quest is already completed and I absolutely REFUSE to delete my characters just to get the quests again (SCREW THAT!) and I am sure there are other players with the same issue.So, give players the option to re-acquire these quests.
  4. Hello, I used to play on Zandalar/Pandaria realm (Millenium servers) 3.3.5 , and I would like to restart playing wow on the 3.3.5 version. I have spent too much time on these accounts. My accounts were: raphasteff rafasteff2 rafasteff Any ideas of what I need to do? Can a GM support me? Thanks !