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  1. I did a bug report for this but I am also posting here my paladins name is lestatmarius horde side. I have not updated gear or changed talents or even changed gear. I have had 176k hp in my tank spec for a few weeks. I log in today and my hp is down to 164k HP did prot paladins get a health nerf we didn't know about or what is going on?
  2. Are there any chances you release a new BG without it having bugs or at least fix it within first couple of days Problem is that when you die couple of times you wont be able to ressurect and it wont give you option to go back to ''graveyard'' like in other bgs. ) Ive played around 9 times on this new BG and having same problem : C
  3. Hello, I have a really big problem. Let me get this clear. Original server: Divine shield automatically turns on when you are on low health,but you can carry a flag/orb/minecart when it turns on. Here: Divine shield automatically turns on when you are on low health, but you cannot carry a flag/orb/minecart,in other word you drop it. Just today I have dropped flags and orbs about 10 times and we even lost 'cause of me... It pisses me off and I recommend doing it as on original server, Being able to carry a flag/orb/minecart with Divine shield. That is all I am asking you to do 'cause I don't want to blamed for something I did not do myself. Even If you decided to not make Divine Shield Usable while carrying a flag/orb/minecart, I won't be mad and bothered much by that as long as it wouldn't be Automatically... I think that is unfair, 'cause at this point Auto Bubble is Auto Drop. Class and spec: Paladin Retribution
  4. Hello, I would like to know if the Ensemble: Funerary Plate of the Chosen Dead is obtainable in game trought the Quest Trial of Valor: The Lost Army. I started the quest, but i haven't seen any topic or discussion related to this matter. Also, to obtain the Mythic Recolor, do i need to start the quest in Mythic option or collect all 1000 Valarjar Soul Fragments in several Mythic raids or I just need to end the Last raid to complete the 1k Fragments in Mythic difficulty? Kind Regards to all. Preamius
  5. Hi there, playing with holy paladin for a while. Now there is like no armor in battlegrounds and there is no cursader strike in any place... I switched talents, reloged etc... nothing changed. I think this is huge thing to fix asap.
  6. 1.Races 2. Talents: 3. Glyphs: 4. Stat priority: 5. Interface: 6. Tricks: 7. Pvp and Arena setups:
  7. 1.Races 2. Talents: 3. Glyphs: 4. Stat priority: 5. Interface: 6. Tricks: 7. Pvp and Arena setups:
  8. 1.Races 2. Talents: 3. Glyphs: 4. Stat priority: 5. Interface: 6. Tricks: 7. Pvp and Arena setups:
  9. Class information: Invokes the power of the light to heal and protect Type: Heal/Dps Gems: Meta: Burning Primal Diamond +216 Intellect and 3% Increased critical effect Red: Potent Vermilion Onyx +80 Intellect and +160 Critical Strike Yellow: Smooth Sun's Radiance +320 Critical Strike Blue: Mysterious Imperial Amethyst +80 Intellect and +80 PvP Power Prismatic: Potent Vermilion Onyx +80 Intellect and +160 Critical Strike Enchants: Head: N/A Neck: N/A Shoulder: Greater Crane Wing Inscription +200 Intellect and +100 Critical Strike Cloak: Superior Critical Strike +180 Critical Strike Chest: Glorious Stats +80 All Stats Bracer: Super Intellect +180 Intelligence Weapon: Jade Spirit Shield: Major Intellect +165 Intelligence Gloves: Greater Haste +170 Haste Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle +1 extra socket for belt Legs: Greater Cerulean Spellthread +285 Intellect and +165 Critical Strike Boots: Greater Haste +175 Haste Rings(if you got enchanting): Greater Intellect +160 Intelligence Stats priority: Intelligence-->Spirit-->Critical-->Haste-->Mastery Reforging: Mastery-->Haste Mastery-->Critical Haste-->Critical So reforg mastery to haste and critical,and some haste to critical also,because mastery is useless when you play shockadin and its less important stat. Tell me how you liked my PvP guide im next posting my Pwar PvP guide and Surv Hunter PvP guide for Mists cheers!
  10. Oh boy look at this ! PogChamp #Balance http://imgur.com/a/hFIvc
  11. Best regards, everyone, I hope you are enjoying your experience in wow as much as I do. My next report is to give you feedback to improve the gaming experience on this server, with the implementation of the new system mythic + mythic, I believe that additional rules should be put into work, to be able to continue with a healthy experience and without promoting bad intentioned people, improper behavior and whiny babies in the scene of people who dedicate time and wish to complete content provided by the hardworking team of developers from firestorm. First, to shine some light as to to why I'm doing this, I recently had the opportunity to get my first key, level two, eye of azshara, inviting a group of very good players with high levels, including an infamous healer, whom I will not mention, to prevent my feedback from turning into a witch hunt. The healer, after a mistake that every human can do, decided to leave the group after a wipe, the first wipe, leaving the group completely useless and my key ended shit back, all because according to the healer, our group did not have enough dps to kill the first boss, which was being healed by an add that the very fucking healer could do interruption or a stun. But no, it was all the fault of the dps (the lowest dps was 400k). My point is, we need to implement a rule to allow us to punish this kind of behavior that interferes with the growth and enjoyment of the game, by selfish, childish and destructive behaviors coming from people who do not have the slightest regard for others, and do not think Twice in doing this kind of shit or worse, just because there are no rules to penalize them. Regards, Your friendly horde player Pirateria PS. If you ever do this, you are the worse kind of player there is out there and should feel bad.
  12. My paladin character's artifact weapon has already unlocked 31 points in traits but after a disconnection while I was doing an arena skirmish, it suddenly lost 3 points. All of 3 lost points was previously used to put in the trait Righteous Blade and this trait has 3 more points added from all of 3 relics, which means it must have 6 points now. I don't know what happened and I have accidently re-unlocked 1 point in the trait Righteous Blade as seen in the images. According to the images, the trait Unbreakable Will has 1 point unlocked too and the artifact weapon has a connection link from the trait Righteous Blade to the trait Unbreakable Will; but there is no connection link from the trait Protector of the Ashen Blade to the trait Unbreakable Will, which means all of 3 main points of the trait Righteous Blade must have been unlocked (which means all 6/6 points must have been unlocked but in the evidences there are only 4/6). As I know, it's impossible to unlock new trait without having unlocked full main points of the previous trait. I have reported this kind of bug in bugtracker but the report is deemed invalid and M3DAGAST said that I need proof to show that my character's artifact had already unlocked all of 3 main points which I don't have but these evidences clearly show that it's a bug. Could someone tell me how to solve this problem?
  13. This is an overview of the different crowd control (CC) spells that are available to paladins in Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8. If you notice any errors or missing spells, then feel free to comment. Stun http://mop.openwow.com/spell=853 http://mop.openwow.com/spell=105593 (Level 30 talent) (Replaces Hammer of Justice) http://mop.openwow.com/item=41103 (Major Glyph) (Changes Blinding Light to a stun) http://mop.openwow.com/spell=119072 (Protection Paladin) (Cannot be used against players) War Stomp (Tauren) Fear http://mop.openwow.com/spell=145067 (Cannot be used against players) http://mop.openwow.com/spell=110301 (Level 30 talent) (Allows Turn Evil to be used against players) http://mop.openwow.com/spell=115750 Disorient http://mop.openwow.com/spell=20066 (Level 30 talent) Silence http://mop.openwow.com/spell=31935 (Protection Paladin) Arcane Torrent (Blood Elf) Interrupt http://mop.openwow.com/spell=96231 Snare http://mop.openwow.com/spell=20164 (Retribution Paladin) http://mop.openwow.com/spell=114158 (Level 90 talent) http://mop.openwow.com/item=41102 (Major Glyph) (Adds snare effect to Judgement) http://mop.openwow.com/spell=56414 (Major Glyph) (Protection Paladin) (Adds daze effect to Avenger's Shield) ...
  14. So after i don't know what hotfix in 7.1.5, if you are a protection paladin you may have realized that not only your damage dropped below 50k when you have an average ilvl of 840+, but now you see your aggro is fucked up, you may have wondered "what are you doing incorrectly?", why are you such a piece of shit tank now?", why are people not inviting me to emerald dream or mythic anymore?" don't worry my friend, is not your fault at all, it is that after you fight more than 4 mobs at the same time, your coreprotection/tank aoe abilities, such as consecration, tyr enforcer, avenger's shield and light of the protector, just to mention a few, and all their upgrades you've earned though hard farming AP during all this months, are completly nullified, rendered obsoletes and only the after effect is left, for example, your avenger's shield will silence the first mob it hits, but it wont apply any aggro, or damage the target and the targets it bounces to, nor will give you back that 50% of damage back as shield to protect yourself from inoming damage, nooooooo, your hand of the protector, have stopped healing you after that many mobs are around you, and you can't even use it to heal the dps/heal that now is burdened with the aggro of all them mobs you pulled, after such thing happening you are called, noob, fucking idiot, asking you to stop play wow at al and uninstalling the game, they sometimes even ask you to kill yourself and maybe you are now considering that, but worry not, is not your fault at all, just start playing a different class, enjoy the instant lvl 100 you got from boris, and maybe, in the near 2 or 3 months, we will get a fix for the paladin and we will be able to play our protection paladin again. have fun, and fuck my protection paladin that is not doing shit! PS. Maybe i'll play rogue and abuse the bug in pvp and win many rated pvp to finally get that sweet sweet legendary drop, because in pve, chances are almost non-existent given we don't get emissary boxes.
  15. Any other palas tanks, having a problem which makes deal no damage when you are surrounded by more than one mob?
  16. Hallo zusammen, ich wollte hier eine Ansammlung von Bugs bzgl. des Schutz-Palas etablieren. Dabei sollen vorteilhafte Bugs und nachteilige Bugs genannt werden. Die Bug-Liste soll von Zaubern(Spells), Talenten bis hin zu Artefakt-Skillungen alles umfassen. Layout der Bugreports sollte so aussehen: 1) Spells: a) Name: aa) Bug-Beschreibung: 2) Talente a) Name: aa) Bug-Beschreibung: 3) Artefakt-Skillung: a) Name: aa) Bug-Beschreibung: Ich hoffe, hier findet sich bald einiges zu dem Thema, da man so seine Skillung und Spielweise serverspezifisch anpassen kann. Ich selber werde meine Erfahrungen hier rein schreiben und hoffentlich so anderen Pala-Tank-Spieler hilfreiche Tipps zum Gameplay geben können, ohne das diese nach Bugs im englischen Forum suchen müssen. LG Neosilver
  17. Im at the moment a prot paly. From prot i can change to holy and back without problems, but i cant spec into ret and i want to play ret pala. Anyone an idea how i can spec ret?
  18. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vyZmLQVm2oI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vyZmLQVm2oI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vyZmLQVm2oI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> https://www.youtube.com/embed/vyZmLQVm2oI
  19. I am selling a Paladin pvp LVI 663 dwarf, 675 lvli folowers, lvl2 garrisong and buildings, on firestorm page 500 store points, cool tranmog of mountain king,blacksmit profesion full, and a lot of transmog sets interested see link https://firestorm-servers.com/es/community/armory/5/9/552446
  20. I have made the Armor sets for my Mage and Paladin in the garrison . The Plate chest for paladin and the Cloth Gloves on the mage Give me a error message when I try to Equip Them. The message says I already have the Maximum Gems in that Slot. I tried taking off all the Armor I have Equipped doing the turn off all the add-ons and did not see a change.
  21. Hello all! I think some of you may realize that there is no pvp class set on tournament realm for every class at horde side(and there is some missing on alliance side either). Please check this report and bump this, for the sooner fix. https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/see_report/6174 Also, it would be nice if a buddy check this on other WoD realms, to help the developers' job. Thank you!
  22. Paladins have so big dps now. I know that they mess with final verdict and divine purpose, but norhing else. PvP be like, hunters and palas beat everything and no one can do anything about ti
  23. from last 3 or 4 days i m experiencing a problem with paladin abilities which deal physical damage. it was not before but now abilities such as crusader strike, hammer of righteous and templar verdict are dealing less damage on normal mobs no wonder in pvp also.. i have 660 lvl gear.. 3 gear i have at lvl 685.. crusader strike have around 8000 dmg but its dealing only 5000 dmg hammer of righteous have around 2200 dmg but its dealing only 1700 dmg templar verdict is showing that it will deal 16000 dmg but its dealing around only 11000 dmg not only that.. these abilites also deal less damage such as templar verdict should deal 259% physical dmg but its dealing only around 200%(versatility removed) if added it still deals 220% physical dmg.. which is not even close. and sword of light is not increasing damage to its full value 30% its increasing damage only 27.5 % main thing that i noticed is versatility problem.. versatility trinkets are bugged plus gear also if i have stone of fire at lvl 685 which gives versatility 265 it increases my versatility damage by 1.6 and so damage of my spells should increase by multiplying with this amount but its not the same.. it increases damage with low amount, pls check
  24. Paladin spell Hammer of Wrath doesn't stack with mastery. After casting Hammer of Wrath, recount doesn't show Hand of Light(mastery), Hammer of Wrath deals 8-10k normal hit with Avenging Wrath activated, with full cap gear, enchants etc. Damage is definitely too low. Needs fixing. Ty
  25. Fix sword of light please...as we are missing out 25% of our dps as a paladin...