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Found 5 results

  1. New to the game. I'm currently downloading MOP. I've checked some reviews. It seems that this game is only worth playing if you choose the pandaren. Is this true.? Is the story equally good if I choose to play with some other class, maybe the dwarves.? Also is the hunter class any good for this expansion.?
  2. So basically, I came across a warlock and a holy paladin, in about 4 seconds my partner died and even used ice block. For some reason it killed him though ice block. But anyways, that's irralevent shockadins damage is stupid. The fact that it hits 50k denounces is retarded, yes, I peeled, yes, my partner peeled. But due to the shockadins utensils it was almost unpeelable and he could just sit a way doing his 50k monster hits. This is stupid. I could see double shockadin being good here that's how faceroll it is. Nerf this nothing like retail, thanks.
  3. Will you fix hunters for good finally? This is crazy...I'm sick of being oneshotted by overscaling abilities of that damned class. Like seriously? All devs here are maining an hunter and that's why they have only positive bugs? Barrage leaving you with 50% hp in 3 sec, Bm pets whites doing more damage than mines and now even Murder of Crows critting for 16k per tick! And not to say 60% of players in bg are hunters, always topping damage charts even with no gear. Will a dev please answer me? Are those bugs so difficult to spot and hotfix?? I'm seriously thinking to leave as it's impossible to pvp at the moment with all the kids rerolling to this broken class: the icing on the cake is the infinite root bug, you might as well delete all other classes and leave hunter as the sole available and then rename the server to Hunterstorm.
  4. this talent need a nerf, really unbalanced, 1.8 sec cast, 0.5% of base mana, no time to reload, have time of 30 seconds, it's really unbalanced, like many others classa like warlock Chaos Bolt and fear spam in arenas, like rogues getting stealth bleeding inside the combat with the Vanish and Ambush always hitting crit like Chaos bolt, so many bugged classes, need a fix fast, for the health of the game.
  5. please fix the rogues, many rogues getting stealth in the middle of the fight in the arena, even stunned, it is impossible to play well, they get stealth and can heal themselves using bandage, even paladins with their shields can't do this, really unbalanced class.